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    Read the card please.

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    Yeah I fear for arena this expansion. But more so for the power level that mages have. We already had 3 months of mages discovering endlessly until they win the game and this time it won't be different.

    Even if you draft a Titan against them, they will reverberate your titan and bring the pain every single game. Never running out of resources. It's boring and stupid.

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    posted a message on Introducing Hearthstone’s New Mode: Twist! - Preview With Drops Is Coming Soon!

    So Classic will be removed if I understand correctly?

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    posted a message on Patch 26.4.3 - Balance Changes Across Modes - Crimson Clergy Banned in Wild

    fck blizzard for their nerf to Feast and Famine. Just make Horn of the Windlord a 2-4 or a 1-4 that adjusts the minion's stats accordingly. It wouldn't be nearly as good in aggro decks and give slower pala decks a boost.

    Now they nerf slower paladin decks while pure pala usually plays the weapon on 6 and buffs it the turn after. They are so shortsighted it's not even funny


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    posted a message on Card Nerf Predictions for Festival of Legends

    Kangor shouldn't get nerfed. It's turn 5 at its earliest and unreliable. The deck can highroll, but it's not a tier 1 deck.

    Pure aggro pala is really strong tho and as a pala main I'll see my prediction come true. Have fun for 1 week and see the class get obliterated by nerfs. After the nerfs, we'll go back to rogue, warlock and death knight as the only classes in standard.

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    The best card paladin received this exp. Fits best in aggro where it can get quite some value for low mana cost. Nice!

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    Maybe big paladin can use this to get their early game put if the deck and pjt some little taunts in play. However I think two 1drops will be too low impact in today's hearthstone

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    This card is mediocre even in arena. A shame, since Paladin holy spells are limited. I wouldn't even advise discovering this, since most 5 drops are battlecry minions and most 1 drops will be just stats.

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    posted a message on New Warlock Legendary Card Revealed - Symphony of Sins

    This card on its own wins every single control matchup. Together with curses, this will be an absolute pain to deal with!

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    posted a message on New Paladin Epic Card Revealed - Spotlight

    Sure, it will create some game-winning situations on turn 2, but it's far from broken. Playing this on turn 2 will be rather inconsistent as you will have to have both cards in your starting hand and the divine shield of your 1-drop will have to stay active.

    It can still be strong later in the game, but certainly not broken. Everyone treating this as a vanilla 2 mana 5-5, which it isn't.

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