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    Finally blizzard added anti-cheat
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    You're right but the majority of players do tavern brawl for the pack and this brawl is mindnumbingly easy.

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    I completely agree but there is a slight difference between "summon from your deck" and Recruit. "Summon from your deck" summons the minion to the rightmost position on your board and Recruit summons to the immediate right of the minion which recruited it. If a Recruit spell is used, it will be the rightmost position of your board so there is no difference there.

    This is good to know for stuff like Dire Wolf Alpha or if your positioning against board clear matters, like against Supercollider or Meteor.

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    I was wondering this myself. I found it odd that it tells you which decks and hero powers you have cleared a run with and not just the class. So far nothing is confirmed for it and we'll have to wait until week 4 to find out but who knows maybe you get something.

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