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    posted a message on How do you think the meta will shift?

    I think some people are underestimating the nerf that Crimson Sigil Runner got. It might even be cut from the deck entirely. It's either going to hurt the cycle in dh or it will hurt its early game. And these are 2 very important things in dh. It will still be really powerful, no doubt. But opening with a 1 attack sigil runner won't feel nearly as great as 2 attack.

    Even though paladin only had 1 card buffed. I think the buff is more significant than shaman's 3 buffs together. Aldor Attendant is a key card in the libram package. And i've had numerous times where i didn't find the time to weave it in for 2 mana. Making it kind of clunky. The deck just runs so many 2-cost cards.. And no 1-drops, unless you put in 1-mana cards just for the stats (which doesn't help your main gameplan, just contest the board a bit). Adding in those 1-drops means you have to cut other, better cards. With Aldor Attendant at 1 mana, it will be way more consistent and a lot more pro-active to play this card. I hope it will be enough!

    Shaman still lacks a win condition. I will try quest shaman with The Lurker Below because now this will just be a really solid card with a lot of potential. Against wide boards it's a really good swing card. But i still feel shaman will be at the bottom of classes.

    Rogue will probably barely notice the difference, maybe switch package a bit. But galakrond and endless lackeys will still be a pain in the ass to deal with.

    Warrior nerfs seem ok. Not too heavily nerfed.

    But with multiple decks going down in powerlevel and others going up, the meta will definately change. If only one new deck is able to arise with these changes, it would already cause a shift in the entire meta, making room for even more things. I'm very optimistic as you can probably tell by the long post ;-)

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    posted a message on Should Blizzard Buff Paladin?

    2nd buff incoming!

    Aldor Attendant to 1 mana, 1-3 in stats will be a bigger buff to libram paladin than the 1 mana off of Libram of Justice we saw last balance changes.

    Getting a solid one-drop will make any deck a lot more consistent. Especially a class that can buff on turn 2! Will it be enough? We don't know yet. But I really look forward to the changes!!

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    posted a message on Where is Maiev?

    She is too situational and slow vs DH. That is about the only reason she is not played.

    Almost every card will still be useless for one more turn after awakening from dormant state. Priestess of fury, kayn sunfury, the 3 mana that summons 2-2, altruis, ... give instant value and pressure. This makes her a dead card a lot of the times because there are only a few good targets

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    posted a message on Horrificlly unbalenced meta

    Why would you compare it to minions from the same set? Compare it to minions from the same rotations, or game....

    And when we compare pure value (like i did in my comment), the dragon is still the strongest. I think you underestimate the value of adding a random dragon to your hand, maybe even two. And value is what a priest is usually looking for.

    I never said the card is OP. I never said priest can't have good cards. The only mistake I might have made is use the words "way overtuned", i'll correct it to "overtuned". 

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    posted a message on Horrificlly unbalenced meta

    Skeletal Dragon is actually way overtuned. It should cost one more mana, or not have taunt. Compare this card's value to cards available to other classes, and you see it's just not fair. The only reason it's not played that much right now because the meta is too aggro. If the meta were to slow down (it won't because T5 has their ass way up DH and Rogue's ass), the card would be completely bonkers.

    For me personally, the game is shit right now. None of the decks I like to play are viable. My opinion is heavily biased, but that's just my opinion man.

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    posted a message on Should lackeys be nerfed?
    Quote from enoX_36 >>

    Primordial Explorer Hunter

    Emerald Explorer Druid

    Bronze Explorer Paladin

    Azure Explorer Mage

    These are the dragons who can discover other dragons for the 4 classes that represent the league of explorers.

    Now, league of evil classes don't have access to them so they were granted Draconic Lackey which fits really well in the expansion. Remember that it's one of the 7 lackeys and it's a discover mechanic so you won't get the dragon you need everytime. The card is fair, it doesn't need a nerf nor any lackey does.


     Why are you even comparing these cards? These 4 dragons need to be put in your deck before the game starts. Lackeys are generated cards, that generate more cards, that maybe generate even more cards. See the difference?

    Also, they are 3 to 4 times more expensive and they are heavily understatted for the marginal utility they provide (except for the druid one). Apples and oranges my friend..

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    posted a message on Is ... Big Demon Hunter the Best?!?!

    DH is ruining the game experience. End off.

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    posted a message on Should the Rogue Secret Bamboozle be nerfed?

    Yeah bamboozle is fine.. Blackjack stunner is stupid and should be nerfed pretty hard. It is just waaaay too much upside for the little downside. Especially with the rest of rogue's arsenal already being unfair.

