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    Grim Rally unfortunately does NOT buff the scarabs.

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    Your rating system seems kind of safe, but at the same time I don't dislike it because in a way it's a pretty optimistic system. I like optimism. I do disagree on some cards though:


    Mulchmuncher: 3 stars
    This card needs some support, but with only Soul of the Forest and Living Mana the cost starts to decrease a lot. It's very reminiscent of Corridor Creeper.

    Tending Tauren: 1 star
    Mini-Cenarius doesn't seem very playable to me. High cost, choose one between win more or slow stats. Seems meh to me. I'd say it's mostly bad compared to Fungalmancer, but it is more flexible. I think the cost is what ruins this card.

    Landscaping: 3 stars
    Good stats for its cost and synergizes with Mulchmuncher and other token druid cards. I don't think it deserves a 2 in your rating system.


    Goblin Prank: 1 star
    The card itself doesn't seem that bad in a vacuum. There are several scenarios I could think of where it's decent. But... I don't think it will realistically work and I don't think it's worth cutting cards for this.

    Fireworks Tech: 2 stars
    If a hunter mech deck would work, this would be an easy fit imo. Considering how you rated other mechs, I think this should at least be 2 stars.

    Secret Plan: 3 stars
    This has a lot of utility, because it basically allows you to play a third copy of any good secret in a spellstone or spell deck. This also allows you to choose a secret based on your current matchup. I think it's great!


    Stargazer Luna: 4 stars
    This card seems really solid to me. I might be overhyping it, but I think it has more applications than in tempo mage.

    Astromancer: 1 star
    Whereas you don't believe in hand mage, I seem to really not believe in hand mage.

    Meteorologist: 1 star


    Kangor's Endless Army: 2 stars
    You gave it a very optimistic rating considering the rating you gave to other mech cards. I'm not even sure I would play this in a mech deck if I could. But there is a slight possibility, which is why I give it 2 stars (would need to make sure it doesn't get too many low-cost mechs without buffs).

    Crystalsmith Kangor: 1 star
    I want to believe in this card, but I don't really see heal paladin working out since there are so many combo decks out there. Also it probably isn't good enough in control paladin if that deck is good.

    Annoy-o-Module: 2 stars
    I'm not sure mech paladin is that great, but I think this card would be pretty good in that deck. This might be an optimistic rating though.

    Crystology: 4 stars
    This is obviously a fantastic card, the only counterargument would be that the decks this card fits into could be bad. I believe this can find a home in at least one good deck.

    Autodefense Matrix: 1 star
    Meh. I might play it just for fun in a Prince Liam deck or something and it could be a good option from Hydrologist, but otherwise I don't see this working out.

    Glow-Tron: 4 stars
    This is an auto-include in mech paladin, but further than that I think it could also see play in a non-mech deck!


    Zerek's Cloning Gallery: 2 stars
    The potential I see in this card is probably in a quest priest deck, or a very high-rolly option in a big priest deck. Considering it's high cost and unreliability (you could draw your minions before you play this card) I don't see it as a good option in a combo deck. I think 3 stars is too high in your rating system, anyway.

    Zerek, Master Cloner: 3 stars
    Ok, this might seem crazy and it's probably one of the ratings I believe in least, but: I saw this being played at the prerelease and holy moly. It seems much stronger than I initially thought. However, it is important to note that the prerelease only had basic and boomsday cards, which probably makes it much better in that meta. But I think this might be a sleeper card. Really good combo in quest priest with Reckless Experimenter and Vivid Nightmare.

    Reckless Experimenter: 3 stars
    I think this needs more support than you say, but I still see its potential.

    Extra Arms: 1 star
    I'm really not seeing this card working. It's only actually good in conjunction with Radiant Elemental, otherwise the cost is too high. If there's some kind of zoo priest with Radiant Elemental as a focal point, maybe, but that probably won't happen.

    Test Subject: 2 stars
    I'm rating this 2 stars because of the combo (look it up), but. Eh, not entirely convinced by the combo.

    Topsy Turvy: 3 stars
    Not only would this see play in the combo deck with Test Subject if it actually works, but it seems like a really good option in an Inner Fire combo deck. I don't see how it's a tech card.


    Necrium Vial: 1 star
    Meh, what deck would you put this in? It seems fun but not that good.

    Blightnozzle Crawler: 1 star
    Meh, again. Vilespine Slayer is in most situations better.

    Crazed Chemist: 1 star
    Arena card. Not really seeing it work in constructed.

