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    Anka, the Buried + Mecha'thunBackstab = combo

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    First time in the finals ! :)

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    For Tavern Brawl #200 I was expecting something more, but... it's Blizzard, what do you want.

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    Beneath the surface there is a mysterious wanderer wielding nail and travelling across the world. As innocent as it may look like, don't ever underestimate it. Its ability to cope with various enemies is staggering. However, it is not weak when it comes to the defense, too. Along with other befriended bugs, it seeks for it's destiny. Here is The Bug !

    During this journey:

    • To Un'Goro, Knight will uncover hidden Moss tribe (and even befriend one Tortollan), join mighty wanderers in exploring unknown lands and face unexpected task - protect its sibling...
    • In Knights of the Frozen Throne, Knight will embrace the touch of the omnipresent frost, create army of undead protectors and rule in its new form - The Knight, Pure Void.


    Fury is an exclusive keyword for the Bug. It can trigger multiple times, which makes a great combo with weapons, because you only have to spend mana in one turn, and benefit on the others. Fury also has synergy with Hero Power, especially strong in the first turns.

    Example Cards

    • Seal Dangers Away : This quest is an improvement for defensive archetype, where Armor and Taunt minions are particulary helpful. As for the reward, from defensive strategy there is transition to the more aggressive style. All cards with Fury are easier to activate, and your opponent's minions will take damage after attacking your hero. Note: Quest counts at the end of each turn. It resets after you lose health, not Armor!
    • Ice Crawler : Nice minion with more health than a normal 4-drop, with a drawback that can be sometimes frustrating. Using hero power or weapons is useless, but in exchange you get very good protection. Usefull in both defensive and quest archetype.
    • Twin Touch : This spell works great in Stealth archetype - new deck in KotFT. Additionally, except synergy with Stealth it is also good with multiple copies of a minion, which you can get by playing Gatrhering of Undead or Ze'Mer, Frozen Soul. It will also be important in future sets when more copying synergies will come. Note: It gives Stealth only to minions on the battlefield!
    • Winged Echinda : Very good defensive card, which brings back destroying Armor for benefits. You can adapt this if you don't have much Armor, but if you spare some, you get to adapt this twice. It has potential synergy with Stealth cards, because one of the Adapt options is Stealth.
    • The Knight, Pure Void : An enabler for Stealth archetype. Now losing Stealth is no longer only a bad thing. As powerful as it may look, it still does nothing when you play it, thus it needs to be played in the right moment. Aside from Stealth, it is another great defensive tool because of the hero power, which grants lifesteal (good defensive option), Stealth (synergy) or Windfury (which will be expanded in furure expansions).


    The Lich King Fight

    One of the main strength of the Bug are minions. Many minions. There are many token generators as well as new copying cards. Unfortunately, you can only have 3 minions on the battlefield at the same time. This means that you can't play minions if you have 3 already, and cards that summon minions won't trigger. You can play with new Stealth archetype against Lich King, which provides buffs for small amount of minons.  Quest is usefull, too, as you can attack each turn after you complete it.

    Remaining Cards

    Journey to Un'Goro

    • Nymm, the Traitor : Powerful legendary with combo potential. In exchange for super bad stats you get up to 6 copies of an enemy minion. Great synergy with Twin Touch , but it can't be played on the same turn.
    • Moss Prophet : Support for the quest - well stated minion with good deathrattle on both your and your opponent's turns. During your opponent's turn you can stop damage (you can give this minion taunt with cards from the basic set) and on your turn, when you can trade this minion first to later hit a big minion with your hero.

    • Primal Rage : Nice card for swarm playstyle. After summoning many minions you can play this, kill a minion with your hero and adapt your minions. It can trigger multiple times.
    • Moss Slash : The Bug does not have many direct damage. In addition for dealing damage you also gain attack to trade, activate Fury or just go face. It is comparable to Fireball as it deals 6 damage in total, but here it can be dividen into two targets.
    • Brave Tortollan : Small card for hero attack-oriented deck, with the condition to survive until your next turn.

    • Primodial Armor : Defensive tool for aggro/swarm decks.
    • Seal of Binding : Support for quest, but it also allows you to prevent a friendly minion from taking damage on a turn, which is useful before trades.
    • Helpful Wanderer : Small Armor generator, synergieses with hero-attack cards.

    Knights of the Frozen Throne

    • Ze'Mer, Frozen Soul : Great Taunt/defensive card with ability to copy itself. The factor that suspends her from that is Armor - each copy destroys 7 Armor to activate the effect, so along Ze'Mer, Frozen Soul you should play some good Armor generating cards.
    • Acolythe of Void : Simple card that supports Stealth archetype.
    • Gathering of Undead : A card good for copying both friendly and enemy minion. Similar to Molten Reflection, but with potential to summon two copies instead of one and copying an enemy minion, too.

    • Necrotic Vengefly : Card for challenge #3, which supports quest/defensive archetype.
    • Frost Shield : Weapon usefull for excluding enemy minions from play for a turn, another Fury activator.

    • Infected Husk : Small minion that fits into Fury archetype as well as more defensive one.
    • Icecrown Defender : Purely defensive card with ability to stall the game more. Additionally better if given Taunt.

    Previous Phases

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    Quote from linkblade91 >>
    Quote from teknician >>

    Could I change the cards I'm showcasing?

    I don't see why not.

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    I managed to redesign my KotFT set based on feedback received. I'll try to give feedback (if I have some time) later today or tomorrow.

    Full Un'Goro:

    Full KotFT (I saved Windfury synergies for later expansions):


    Quest counts your and your oponent's turns. It does not reset after you lose health.

    Ze'Mer won't copy herself if you don't have enough Armor at the end of your turn.

    Twin Touch gives lifesteal to minions on the battlefield. That's why there's no 'wherever they are' line.

    There'll be more copying/summoning synergies later, so Ze'Mer, Gathering of undead and Twin Touch are not out of place here.

    Feedback very appreciated ! :)

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    Fountain is just better Stormwatcher

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