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    I wish we had original hero powers..would have given a bit of difference between decks and who have made brawl a little more enjoyable for multiple games.


    I got my one win and I'm done with it

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    I cut 1x Auctioneer for 1x moonglade portal, seems to be OK. I found 1 Auctioneer is more than enough and I draw my whole deck against control every game. And he's not that relevant against aggro.

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    This Deck is actually very good against zoo, and most other decks for that matter. You can pull of mad board clears and draw tons of cards with pyro commanding shout battlerage.


    Cut doomcaller for something like bloodhoof to tech against aggro. But do so cautiously as you often need 2x cthun to defeat heavy control decks like murloc pally and nzoth warrior.

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    That's a acceptable use of the word Polyvalent

    "having a number of different forms, purposes, meanings, aspects or principles."

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