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    I had stats up for earlier versions of the deck. I changed versions so many times it was difficult to keep track of what deck was performing the best. This was the best list I landed on. I went through lots of playtesting to land of this list. Trick totem and lightning storm are definitely flex cards you could swap for something else. I'm currently testing Keymaster instead of trick totem for more value in the late game. I have nothing to gain from sharing my list other than having fun and talking to other Shaman players. If you think my stats are inaccurate or need validation then don't craft it and move on. No point in being rude. 

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    This does counter certain strategies like handlock. The way to adjust to this card if it's being overplayed or it is overpowered is to play for more tempo. People didn't like the rez/quest priest deck where you did nothing for a million turns but you hate this card? This card can counter greedy wait till the end control decks and force those decks to play for more tempo because they can't always win with board clears and card advantage. Also at certain times your opponent could make you draw when you have a unplayable hand and you can redraw for board clears/win conditions. It won't always work in the DH's favor. I can see handlock players upset about this card because it does hinder that decks strategy specifically. 

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