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    posted a message on My Biggest Issues with the New Progression System and How to Fix Them

    With the old system I was managing to buy one pack every two days by completing quests. Yet like now I have been playing for two days, yet have earnt no gold at all as in between levels.

    Even worse is after I finally get 100 gold it will take nearly 4/5 days to get 100 gold again. Very frustrating as I am F2P player and can only manage 2 hours at the most a day play time.

    The old system was ideal for me, as could log in, complete the daily quest and earn my gold. Really not liking this new system.

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    posted a message on The new progression and reward system initial thoughts

    Old Guardian has done a review of the new system and he explains why it is so bad. It really is a awful new system that is front loaded to make it seem good. 

    Here is his video  


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    posted a message on What decks are you using to get to Diamond 5 and beyond?

    Anyone else seem to get 1/2 games away from reaching Diamond 5 only then to lose every bloody game!!

    Happened twice to me this week alone. Won 5 in a row last night and one more win would have take me to Diamond 5 but noooo I lost and lost again again. Hour later back to Diamond 8 :(

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    posted a message on Group therapy! Need to blow off steam? Mega salty? Here is the place! V2

    For people who are fed up with this game, I really recommend trying out Legends of Runeterra. 

    I have been a F2P player on Hearthstone for 3 years  now and pumped many hours into the game and on the whole, really enjoyed it. Yet for the last 3 weeks or so, Hearthstone has been very tiresome and boring. The meta is very stale and I personally have had enough of it 

    So downloaded Legends of Runeterra last night on my phone and spent pretty much all day on it. It's a lot to get your head round at first but have to say, initial thoughts are it is a very good card game.

    Plus you are not having to farm coins to buy packs, hoping you will get a legendary,  this game has a fantastic reward system, which gives you cards are you play and rank up

    So just a suggestion for others like me who may fancy a change for a while. 


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    posted a message on Group therapy! Need to blow off steam? Mega salty? Here is the place! V2

    Today really has been the final straw for me. Can't stand playing any more Priests. It is a cancer on the game and kills any enjoyment the game has left.

    I don't even play against them now, just concede. Why play? It will no doubt be 20/30 mins long, full of the same boring resurrected minions. 

    I can't wait for the day, this god awful deck rotates out. Has ruined the game for me.

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    posted a message on STUCL IN DIAMOND 7

    I have twice found myself being just one win away from reaching diamond 5, only to then go on a losing streak  :(

    Last time I managed to get one game away but a hour later found myself to be back to diamond 8.

    I am using Gala warlock and highlander mage at the moment. Was using spell only Mage as good fun but about 40% win rate for me 

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    posted a message on The inofficial Remove Demon-Hunter from the game thread

    I would much rather Priest be removed forever. Honestly, I feel like stabbing myself in the eye when I face resurrect Priest.  

    I find myself usually conceding straight away as can not be bothered playing a 20 min boring game against them.

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    posted a message on This a bug with Puzzle Box of Yogg-Saron

    I was given the spell, give your hero 8 attack this turn,  the inner demon spell from Demon Hunter.

    My hero lit up like it was ready to attack but when my puzzle box had finished, my hero had no attack and I was unable to attack with it.

    Any reason this happened?


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    posted a message on Druid = New King of Meta!!

    Started playing Emiggen druid yesterday from rank 8 and for the first time as a player I made rank 5 this morning. 

    The deck really does rely on a good mulligan,  some games I have conceded within 3/4 turns due to bad draw of cards. Yet with the right start, you can pretty much beat any other deck.

    I am f2p player as well, so to finally reach rank 5 is big milestone for me. It seemed I was always 1/2 games away from reaching rank 5 but then would go on a losing streak!

    Now I can relax and have some fun with decks as we come to the end of this month. 

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