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    The only plausible board removal (that is in the meta) is Flamestrike, other than that, you're a dead meat or hope you're playing a non-meta deck which you put in Elemental Destruction.

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    When you can only choose 3 out of 3 cards, your opponent can see where your mouse was positioned/hovered at, making them knowing what card you picked during picking phase.

    Or is the arrangement random each time the effect is triggered ?
    I do hope it's random rather than 1st is A, 2nd is B, 3rd is C, all the time.

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    I don't know why but my HearthTracker is showing my Arena wins as 7-7 (W-L) when I'm drafting these cards for Arena. 

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    I have gone 3-0 with this deck, waiting for more sample.

    Going 8-2 so far, pretty good.

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    posted a message on Popular Constructed Decks of the Week, How Good is Murloc Knight?

    Hey guys howsitgoin kripparianhere.
    Murloc Knight.

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    Holy, this card's animation effect in-game is so damn cool.
    It shrouds the battlefield as in "zooming-scope" mode.

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    Aaaand your face is exposed, lethal, GG, babyrage.

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    The thing is, this cannot be compared to Loatheb is because Hero Power runs on limitless supplies while spells are limited (even if the spell coming out from your card effects).
    Also, Hero Power does not really swing the game (except Coldarra Drake Mage deck), thus this can never replace Loatheb.
    I don't see the threat of Hero Power as of yet compared to Spells which can turn the game pretty easily, provided with good situation (Flamestrike clears your opponent's board mostly).

    3/10 Card.

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    "A carrot a day keeps your immune at bay." -Stablemaster

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    Divine Spirit this card will make its Health to 18, lol whaaat.
    Baited 1 owl from Hunter first (Sludge Belcher, or anything (Annoy-o-Tron), Face Hunter really scared of Taunts), then use this + Divine Spirit, well played 18 tank health.

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