    It's not fun to play against. And frankly, it also feels stupid to play myself. I could never get a satisfied feeling for "playing good" when i use this card. 

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    posted a message on The new control meta

    Berween 20 and 30k legend, i see almost no demon hunters. They're mostly rogues, shamans and warriors. Mages and priests are also present.

    I'm playing libram control pally and I'm something like 40-15. I have the exact stats on hsreplay on my pc.. will check in a couple of hours.

    The demon hunters i face don't seem that OP either. I just need to mulligan for consecration and my 2-drops. Hardest matchups are mage and priest because they have a lot of silence and POOF.

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    posted a message on Bug in my collection?

    Hi guys,

    I opened one of my decks to change out some cards. While I was browsing the cards I decided to go get something to eat. I went away for about 30 minutes. When I came back, the deck was still open, and I could still see all the cards that were in the deck (at the right side), but it said 0/30 cards.

    When I cancelled back to my collection, it also said 0/30 and the deck was completely empty.

    The deck was finished and saved before I tried to edit it. I had played multiple games with it. When I opened the deck to swap out some cards, I didn't actually swap any of them out, nothing was changed. So basicly I just opened one of my existing decks, went away for 30 minutes, and when I came back, my deck was just gone...

    Any of you had the same problem? And a fair warning to all: If you don't have something like hsreplay on your pc, and you don't want to lose your deck (if you don't know all the cards by heart). Don't go into the deck editor and leave it open for a while..

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    posted a message on Dragon Libram Paladin

    I think I just broke Illidan's will.

    Turn 2, coin Dragonrider Talritha. Buff lands on Bronze Explorer, play it, discover a new Bronze Explorer.

    Watch him think really hard and see him trade. Slam a new 5-6 Bronze Explorer on the board. Discover a new Bronze Explorer.

    He thinks really hard again and this time ignores it. Easy trade and play Amber Watcher.

    Win vs illidan with 30 life, easy.

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    posted a message on 9 of 10 classes currently have decks with a 60%+ winrate.
    Quote from Kurgo >>
    Quote from Artimex723 >>

    This post is what I've wanted to see for the last two weeks. It's so annoying that people don't understand, that Hearthstone, as a competetive game, requires some skill. It's not different than Fifa, LoL, DoTa or any other online game. The only difference is that instead of refelxes you have to train your brain and logical thinking. 

     Hearthstone is nothing like actual competitive games, good grief. Tell me which part of your brain and logical thinking you need in order to have a babbling book giving you a polymorph, I'll be waiting for a while here. Hearthstone is a card game and as such, luck is already one of the most important things and with hearthstone itself, it's even more fundamental than other online ccgs because of the way it works.

    Hearthstone is a children's card game, and I find it just fine for what it is. Let's not try to throw "train your brain and logical thinking" in the mix please, it really sounds absurd, to put it mildly. 

     Hearthstone is actually a game that requires some skill if you're playing at the higher ranks. You will have a 50%+ winrate if you play better than your opponents.

    Yes, you can queue into your bad matchups a couple of times. And yes, you can win or lose games because of stupid RNG. But this counts for every single player in the game. So why do some people have 60%+ winrate with a deck, while other people barely manage a 40% with exactly the same deck? Pure luck? I don't think so. Winstreaks and losing streaks because if RNG exist for sure. And maybe the RNG in hearthstone determines more wins or losses than actual skill does. But in the end, the better player will always be the better player.

    To react to OP: Just because a deck has 60% winrate in 200 games at bronze rank doesn't make it a good deck. The data you're looking at is very flawed. HSreplay is a fun place to look at certain decks and their winrates, but you can't just go and look for the highest winrate decks and expect them to be viable.

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    posted a message on Why Blizzard can't just admit they screwed up?

    DH is OP: Correct

    Nerfs did nothing: Incorrect

    I'm a rogue player: GTFO

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    posted a message on Rant on what needs to change in Hearthstone

    The moment something is born, it starts dying.

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    posted a message on Kael'Thas Nerf Revealed - Dean Ayala

    At least he can't be combo'd with Kayn for 10 mana in DH. So you can actually counterplay with a decent taunt.

    Also in druid it will be more balanced since druids have a hard time dealing with your board. One extra turn to get a big taunt out, to draw your removal or to go wide yourself will always help you win more games. It would also be yet another card that costs 7 mana in the druid deck, which is a lot of 7 mana cards. They will still be able to highroll certain games, but KT on 6 into a big ass board is GG for most classses. After turn 7 a lot of classes have a lot more removal like Flamestrike or Earthquake, the most important one is PROBABLY Zephrys the Great into Brawl.

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