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    Dear 'Tis But A Scratch! 

    I am sorry I doubted you. I will never disenchant you again as long as I live!
    Welcome back to competitive play.



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    Can't speak for the community as a whole but there have been a lot of pro reno threads recently. At least some of the community wants reno to remain because it offers a whole other deckbuilding style. Team 5 are clearly embracing the concept for the next 2 years.

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    Different deck. Soggoth is just too good for what he does. 

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    The factory attack setting is always too low.


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    Or you don't play Brawl and keep your board advantage. 

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    Its just versatility. AoE reach with Lightning Storm, defense with Feral Spirit draw with Acolyte of Pain or Mana Tide Totem

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    Mill is 100% cancer and has no place in Hearthstone. It is the card game equivalent of going over to your opponent's side of the chess board and knocking all of their pieces over and claiming you've won.

    Fuck Mill decks. 

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    Figure this could be done in a number of ways but find it very difficult to value. Want it to be versatile so that it can be used to combo a pseudo MC on 10 with the likes of Sylvanas Windrunner or Cairne Bloodhoof but it can also act a little like Loatheb, preventing things like...Loatheb.

    Having said that, he's quite treacherous (GEDDIT?!) because your opponent can take advantage of his effect and trigger Savannah Highmane off the top or their Doomguard doesn't throw away that lethal Power Overwhelming or Soulfire
    Where Battlecries require a target suchBig Game Hunter I figure that they wouldn't trigger on death. Based on Blizzard's view that giving deathrattle effects to minions that then trigger off N'Zoth, the Corruptor is a big no no (Ancestral Spirit doesn't apply with N'Zoth's effect) I figure that the same rule would apply and only those cards that are designed as Deathrattle cards would be summoned.

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    The problem with threads like this, and indeed our position as mere consumers, is that we have no idea about the overall long term ambitions of Hearthstone from within Blizzard. Remember years ago well before Wrath of the Lich King came out for World of Warcraft a chart was leaked detailing the expansions up until 2017 (i.e Legion) They had at least a five year plan in place. 343 Industries claim to have a ten to twenty year plan in place for the Halo franchise (Which they fucked up something awful) and Bungie (who should have done Halo forever Q_Q) have a ten year plan in place for Destiny. It's what big studios do with major IPs they know will yield them massive returns.

    Point being, Brode and Woo have both in the past explained that the decisions about which cards 'make the cut' goes well beyond the question "Will players rate these cards as amazing for three months until we release a new set?" They are considering what the design implications are for years to come.

    Take Purify, it looks utter shit, and it is..right now, but in a world where Priest has silence as a niche in a meta where they've phased it out as much as they can? They've said it's a test and they've made clear they don't like silence but Silence is in the basic priest set as well as Purify as of tonight. Remember that they nerfed Keeper of the Grove because it was too good? Blizzard HATE silence and they just made a silence card for priest. They're sowing the seeds. I'm not saying that Blizzard never do wrong but neither have they ever said that. This whole entity that is Hearthstone plus its user base (the people that basically pay their salary) is a volatile, often whimsical brew. Nobody can predict how things will pan out (Mysterious Challenger). Adventures are there, in my interpretation, as pieces of sets to come that they want to try out to see if they need to make changes to the expansions. The cards for the next expansion will definitely be made already but they'll want to see what we do as players in the meta with these adventure cards to see if there's anything they need to change or if there's anything they're unsure about.

    For example, does anybody honestly think that N'Zoth, the Corruptor's effect was not already designed around Naxxramas but was cut because Baron Rivendare was a thing? Similarly, who honestly thinks that Medivh, the Guardian was not designed already but they were afraid of its impact so Summoning Stone is a thing - which it isn't, hence how Medivh presents that effect (as a completely independent effect from the body itself, making it usable - something I bet they decided based on the fact that nobody has made a competitive Summoning Stone deck even though the effect is just nuts).

    Noxious' card analysis is really insightful because he approaches each card with a view to its flavor and how Blizzard may have come up with the ideas for cards. I suggest checking out some of his analysis vids.

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    Resummons for the opponent. 
    The effect you're thinking of on a minion would be over 10 mana - Mind Control

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