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    posted a message on Why are there so few functioning top-tier control decks?

    There's not enough strong control minions atms. There's too many strong aggro minions. Look at face hunter, you play control and they still have ways to constantly clear your board and do face damage.

    I doubt we will get some strong control cards for the next year, because as soon as some cards appear that drag the meta out a few turns, the game will turn into who can pump out the most clowns in a match.

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    posted a message on Battle of the Bans is This Week's Tavern Brawl

    Same broken decks as every other time.

    Hunter: Galv, mechwarper, metaltooth, snipsnap.


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    posted a message on Book of Mercenaries: Guff Runetotem - Druid

    This is probably the most miserable one yet. Blizz essentially gave you ramp, celestial druid, except there's barely any cards to ramp into, no win condition, and half the deck contradicts the other half. You literally spend most matches hoping you don't draw thresher, and let's not forget the new card they gave Gruff that tutors out 2 minions!

     I also liked how only 2 of the hero powers were worth using, specifically the frost shard and the 2 damage/spell damage one. Also loved how the deck suddenly got Moonfang added to it once all the opponents started spamming poison.

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    posted a message on [Trial by Felfire] Supremus

    Unless you started in the last few months, Rez priest was the way to go for this fight.

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    posted a message on Blood Magic is This Week's Tavern Brawl


    Turn 1 Celestial Alignment into Cenarion Ward

    Turn 2 SotF into Clown

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    posted a message on At least Standard is better now

    The meta won't shift to less aggro one for at least a year, the reason for that is Carnival Clown. If blizz adds cards to slow down the meta then it'll just lead to decks where people try to pull as many clowns out of their ass as possible with Y'sha, Raise Dead, and Discover.

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    posted a message on Armour Warrior Meta Deck

    1-4. It's so dilluted with 1 copies you never draw anything you need. Can't keep up with extreme aggro nor control. Only beats slow decks like warlock and priest. Loses to shaman lol. Also Southsea Scoundrel is one of the worst cards in the game.



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    posted a message on Shaman is STILL the underdog

    The problem is that shaman is lacking the 4 major things breaking every other class in the meta. Major card draw or tutoring (rogues ways to draw, mage, paladins ways to pull specific items from deck, warriors axe and cutting class and frenzy rush), mass discover (priest and mage), broken swing turns (N'zoth[Shaman lacks cards that sync with N'zoth like priest and paladin have], y'sha, survival of the fittest, troublemaker, Jarraxxus), and cheap buff (paladin, warrior). Shaman really doesn't have any of these, which is why it's very subpar this meta. The new cards didn't fix any of that. 1 card tried, but it's a single card with tutoring/draw. Elemental shaman runs out of steam while other classes do not.

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    posted a message on Hail the Turtle

    Loses to just about everything.

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    posted a message on 20.4 Patch Notes - Mini-Set, Balance Changes, Permanently Purchasable Skins & More!

    >Having to nerf FDoS a second time since you buffed it the first.

    >Conviction still allows paladin to mass dump damage from hand.

    Still going to be tier 1.


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    posted a message on Kel'thuzad Control Priest

    Tried it 1-4.

    Not enough card draw. Not enough board presence. Early game agro and discover heavy decks crushes it. Deck is too combo heavy to get anything going, which is complicated by the card draw issue.

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    posted a message on Party Up!

    This is the kind of card you get off Venomous Scorpid if you know that your opponent won't be able to deal with it.

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    posted a message on Just Macaws is This Week's Tavern Brawl

    The usual RNG brawl. Hope your 1 mana 1/1 gives a good RANDOM card. Hope the RANDOM class cards in your deck aren't useless. Whoever discovers the best and the most wins. Coin has advantage.

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    posted a message on New Hearthside Chat - Wailing Caverns (NEW CARDS)

    Meeting stone is literally what caravans should've been.

    We'll see if adventurers are even used as the pool is too big.

    The legendary will be used in control decks due to the value.

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    posted a message on Wailing Caverns Mini Set - More New Cards

    Lady Anaconda is for an archetype that has no support.

    Deviant Dreadfang is the same, and the fact that is costs 8 makes its usefulness questionable

    Fangbound druid is another archetype (beast) that's not really supported.

    Savory Deviate Delight might be the best tech card in the game.


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