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    posted a message on Grandmasters 2021: Week 4 Preview & Standings

    What a fucking shitshow. Priest vs priest mirrows. Mages highrolling everything. Tournament was just discover cards. Kinda what happens when you spend an entire year printing discover.

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    posted a message on Balance Changes Coming Next Week - 5 Nerfs, 10 Buffs!

    Incanter's flow to 3 mana

    Apex Blast can no longer go face

    Refreshing Springwater to 1 mana per spell drawn

    Piercing shot to enemy minions only

    Crabrider to 1/3

    Conviction to either 2 attack to minions or 2 mana

    I think all caravans will be made 1 mana more but turned to end of turn.


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    posted a message on A Chance Encounter is This Week's Tavern Brawl

    Did they really have the balls to put random in there 5 times?

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    posted a message on Top 5 Duels Moments of the Week - 2

    I wish they'd just remove the Scroll of wonders treasure. In my experience, you either high roll and win with it or it's a complete detriment. 

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    posted a message on New Quilboar Minions - Visual Overview

    People forget that Darkmoon N'Zoth gets a major buff. Amalgams now are also quillboar, so if you have a polluted pool of other minions, N'Zoth could hit an amalgam for the quillboar pool and attempt to hit something else for better pools.

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    posted a message on Patch Notes 20.2 - New Heroes in BG - Diamond Ragnaros and New Hero Skins & More - Live Today!

    BGs is a complete mess right now. There's 4 main conditions to win since balance is broken

    1)High roll by getting Goldrinn early and use parrots to constantly give your minions 5/5, multiple times.

    2)Get extremely good taunt synergy

    3)Build up a huge Goldgrubber or Champion of Y'sha early

    4)If no one does the above, then whoever gets the best elementals wins.

    Elementals are the most broken family in the game mode. It has just about everything; cleave, divine shield, windfury, infinite buffing, early game taunt. Cracking Cyclone is one of the most broken cards in the game mode. Just about everyone goes for these since it gets off 2 attacks at a minimum.  Molten rock is completely busted. It's very easy to get since it's only tier 2 and it's extremely easy to get it buffed up to a level where half the players can't deal with breaking through it by turns 6-8. Not to mention that Majordomo is one of the huge buff cards for this family and it's easily gotten in tier 4. There have been times where I didn't leave tier 4 because I had everything I had in it.

    We'll have to see if quillboars are any good, but I feel like quillboar will be good mid-game, but fall off HARD late game where elementals are starting to stack up to be unkillable.


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    posted a message on [Legend] Clown Warrior

    This is an RNG deck if I've ever seen one.

    1)Usually 2 things happens, either all your late game cards worth playing are at the bottom of your deck and the games over by the time you draw them, or they're at the top of your deck and you lose since you have nothing to stop your opponent.

    2)There's so many useless cards against so many popular decks. Rancor is useless against Mage. Brawl is useless against most decks. You draw too many of these too early against the wrong deck and you're done.

    3)There's too much control in control decks. Tickatus can and probably will destroy important piece. If it doesn't, then warlock has so much control between nether, hysteria, cascading, along with making additional copies of some of them, that you won't last long. Had multiple games where a warlock played 4 hysterias in a single turn. And god forbid if you fight a control priest where they'll be discovering board clears constantly. Had 1 easily clear 8 boards of clowns. There's just not enough board pressure in this deck to empty the control out of any control deck's hand. Plus you've got absolutely nothing to stop OTK DK.


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    posted a message on Balance Changes Coming In 2 Weeks

    Trying to think what will be nerfed.

    Refreshing Spring Water will definitely get nerfed, probably Only 1 mana per spell drawn.

    Crabrider I think will get nerfed to 1/3. 4 hp is too much to deal with and that card alone can easily win the game for both pally and warrior.

    I'm hoping Illidari Inquisitor gets nerfed somehow. It's going to become a problem later down when DH gets better cards.

    But then again, several classes have problems cards like that. Rogue especially between wicked stab being evis on steroids and secret passage.

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    posted a message on Quilboars Join Battlegrounds & Battle-Ready Decks - Full Patch Notes 20.2 Tomorrow

    3 are core, so you already have them.

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    posted a message on Battle of Tol Barad is This Week's Tavern Brawl

    It's literally the same fucking random brawl from last week, but reversed!

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