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    posted a message on New Druid Legendary Card Reveal - Duskfallen Aviana

    It's so bad it has to be good. We're all wrong and this is the most resident sleeper ever.

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    Im a huge idiot fml...

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    posted a message on Barely 2 weeks in KnC expansion...

    If you don't like it why don't you move onto something else?

    You sound like the kinda person that, if marooned on a desert island, would stir trouble rather than find resolutions to problems. 

    Go away. 

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    For those wondering, it does work with discounted cards from Barnabus the Stomper

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    Or you could play some aggro deck if you're so desperate to attack with everything. 

    The fact that this is not an auto include in all incarnations of Druid doesn't make it bad, as you infer. 


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    This card is disgustingly good and I'm sorry that many of you feel otherwise.

    This gives a nice target for Master Oakheart, giving you a lategame taunt - if you think if it as slightly worse than 8/11 stats for 9 then it's average but if it pulls say Crypt Lord as well that's not a bad result to give the opponent a wall to work through. 

    Forget all that though because you all forgot about the interaction with Grizzled Guardian.
    It's also easy to play off of Ixlid, Fungal Lord



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    posted a message on Encounter at the Crossbones is This Week's Brawl!

    Yeah this really needs sorting out. 

    Classic packs at this point into the game's lifecycle is pretty ridiculous. The defence that it's to enable newer players to engage with the game in a broader sense is just rubbish by now, give them a weekly free pack or something. The thing is that the vast majority of established players, the ones that have supported the game from the beta, hell, from WoTOG at this point, are just getting shafted. 

    Just give me a free arena ticket instead or 100 gold. 

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    The amount of wrong everyone is who crapped on this card is hilarious. 

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    The amount of people who are wrong about this is amazing.


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    This card is disgusting. 

    2 of auto include in practically everything outside aggro. 

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