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    Just going to wait for the two other cards to be revealed now...

    Snap - Silence 1 - 3 minions and maybe even your girlfriend nagging you to clean the living room. Draw a card. (Overload 5) 

    Pop - If you have already played Snap and Crackle this game, beat your opponent to death with expensive sugary cereal (Overload 8, Diabetes 2) 

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    There's a storm coming....

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    I don't think anybody has pointed this out yet...

    "ogres don’t care about what they hit as long as they hit “something,” so their ability can also potentially bypass Taunt and Stealth" - Blizzard

    And besides, I think people undervalue Overload bodies on board. We don't have that many and if you consider just how painful the overload cost is on the others, I really like this. 

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    Thanks for uploading this deck Backspace. 

    I just have a question for you and everyone who's interested in this deck, or more specifically, two problems that I'm having with an otherwise excellent deck.

    I'm finding the Faerie Dragon to be pretty underwhelming and I feel really uncomfortable knowing I'm never going to draw into Backstab. I get that board control is not the primary concern of this deck's playstyle but given the relatively weak health of our main minions, it sometimes feels too easy for opponents to trade up. Yes the deck is explosive and the Coldlight Oracles have an excellent dual purpose but I find myself frustrated sometimes at the lack of early game removal, for example, somewhat being forced into dropping a Southsea Deckhand to break through Mirror Image (When it's my only option to reach a Mana Wyrm when I don't draw Eviscerate to lose it to Fireblast next turn or whatever other example you can think of.)

    I agree with people that the Faerie is the first card to go for an Acidic Swamp Ooze should the meta become weapon dense again, but currently that doesn't seem to be the case. I think that it should be removed regardless though, my reasoning being that it's essentially a board control card - it forces your opponent to trade minions (or use a weapon) and I think it's too inconsistent with the value we place on instant effects. With The Coin there are much better plays on turn two than holding it and playing a Faerie and without the coin you more than likely want to dagger up on turn 2 to prepare yourself for turns 3 and 4 with more immediacy than a Faerie provides. To alleviate the problem above, I've opted to switch it for Perdition's Blade.  I feel that this is an incredibly versatile card and gives you more immediate value than an SI:7 Agent on the turn it's played. I don't think it is preferable to play it over an Agent on turn 2 with the coin but with Deadly Poison and Blade Flurry it can become a massive board clear for relatively cheap, giving you room to setup your win condition. It's also excellent if you don't get the coin and need to remove things such as Knife Juggler and Flame Imp or even to just ping shielded creatures from Argent Protector and kill the protector as well. 

    For me that's a really good change but I still feel limited by my lack of Backstabs for clearing board or for opening up Perdition (with those two cards on turn 4, Water Elemental would be removed immediately, for example). 

    Anybody got any feedback on this or any suggestions on what to go for Backstabs? I'm eyeing up the Defias Ringleader or an Argent Squire  (for one Backstab) and then either a Loot Hoarder or a Sap for the second. I don't really remember feeling the need for two Saps in one game but I think Sap is the perfect example of a condom - it's better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it. 

    Overall a fantastic deck and thank you for sharing. 

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