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    Lots of complaints that there isn't enough Shiny.  Sorry, the games are for Fun and if you have to have rewards for fun then I don't know what that says about you

    I played long enough for a chance to play both characters and their decks.  Enjoyed the chance to try something different for change.

    Will be looking forward to next weeks idea

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    Darkscream, I played twice and got to play both.  So 50-50.

    For what's it worth.  I lost with Nef and won easily with Rag.  0 cost giants is a treat.

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    Why remove the Flame-tongue for the Raider?  Buffing up any current murlocs by the totem more then makes up for having an additional Murloc.  Or is it for the purist aspect of having as many murlocs as possible in the deck?

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    He's a murloc. :)  They only know one phrase.

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