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    posted a message on Fire festival is SO BAD NOW
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    I deleted it once I got to the mandatory mercenaries. They could offer 100 packs and I still won't play that garbage. 

     Honestly took like 7 minutes to do it and I don't even play the mode.

     Ignore this dude. He has this bizarre need to make a big show of how much he hates mercenaries, every chance he gets. The fact that it takes literally no effort makes no difference to him.

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    posted a message on Nextgen? Reno Mage Sunken City Legend
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    What's the purpose of Sir Finley in this deck?

     Yeah, I couldn't figure out a purpose for it either. Wonder if you're better off with either a tech card or some spell generation/ remove.

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    posted a message on Why wasn’t Mech Mage nerfed?
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    Even though Mech mage might not have consistent win rate, Mecha Shark should be nerfed tbh.. or make it deal damage to enemy minions only. It is such a card that feels so bad to lose against..... like you can have a good board against the opponent by turn 5 and they can still manage to destroy your board and make you have no way to come back...

    Historically, sometimes they nerf cards that make people feed bad, sometimes they don't (such as Tickatus...), so if they have other priorities on their nerf/buff list, they probably care less about these cards...

     Getting this out of the way right up front: I don't play mech mage. I dabbled with it early on in the expansion, but lost interest in it pretty quickly. As pointed out, the deck isn't very good. So nerfing the ONE card resembling a win condition is silly, especially because it "feels bad." Weaken mechashark and you kill the deck.

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    posted a message on Pity Timers, How Do They Work?

    You really can't read anything into the fact that you've opened 33 packs without a legendary: it's happened to me repeatedly. Heck, I've gone to 40 at least once or twice. I've also gotten ones in consecutive packs. As has already been said, the numbers here have been tracked extensively and are rock-solid: at least one epic every 10 packs, at least one legendary every 40 packs.

    And, as fusilli said, there's no gaming the system here. Each type of pack is tracked separately, so messing with the order you buy or open the packs makes no difference.

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    posted a message on New Mage Epic Card Revealed - Spitelash Siren

    So, what does the "then switch to spell" part mean? Does that mean it alternates? Play another naga, get two mana back, then play a spell and get two back? If so, it could be busted as hell in Wild with Sorcerer's Apprentice.

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    posted a message on Can't Edit Merc Teams

    Looks like whatever they did worked. I'm fine now. Thanks!

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    posted a message on Can't Edit Merc Teams

    Is anyone else having a problem changing the composition of your teams? Beginning today, every time I go to the collection and try to change the team, the game freezes. I can't even exit the collection, much less get back to the main HS menu. My only option is to quit the game and restart HS.

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    posted a message on Nellie, the Great Thresher and Mr. Smite
    Quote from RendInFriend >>

    Assuming a pool of 20 pirates and that there can be duplicates, there is a 15% probability to discover smite. At least one being smite from 3 discovers is a 45% chance. 

     I don't think this is correct (though it's been a while since I've done probability, so forgive me if I screw something up!). Let's assume 20 pirates, keeping in mind that each discover choice is between 3 different cards.

    The chance of NOT getting Smite in a given discovery choice is calculated as follows: .95 (19/20) x .947 (18/19) x .944 (17/18), which equals about .85. So, you're right about having a 15% chance of Smite appearing in a given round of discovery. The mistake you're making is adding the 15%'s together. What you actually have to do is multiply the chance of not getting Smite in each round together, then subtract it from 1. So, it's: .85 x .85 x .85, which equals .61, meaning you have about a 39% chance of discovering Smite.

    Still WAY too high, in my view.


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    posted a message on Even freebies can't make me play mercenaries

    Exactly. It takes all of 10 minutes to complete. Some people just enjoying being angry, I guess.

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    posted a message on Kazakusan should read "If all minions in your STARTING deck are dragons"

    I can't recall: is Albatross still in standard? That's another counter to Kaz. If there were other ways to shuffle a couple other non-dragons into the deck, it would at least slow it down.