    Violet Haze: 2 stars
    It has a lot of variance, but the reason for my rating is that it possibly gives more fuel to Tess Greymane. But wait that's a meme deck. 
    Violet Haze: 2 stars 1 star


    Thunderhead: 3 stars
    This might also be one of the cards I rate too high, but man. I actually believe that some kind of token shaman deck could work, and this would be great in it.

    Storm Chaser: 4 stars
    Just a really solid card that will easily fit into many decks. Often a 1-off probably, since there aren't that many 5- or more cost spells in shaman, but still a really good card.

    Voltaic Burst: 3 stars
    Rating this high for the same reason as Thunderhead, I believe in token shaman (might still be hilariously wrong though).

    Menacing Nimbus: 3 stars
    This also seems like a solid card to me and could probably see play in many different decks (even shaman, elemental shaman, token shaman?)


    The Soularium: 4 stars
    This goes into every single zoo deck, right? So why 3 stars?

    Nethersoul Buster: 1 star
    Hm... it reminds me a bit of Darkshire Councilman, so it could be dangerous to rate this 1 star. Actually, would this be good in heal zoo? Crystallizer could also work in heal zoo. There definitely is potential... but I'm just gonna go ahead and rate this 1 star anyway.

    Soul Infusion: 2 stars
    This is better than something like Smuggler's Crate because 1. It works on all minions, and 2. You basically get to choose the target. Together with Doubling Imp and Saronite Chain gang, this has incredible potential. But, alas, it might be too slow for a zoo deck, and I'm unsure if 2 stars is a good rating for this card.


    Omega Assembly: 3 stars
    This gives you a lot of value in the late game (well, it could also give you 3 1-drops but how likely is that anyway). It would probably be played very rarely before turn 10 but having the option is a bonus. However, that also makes it a dead card for the most of the game. But I still think it has really nice synergy with Dr. Boom, Mad Genius and is just straight up a nice value card in control warrior.

    Weapons Project: 4 stars
    Great anti-aggro card, breaks weapons, amazing synergy with Harrison Jones. Do I need to say more?

    When it comes to neutrals, I mostly agree. I think Wargear could possibly be a 3-star card, since it's one of the best neutral magnetic cards (if you rate Zilliax 3 stars, then this should also be 3 stars imo).

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    Why are people saying a 5 mana 4/4 "Draw 5 cards" is bad? Are you guys crazy???

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    -7 cost Moonfire op!

    Seriously though, while the effect is obviously really good I think people are kneejerk overrating the card. You can't consistently pick the card you want to reduce in cost and it's also really bad for tempo. Even with ramp it's still a measly 4/4 and probably won't survive a single turn.


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    Eternium Rover looks really good.

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    posted a message on New Mage Minion - Celestial Emissary

    Nice thing about this is that it isn't a spell. So you can play two in a row (or more, with Simulacrum for example) and reap the benefits :)

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    posted a message on The Boomsday Project - Complete Card Reveal Schedule

    I hope the giant brain is the Warlock legendary scientist. I also hope the raptor is the Hunter legendary scientist (Subject Nine, look it up).

    Edit: Or maybe the brain is the Priest legendary and they specialize in mind control science.

    Edit 2: Yeah warlock's probably that ghostbuster-looking eredar.

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    posted a message on Does 'Magnetic' break Wild? Crazy Mechwarper combo!

    Did no one mention Zilliax + Shadowboxer?

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    posted a message on New Shaman Card Reveal - Menacing Nimbus

    Have this and Earthen Might in your hand to simulate magnetic for elementals :^)

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    posted a message on The Grind

    If you've played against similar decks several times in a day, maybe ~10 games or more, consider trying to tech against them or play decks that specifically counter them. Deck trackers can help with this if they show winrate against different matchups and what different decks you most commonly play against.

    It's important to play things you find fun too, but that most often only works for me at the start of a new expansion when the meta is not settled, so I usually stop grinding two or three months in. There are some exceptions though.

    Initial grinding is less tedious the faster the deck you play however (imo). That way you can play more games, and in lower ranks its going to be easier to win them. When you get to higher ranks it will be tedious either way, so at that point I would just choose the most consistent deck. My highest rank is still just rank 2 though because I find those last ranks really annoying to play (no win streaks for example).

    This is what I personally find helpful. I usually tilt when I make mistakes, too. I need to remind myself to actually think while playing sometimes, but that also leads to really long turns :P Taking longer turns does have a noticeable effect for me though!

    And finally, if you get annoyed by emotes you should just squelch the opponent. I personally don't get annoyed by emotes, unless I'm really tilted but at that point I should probably just take a break.

    Hope that helps?

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