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    I'm convinced after reading your posts that you are more angry at the notion of people 'no-lifing' Hearthstone rather than the argument you originally came up with about the Priest class. With that being said, those that dedicate lots of time for this game, it is their hobby, something they like to do, what is wrong with that? Yes, it is a virtual game, but it builds up competitive spirit and it provides to be a source of entertainment.

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    Quote from rabbitme234 >>

    Just a thought, if you need to heal 80 life before winning, you are doind something wrong.

     The fatigue decks beg to differ, they're doing nothing wrong, it's just a playstyle that some prefer.
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    No reason to play Alex except in CW and Freeze Mage. So Alex isn't like a tech card against Reno or anything. Furthermore, you would expect good players playing against those two decks to save Reno and play him correctly as well.

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    The benefit of 'baiting BGH' is not as good, if good at all, as people seem to think it is. You're still investing mana into playing a minion and having it efficiently removed 1 for 1, which can often give tempo back to your opponent.

    I understand where you're getting at, but you should never play a minion in a deck for the reason of 'baiting BGH', if you play a minion with >= 7 attack, it better be good enough on its own. Whether this card will be good or not, we'll see in due time.

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    How many Control Mages have you seen on ladder?

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    Cancer or not, there's an argument to be made that cards like Mysterious Challenger with its over the top interaction with the deck brings more flavor into the meta. Alongside that, it puts more interesting mechanics, plays, and counterplays into the game. This probably sounds controversial, but imo, I hope more cards like this get released so it elevates Hearthstone from a simple game of drawing one card per turn, play one minion, and smash a minion into another minion. That at least should be the factor which separates a mode like constructed further away from Arena.

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    Shaman class has the best, if not one of the best, entrance sounds for the minions of a class.

    "Winds, obey my command!"

    "Witness the power of pure water!"


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    Two arms Totems! \ 0_0 /

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    The best use of this card is when you disenchant the golden version of it from a pack.

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    I would wholeheartedly agree, its good to see that there are people who evaluate the card based on various matchups and not just its best case scenario.

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