    Concur, though, that it's too early to demand a nerf. The meta remains in flux. Maybe something will need to be done, maybe not. I, personally, haven't played too much since the mini-set released, so don't have a dog in the fight.

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    posted a message on 10k free dust ?
    Quote from FortyDust >>

    I received a bunch of dust, and some of my decks said they were missing cards, but when I opened those decks to figure things out, they were NOT missing cards, and they no longer indicated missing cards after I closed them. These were decks that did contain golden cards from the Alterac quests.

    So if you think some cards are missing, maybe check again? It seems like a display error.

     Same thing happened to me.

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    posted a message on Probable nerfs
    Quote from same_midaisun >>

    Let me reassure you:

    Let ME reassure you.

    I am the bully here.

    I play Quest Priest.

    I can win vs questlock, vs poison rogue and vs pirate warrior even as they are now.

     You're "the bully here"? Seriously? What are you, 12 years old? Are you actually trying to puff your chest out and act like some kind of super stud? Not even pro players can win consistently against these decks with Quest Priest. You might win occasionally, but that's true of any matchup, even a bad one.

    The numbers don't lie. Quest Priest is a dog, though I wish it were otherwise, since I own the questline.

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    posted a message on Microsoft acquiring Activision/Blizzard
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    Quote from PetiteMouche >>

    68 billions... i wonder how many lives I need to live before I can acquire as much money. Crazy how humans can still seek money more than anything, even after they obtained so much. Isn't Bill Gates satisfied with his life already ?

    But Microsoft did good with Minecraft, they gave the devs a lot of freedom and support, so I am willing to give them a chance. Can't be any worse than it is right now anyway..

    I don't care about the future of hearthstone, game is dead and buried already, with unsustainable economy and game balance, but I'm intrigued about World of Warcraft, I'm curious what they'll do with it.

     >Bill Gates

    Bill Gates retired last year my guy. And he hasn't controlled Microsoft for over 13 years. 

     Whatever his/her/their name is, you got my point. I understand it's not just one person with 68B on his bank account. He still owns most of Microsoft, no ?

     Not even close. Gates owns 1.3% of Microsoft.

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    posted a message on Probable nerfs
    Quote from SinAscendant >>

     TFW the entire thread is complaining about Mage and Hunter when Mage barely makes it to T3 and Hunter is only good because it counters Rogue. 

    Rogue is going to get destroyed, and the next most powerful decks are Druid, Pally, Lock, and Quest Sham. 

    For the suggestions in this thread:

    Warrior is not getting hit. It's a low skillcap deck and is not even slightly a problem at high ranks.

    Ignite is probably not going to be changed as there's no way to change it without destroying the card completely. 

    Double Agent might be put to 2/3 or 3/2. 

    Lol@ Cariel mana nerf as that really wouldn't make any difference. Real fix would be to make the weapon "lower damage by 2 but no less than 1"

    Flamewaker is Wild so I have no idea why someone is talking about it in General. Same with Sorc Apprentice. The game is not balanced around Wild, we have this discussion every month. 

    Gnoll probably will get bonked a bit. Likely to 4/4.

     And every month, some Standard player makes the same snide little point: "Blizzard doesn't balance around Wild." A point which is demonstrably false. Blizzard simply has a higher threshold for Wild balances. And the reason that people are talking about the balance changes for Wild is because, you know, BLIZZARD SAID THERE'S GOING TO BE A BALANCE CHANGE FOR WILD. Crazy, I know.

    As for the "I have no idea why someone is talking about it in General," that might be because the General forum is for ALL things HS-related. (As stated on the forum page, "Talk about anything and everything Hearthstone.") If you don't want to see discussions of Wild, go to the "Standard" forum.

    The arrogance of some Standard players is breathtaking.

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    posted a message on holy damage and frost damage

    Man, I wish this thread had come a couple days ago (or that I had thought of Mercs). I got both arcane and frost within a couple days of each other. Both were brutal to complete in traditional HS.

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