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    posted a message on Mercenaries - your first impressions ?

    I forced myself to finish the 1st part and open the 1st chest. Then I gave up. It's just like Duels: something abysmal made to distract people from the real Hearthstone game (failing in the process)

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    posted a message on The Duelist Burndown is This Week's Tavern Brawl

    maybe the worst brawl ever in terms of design. The 1st to play wins at 1st round... 


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    posted a message on New Expansion Revealed: United In Stormwind

    too much new stuff that is going to disappear forever in future sets. as usual, I miss the old expansion sets with ONE new idea (like deathrattle) that would be forever part of the game

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    posted a message on Balance Changes Coming Next Week - 5 Nerfs, 10 Buffs!


    Quote from Suikiele >>
    Quote from darkspear743 >>
    Quote from greenuar >>

    Wild in agony. Pls nerf Sorcerer's Apprentice, is the most cancerous card ever

     if you start to nerf one card in wild, theyre gonna have to nerf tons of other cards in the future, its not happening. Wild is wild man. It's why nobody plays it.

     This response always annoys me a bit. I play a lot of wild (probably a ratio of 3/4, wild to standard), and I've never gotten the impression that it's lacking in players. Is there a published ratio of Standard to Wild players per month? Or do you just assume that because you don't play the format that no one does?

     I play ONLY wild and the reason is simple: I have spent SEVEN years to collect almost every damn card in this game and you can bet I WANT TO USE THEM

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    posted a message on Patch Notes 20.2 - New Heroes in BG - Diamond Ragnaros and New Hero Skins & More - Live Today!

    I love the new Tavern Regular skins. They look much better than the other skins you get completing the level progression for each expansion. I am waiting for them to fix it 'cause at 405 levels I only got 1 skin though

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    posted a message on Patch Notes 20.2 - New Heroes in BG - Diamond Ragnaros and New Hero Skins & More - Live Today!


    Quote from Docsta80 >>

    I’m sorry but that requirement for diamond rag is total horseshit.  I’ve been playing for years and have at one point, had every single legendary in the game.  For obvious reasons many of them are dusted since they are just plain terrible.  No reason to just “keep” them in your collection.  The devs should’ve been smarter and given Diamond Rag to anyone who has at one point in time or over the course of time had every single needed legendary.  Whoever thought of the current way of awarding diamond rag is a complete dumbass.  

     I never dusted a legendary unless I have them duplicate. I play this game because I collect all cards and this was a really welcome surprise

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    posted a message on What are the first two heroes you picked?

    Now that many have reached the level to unlock the 2nd super duper golden animated hero skin, what did you choose?

    Druid was my 1st and Mage was my 2nd

    I like the Druid more than the Mage though

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    posted a message on Forged in the Barrens Launch Day - Everything You Need To Know!


    Quote from ZCFlayer >>

    Any reason not to just immediately dust the free golden Mankrik for enough dust for 2 Legendaries (could be turned into a regular Mankrik+another Legendary)? I guess it's best to open your packs first and hope you get another one before claiming on the track and triggering dupe protection

     I collect cards so, no, I will never dust a card that I haven't already

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    posted a message on Classic is actually better than Standard and Wild

    I started playing in beta and since game release the amout of RNG has grown exponentially. the reasons is, imho, that they made the collecting part of the game wrong, letting people craft the cards they want. This + Internet = every single game is the same. Do you remember Secret Pala? or Pirate Warrior? All games were the same, everybody netdecked the top deck at the time (and this was really sad during Fireside Gatherings that were made to let people meet and share ideas). Today games are much more unpredictable but just thanks to RNG.
    I'd have liked Hearthsone be more about collecting cards and using what you have (I am unsure about the option to trade/buy/sell cards with others, but I think that craftable cards have been a bad idea)

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    posted a message on Datamining: Wailing Caverns Card Set Found

    actually, back in Vanilla days, the Wailing Caverns were an almost horde-only dungeon. Allies reached the Barrens almost exclusively via Booty  Bay and ship and at that point you were between level 30 and 40 (and Wailng Caverns had no useful loot at those levels).

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    posted a message on New Rogue Rare Card Revealed - Paralytic Poison

    I am not a native english speaker but, correct me if I am wrong, PARALYTIC is a person that can't move (usually wheelchair bound). Perhaps they meant "PARALYSING POISON?"

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    posted a message on Reverted Nerfs Announced - Druid, Hunter & Mage - Later This Month

    Blizzard looks more clueless than ever

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    posted a message on So What's the Complaint This Time?

    Until they give me back the chance to collect all cards just paying for the launch packages, as it was possible until 2017, I am not ok with the dev team. They rised the number of cards to be collected and worsened the drop rate (despite saying the opposite). 
    Just answering your question.

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    posted a message on Unannounced Changes + Data Mine - 5 Returning Card Backs, New Voice Lines & More!


    Quote from user-2882263 >>
    Quote from Suskis >>

    I am totally against this card back return. It was the only thing that we beta players had over others


     U wanna be special snowflake? Cardbacks do Nothing just cosmetic. If blizz can raise money by selling them why not. Btw i have all card backs except golden celebration

     I beg to differ: all the economy of Blizzard games is now about people throwing money at them for cosmetic / useless things. Since the early players were not subject to this crap, we earned with our gameplay hours everything we had. So, call it whatever you want, buy I have the right to express my disappointment as much as you can love this crapò

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    posted a message on The New Core Set Revealed Cards - Old, New and Reimagined.

    We passed from a game that stayed the same year over year to this game that I hardly recognize. It seems to me that they're throwing everything but the kitchen sink, rushing most of this changes, just to grab the players by their tail...

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