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    Sorry baev but you must be playing a different iteration of Priest or something. This deck just doesn't beat Priest at all - insufficient pressure and they just Entomb, Death and Pain everything.


    I auto concede to Priest and when I realise I'm playing Tempo Mage. Too much time wasted even trying.

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    Shaman is absolutely not an autoloss. C'Thun is completely reliable.

    How in the hell you have managed to go 1 - 20 is beyond me. You seriously need to evaluate your plays rather than blaming decks. This deck has nothing to do with RNG. If you're approaching this with the idea that you're building a 1 shot C'Thun then you're categorically doing it wrong.




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    Quote from Banquetto >>
    Quote from Phourc >>

    I evolved Fire Elemental into Baron Geddon.  He destroyed my board and lost me the game -__-

    Actually the whole seven mana spot is pretty awful, I should really stop evolving fire elementals even when they need a heal...

     You know that EVERY young Fire Elemental wants to be Baron Geddon when the grows up. Their true dream is to evolve again into Ragnaros the Firelord, though.
    - Ragnaros the Darwinist (2016)
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    Quote from Elothel >>

    In Polish his flavor text says: "He deeply despises creationists". Dem shots fired.

     Aw man! Is flavour text different for every language? We need to database this...
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    Quote from Alsmir >>

    A: Wild is more fun.

    B: Wild suck because of secret paladin.

    A: You have a new card that counters secrets pretty hard.

    B: I don't meet enough enemies using secrets to bother with it.

    Where's the logic?

     Don't recall ever seeing that argument, ever. 
    These threads are pointless because it's two groups of people arguing at each other about their preferences and nobody is going to be convinced otherwise. People like different things, that's all there is to it. Blizzard has provided two different formats for players to choose from so now we have to take our bitchiness to the forums? 
    Get a life. 
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    Quote from brucemk >>

    Why the fuck would I want to play in a meta with Secret Paladin?

     This is all that needs to be said about the matter.
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    Quote from PureH11 >>
    Quote from Syncesta >>

    Refer back to 


    " This Adventure sold over  20% more units as of the first 6 weeks after launch than the prior Adventure in the same time frame"

    That's a flat 20% growth as you can only purchase it once per account. Shall I start referring to other games that have nothing to do with Hearthstone's performance as well? Point is your bitching about cards you don't like is clearly not representative of anything of relevance owing to the success of the game. Ergo, Blizzard knows how to make games better than you. 

    Accept it. 


    no one is going on about how successful the game is apart from you. the OP is about how divine favor a card that people are begging to be nerfed isn't being nerfed while a card that is one of the only cards keeping rogue in the meta is nerfed. also you call good game design where only Over powered cards make it into the meta? 
    Also dont bring up sale numbers and say it means the game is good. Simcity had good sale numbers Warlords of draenor had good sale numbers. They are both terrible.
     Now you're just masquerading opinion as fact...
    Highlighting how successful the game is underlines my point that Blizzard knows how to make games well. Your opinions that certain cards are bad because you don't like them and should be nerfed are laughable because you don't have the years of experience or hundreds of staff at your disposal who work day in day out to make games as fun as they can be. You are literally calling out people so much more experienced than yourselves, who get paid to make games for a living, as being incompetent because you don't agree with their decisions. It's their game and their design - massive franchises like this, Halo, Fallout, Call of Duty etc... are mapped out for the next decade. You have probably 10% of the information the designers have about the direction the game is going and their overall design intentions. You can't sit here on a forum as a consumer and say that they are wrong about a nerf when it's their goddam baby and they can do whatever the hell they want. As they've already said, they've nerfed Blade Flurry because it was crippling design for Rogue. Good. It's a good nerf. 
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    This card is decent value even without C'Thun in your deck. It's another Assassinate on a 4/4 body. Even just the threat of this can be a way to mindgames your opponent, since they will see a C'Thun getting buffed one way or the other, right?

     Thanks, Vessel of Kripparian's Thoughts. 
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    Quote from TheAvatar4321 >>

    Now all Shaman needs is an actually GOOD board wipe.

     Are you kidding? They have the best board wipe ever. 
    Just use 2x Lightning Bolt, 2x Crackle, 2x Lava Burst and 2x Stormcrack
    Now you enemy has no board. Good job!
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    Quote from Duelerino >>

    Englsih is not my first and it is very rude for you to have made fun of me

     Stop trying so hard. All anybody has to do is look at your posts. 
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