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    Ragnaros it is still tier 1, IMHO.

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    posted a message on What card do warlocks play that gives them an auto win?

    I suggest you install Hearthstone Deckt Tracker (or any variant of it) to keep track of cards your opponent play. If you had this App you would be able to see all cards they have played, including of course your cards.

    Give it a try. Because then, if you loose a game like this you'll be able to view the whole deck your opponent used up to that point.

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    posted a message on Your favorite game of all time?

    My top five games from memory:

    - Last of Us Part I
    - The Witcher 3
    - Max Payne
    - Black (from PS2)
    - Metal Gear (several versions of it)


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    posted a message on Unable to play Hearthstone after latest patch


    I am currently unable to play HS since the last patch installed. The game opens but it does not connect to the Blizzard Game Service at all.

    To be honest, I was able to correctly open the game after the patch only ONCE but not ever since then. Is this happening just with me or is there anybody else with the same issue?

    I just unstalled and reinstalled the game but it did not solve the problem. My Windows machine is absolutelly fine and updated with the latest Windows Updates.

    Any clue and/or advice will be highly appreciated.




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