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    posted a message on Has anyone found a use for Darkspeaker yet?

    This is going to sound ridiculous, but I was using Darkspeaker in a Warlock deck for the following cards:

    Dragon Egg for many 2-1 tokens, plus the opponent doesn't expect the sudden 3-6 with charge

    Imp Gang Boss for basically the same reasons above, but they already perceive Gang Boss as a threat so less of a surprise.

    And, for maximum silliness, Grim Patron. Yes. In a Warlock deck. Activate with things like DemonfireMortal Coil, and Tentacle of N'Zoth.

    Run 2 Sea Giant for all the tokens and extra Patrons.

    I don't think it's competitive but it's really fun.

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    posted a message on Trump's Theorycraft - Aggro-Pirate Warrior

    @Baronenn Glad to hear it's working out for you! If I did nothing else but play Hearthstone yesterday at least I helped one person out a bit! Haha! Good luck out there and have fun.

    @TheChap I swapped the two Abusive Sergeants with one Heroic Strike and one Mortal Strike. I can't take credit for that change. Another commenter on here "eliagug" made the comment and I think the suggestion is working out quite well.

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    posted a message on Trump's Theorycraft - Aggro-Pirate Warrior

    I don't post often on this site, but I just have to say this deck is disgusting. I just killed a priest on turn four with coin and he had played at least three minions.

    It's absolutely key that you ditch the Abusive Sergeants and replace with Heroic Strike. You need the extra hero attack power to blast through taunts which will put your minions in danger. Trading minions into taunts can lose you the game, that's what all these weapons are for.

    I'm normally a control player, so if you normally play control too and you're not having luck with the deck, stop trading your minions by default and just go face. It's going to be painful as hell at first and your body will scream at you to stop, but if you use your head and make strategic trades instead of every trade you will unlock the spirit of the deck.

    Trade to keep your key minions alive next turn. Trade if you think your opponent is going to take the board from you via AOE so you can cash in (turn 7 Flamestrike, turn 5 Holy Nova, turn 4 Swipe, etc). Your opponent will use their coin if they have one to wipe your board, so make sure you're paying attention.

    Currently 6-0 from rank 14 => 10. The highest rank I ever got was 9 and that was during secret paladin's debut.

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    posted a message on Best and Worst Card in the game (so far)

    Surprised we haven't seen someone else mention Majordomo Executus yet. Not only does it have a slow effect, it can outright lose you the game. The opponent gets a whole turn to pop the deathrattle and swing for 8. Magma Rager and Wisp don't set your hero's health to lethal range. 

    The only other card I can think of which greatly increases the possibility of losing the game is Millhouse Manastorm, but your opponent has to have the right hand to pull off an OTK from that.

    These are two cards which are simply not worth the risk of playing (unless you want to risk a funny YouTube video).

    Edit: meant to quote the guy above me who mentioned Majordomo, was in response to you

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    posted a message on New Mage Card - Faceless Summoner

    Shoo baby lemme hit the slots CASINO STYLE

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    posted a message on Looking for people to try out the next big Innkeeper Update

    I am a Product Manager at a music distribution company, and I'm currently leading a round of alpha testing at my day job. I understand how important this is to inform a better design for your website.

    I will help test if there's still room. I've never used Inkeeper, so I have completely fresh eyes on the features. Let me know what I can do.

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    posted a message on *Now Triple* Double Legend Reno Warrior

    The Gorehowl is brutal. If your opponent doesn't have an answer to it, you can generate serious board control with it.

    I would know. I lost to that card multiple times Q.Q

    Don't be like me. Tech an Acidic Swamp Ooze or Harrison Jones.

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    posted a message on Can we take a moment to appreciate how disgustingly sloppy the design for Rogue was in TGT?
    Quote from Stingy_Eyes jump
    Quote from Garlicnerd jump

    I think you would be a fan of this thread.

    This one is personally one of my favorites.

    It is indeed a sad day when fans understand the class mechanics more than the designers of the game.

    I agree with this to a certain extent. I do not know the exact amount of players Hearthstone has, but I can infer it is a substantial amount. Out of all the opinions that these players have, there will undeniably be a certain percentage of beneficial perspectives coming from players that the design team simply doesn't and could not be expected to have. It is the responsibility of the design team to find these perspectives, analyze them, and fold them into their understanding of the game - this is how a product improves.

    So the true issue is not that some fans understand the game better than the designers - this is an expected and natural course for any product, particularly when it comes to games or apps like Hearthstone. The tragic flaw for a product is when the designers fail to take the appropriate initiative to seek objective criticism from the users of the product.

    I will admit this is difficult to do with such a large and vocal fanbase. Sifting through the noise is difficult, and there is a lot of it. Finding the valid and necessary feedback from a large user base takes a lot of time and research to confirm. I would go so far as to say it would be difficult to make any change to the game without having some percentage of the community express negative feelings about it - regardless of whether their criticism is valid or not.

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    posted a message on Deck Idea - Molten Giant Zoo

    With no heals you may be looking at catching a sad face quickly, assuming you don't draw into Defender of Argus or maintain board control. Will need to carefully decide when to play the more risky self-damaging minions. Idea is really cool though. 

    Finding space for a Sea Giant would be fun. This scenario would almost never happen, but I picture being around 10 health, dropping two Molten Giants to bring down the cost of Sea Giant and then dropping him assuming the twoMolten Giants brought the cost down far enough.

    Molten Giant is one of my favorite cards. I tried running Pit Lords in Handlock once to disappoint the more savvy players who would make sure to leave my life around 15 so I couldn't double molten. This typically resulted in me being killed the next turn because I would not have enough mana left to heal or taunt.

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    posted a message on [S14 Top 100 Legend] Majordomo Grinder Mage

    That's much smarter, thanks for the tip!

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    posted a message on [S14 Top 100 Legend] Majordomo Grinder Mage

    Fun deck, SirFunchalot!

    I'm trying a variant out with one Echo of Medivh and two Molten Giants. This combo is really fun and easy to do if you use the secrets after your health is low to get the giants for free. Make sure to use the giants before you proc Majordomo because they will become dead cards after you turn into Rag. Summoning four giants and a Sylvanas in one turn is just so satisfying.

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