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    The meta seems to be everyone rushing to complete whatever simple or elaborate kill plan they have, to even the discouragement of using any minions that are not part of said scheme.  

    Quest shamans rushing to get double cast so they can burn with attack spells or summon multiple 10-cost minions each turn.  Elemental shamans going for otk with doomhammer or just barrage of face damage battlecries/spells.

    Quest mages rushing to complete and get spell damage to burn down in a turn or two with remaining spells.

    Quest warlocks mashing their hero power and self-harming quick as they can so they can kill with fatigue or dropping free 8/8s on turn 4 (which still happens even after the nerf).

    Rogues rushing to shuffle their cards around ND discount them to then try and burst burn in a turn or two by drawing through their deck and hitting garrotes and other face damage spells (ideally with spell damage).

    Demon hunters drawing as fast as they can, either to plop down (auto-summoning) big minions, or lots of fel spells.

    Paladins piling all the minions they can into the field with every turn to either megabuff the ones they haven't put down yet, or otk with battlemaster and attack boost for anything that isn't immediately wiped.

    Hunters going face with even more spells now and less reliance on minions.

    Priests rushing in shadow form to kill with nicks and cuts.  Or quest priests as possibly the only class that tries to stall for as long as possible to complete the quest and then draw out the insta-kill card.  (I think giving an insta-kill to a class that has specialized in dragging out matches is bad too though, and still gives the sense of rushing to complete an ultimate weapon).

    Warriors rushing out pirates to get that ship.

    Druids sitting until they can double-summon 8-cost minions and armor (optionally resetting your mana before/after so you can't do anything), or spam the field with summoned minions and hope you don't have an aoe spell to respond with so they can otk.

    Druids were nerfed before the latest expansion explicitly to reduce the frequency of 'non-games' where it doesn't matter what their opponent does/the opponent can't do anything, but now it seems like most classes are essentially hoping for the same thing.  Prep your killer combo first, with thanks to lucky rng, and pay only the minimal required attention to what the opponent is doing.

    Many games have the sense of it being clear who is going to win by around turn 5 now (sometimes earlier), with the crappy part being that it's clear there was nothing you (or they) could have done to prevent it, based on rng.


     This post sums it up well: There are multiple viable archetypes, the meta is very diverse, every deck has a gameplan and tries to play accordingly instead of just preventing the opponent from executing theirs. Sounds great overall. Would it make you feel better about the meta if all decks were running some vanilla 3-mana 3/4s with the goal of trading on the opponents' vanilla 2-mana 2/3s?

    The amount of viable decks is the single dumbest argument and metric that exists for evaluating the health of a meta and OCG/TCG as a whole, and should be entirely disregarded. It is absolute nonsense. In fact, in trying to use it as your metric, you have instead just made an attempt to counter an ACTUAL argument and metric for the health of the game: How much variability is there.

    Right now, the game has only 2 different decks. I give 0 shits about whether or not the deck is a priest, a hunter, a paladin, mage, warlock or whatever. That's arbitrary, and it doesn't matter at all. In standard right now, there are 2 decks: Extreme aggro, or OTK combo. The reason for this, is ENTIRELY because of the strength of the combo strategies, and NOT of the strength of the aggro strategies. The extreme aggro exists solely as a countermeasure to the combo decks, because they ARE the only thing that can compete, let alone survive, against combo.

    Hearthstone, right now, is fundamentally at a point where it has to make a decision - and only one of those decisions is right: Does it want the game to continue along this trajectory, effectively eliminating every single other deck in the game from ever having a remote chance, OR

    Is it going to allow players to interact in more key fashions, in order for any sort of slower deck to have options to curtail the strength of combo decks.

     You are right. This meta unbeleavably sucks ass. The good thing is that it made me quit the game, so I actually get to know and play different games and not waste so much time with hs and give any more money to this fucking company.

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    So the nerfs were fucking useless. Most quests are really stupid and retardedly designed.

    They purposedly pushed the meta for games to last 6 turns. This clearly was a top down decision. Probably the game was not growing in the number of players so the abusive, stupid, women harrassing bosses decided that the game should be more like a mobile game and the matches should last at most 5 minutes.

    Warlock and mage quests are fundamentaly imbecile: they remove fatigue from the game.. Aside from that, most quests are unbeleavably easy to complete by turn 5 or 6.. and the rewards are ridiculously broken (hunter wtf).. What made old quests fun is that they were hard to complete, you took some time and risks to get interesting and balanced rewards.

    Whats more, these broken quests made other decks unplayable. You either play the overpowered quests or some broken ass aggro deck that kills your opponent at turn 5 so they cant kill you at turn 6... Most cards are useless now.. and for the upcoming expansions as well. Unless they actually nerf the quests, for the next year and a half the meta will be like this.

    Fuck Blizzard, fuck Acrivision, fuck the CEOs and their stupid decisions.

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    Not nerfing this retarded broken quest was really imbecile..

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    playing off meta control decks is the most fun hearthstone gets for me because every game is a challenge.. so this meta made me quit the game

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    Quote from Plahtica >>

    The dude is right and i don't understand why are you not agreeing with him?!

    People here are probably the same ones defending Elon Musk and saying he's perfect

     You are absolutely right my brother. This expansion ir ridiculously broken. Theres nothing more frustrating than playing against quest mage or quest warlock. Retarded imbeciles that defend it are indeed the same retarded imbeciles that has the balls of the psicopath billionaire on their mouth.


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    Fuck ques warlock and quest mage and fuck illidari inquisitor. What was blizzard thinking? Stupid company

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    I mean they can reeaaally easily complete their quest like by turn 5 or 6 and from then they only have to tap and play their cheap cards dealing tons of damage to your face and you can only watch. Like play raise dead and play 2 hyenas for 4 mana to deal 9 damage to your face and put 2 2/4 minions on board wtf.

    Really seems like a low iq cancer deck jeez.


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    It's desgusting that shareholders and ceo's, who are a handful of obsenely rich old white dudes that couldnt care less about gaming or the players, are making billions in the game industry, while the workers who actually create and make the games work in really insalubrious conditions and are victims of abuse and sexual harassment.. thats really fucked up.

    they should have a strong union and the government and congress should institute decent labor laws for everybody. But all over the world we're going the opposite direction, the pornographically rich are richer every day and we nobodies are left with shitty jobs with long hours and shitty wages

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    fuck priest fucking retarded class. you have no interaction at all.. you just sit there like an idiot while he generates infinite value and eventually finds the answers against everything you play.. fucking zero IQ class wtf

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    Battletag: Talesusde#1617

    Region: NA

    Trade Only?: YES, you first.

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