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    posted a message on There are far too few spell drafts to handle the aggro invasion in arena

    Well I have an idea, and it may sound REEEAL CRAZY... but hear me out...


    How about you...DRAFT EARLY GAME MINIONS?

    I bet you're that one mage player who drafts big minions and 7 flamestrikes, then somehow manages to highroll everytime. This is exactly why blizzard has moved arena away from swing turns and more into minion interactions.

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    posted a message on The Ballad of Sir Annoy-O

    Roses are red

    Violet Teacher's blue

    Sir Annoy-O?

    How bout NO!

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    posted a message on Hearthstone Myth - Fun

    I think the "fun" aspect everyone wants is when the two players have to plan their moves and play out their odds, or basically being able to play the game. Control vs Control matchups are exactly this which is usually why most "unfun" complainers are usually control players, myself included. 

    There's no fun when you start off a game knowing your opponent's deck simply follows a linear gameplan, yet almost guarantees a win.

    An example would be Control Warrior mirror matchup. Both of you have to conserve resources, choose which cards to play and when wisely all while ensuring that you're applying enough pressure to your opponent.

    Now take any other non-control meta deck and you'd realise that they just simply follow a set routine. Odd Paladin just clicks their hero power every turn, with the occasional plan of playing whatever is on curve. Board gets wiped? Just click the hero power again and again, the opponent is probably down to 15HP after their board clear turn and you can just apply pressure again with hero power and buff cards. Deathrattle hunter just eggs turn 3, if you pop the egg suddenly a 5/5 is threatening you on turn 3-4, if you don't the opponent is probably just going to trigger it anyways and apply even yet more pressure. Survived the early game? They have cubes on King Krush and Deathstalker Rexxar to stall out the late game. Druid is essentially just the same 22 cards with like 8 different cards in deck and suddenly is a whole different archetype (I'm exaggerating the numbers, it's definitely lesser). With most of their strength coming from the sheer powerlevel of their staple cards such as Spreading Plague, Ultimate Infestation, Spellstone and Naturalise.



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    posted a message on Hemet and Luna's Pocket Galaxy interaction

    Only one way to find out : It's time for an experiment!

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    posted a message on Counter that card!

    Flame Geyser


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    posted a message on What is the Most Iconic BASIC Hearthstone card?

    This is missing Oasis Snapjaw , the first card with a moving golden animation. (Like it actually moves, though abruptly, not just sway around a bit)

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    posted a message on Warrior has a problem

    This is actually quite a good point, but I feel that the reason warrior never really got further support for their archetypes is that it may become too powerful. Even as of now in the mess it is in, it manages 2 meta decks (Odd and Mech).

    However, giving warrior an identity would be nice. We should turn this into a meme, "What mechanic is Blizzard going to showcase on warrior this time?", and maybe then Warrior may get better synergy cards.


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    posted a message on Why are taunt druid and big druid considered 2 different archetypes?

    Well that's druid for you. Druid in 2018 has pretty much been UI, Branching, Nourish, Spellstone, Naturalise, Swipe, Plague, Malfurion and Wild Growth, then tack on a few different cards and Bam, new archetype.

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    posted a message on Deranking
    Quote from Skyi101 >

    Or just chill in casual. 

     But then you'll create hundreds of people posting about their casual experience being ruined!

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    posted a message on What is the best anti-control deck?
    Quote from Redefined >>
    Quote from xNanoks >>

    Why would you make a brand new deck now, a few hours before the expansion, let alone use dust for it? The meta's gonna change heavily, wait it out.

     Cancer stays cancer regardless of the meta. There is nothing in the expansion that will make a material change to the current control meta.

     Woah those are some harsh words. People said the same thing coming from Frozen Throne to Kobolds; eg. Cancer aggro, curvestone, etc. The meta WILL change, I highly suggest you seriously wait it out a bit.

    If anything, combo druid and Shudderwock may be getting stronger, we may just see a resurgence of aggro and midrange.

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    posted a message on Hearthpwn standards dropped?

    Or is my website just  bugged? Most Witchwood cards being shown on this site has no play sound/attack sound clip buttons anymore.

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    posted a message on Player's discontent with the Pre-Order Bundles

    New expansion about to drop, Blizzard launches their Pre-Orders for the expansion as per usual, however people are angry (well more angry than normal from what I have seen) at Blizzard's "predatory" bundles.

    So...what's the fuss about this time?


    Common points people have made are:

    •New bundles are sold at a 1:1 ratio like normal packs are, there's no value in this!

    While you may not be saving money getting these bundles for the packs, you do get free cosmetics such as the card back, golden legendaries or Jaraxxus. As far as I'm concerned, that's way better than buying it off the store on launch.

    •Witchwood gave us 70 for 50! Why can't Blizzard do this again?

    The 70 for 50 was the Witchwood's incentive to get players to buy the bundle. Most expansions previously gave the 50 for 50 bundle + card back IIRC and no one complained. The one time Blizzard gave us a good deal and now everyone expects it.

    •Jaraxxus locked behind a huge paywall, Unfair!

    Its a scummy business practice that preys on your desire to obtain exclusive items, but that is Blizzard's incentive to get people to buy their mega bundle. Exclusivity sells! Besides, Blizzard is not the only company out there that does these "Limited Exclusive" bundles, most other companies do too. Its not like Blizzard locked the warlock class behind this $80 paywall. You can't have everything in life.

    •Limited time offer that locks the hero away forever.

    So was Maiev and Lunara, and C'Thun. And Marin.

    •This isn't fair for F2P players!

    Blizzard is generous enough in their card game already. Try asking for F2P in MTG.

    •Card packs increased in price!

    Even I am unhappy about this.


    Nothing is unfair about this bundle.



    Criticisms welcome, just don't go all flamey and be like "bUt bLiZzArD *complain*", keep things calm and rational, and be nice to each other.

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    posted a message on Shudderwock/Grumble, the combo without the combo.

    Most combo decks require some form of deck building towards their win condition. Exodia mage needed its quest, multiple spell generators and boardclears. Avianna-Kun requires multiple spells/minions that can full-burst an opponent. Both these decks need a pre-game setup and require a set amount of cards at the same time to pull off. Shudderwock's battlecry just requires you to play the required pieces any time in the game. It requires so little setup and planning ahead which reminds me of a certain pre-nerf Razakus deck which could just play on curve and kill you instantly, while maintaining stong stalling potential. This means that you can chuck the entire Shudderwock-Grumble-Saronite-Lifedrinker combo into a midrange deck and negate the potential loss against aggro, whilst guaranteed a win against a slower control deck. Imagine if the sure-kill Exodia mage could utilize control mage's strength such as Frost Lich Jaina and its boardclears while having to only play certain cards at any time with no setup and stalling the game to an eventual point where they just straight up kill you. 

    However, I feel that Shudderwock is certainly an interesting card that has brought forward interesting deck, like Razakus was with its 0-cost refreshing hero power, but the unfortunate truth is that Velen and Mind Blast exists such as Grumble and Saronite do.

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    posted a message on Quest rogue, why do you want it destroyed?

    I was fine with quest rogue (coming from an insta-condeding control mage) since I knew they would get destroyed by aggro decks, but now this deck has the lifesteal-rush lizard that SMOrc-ing them simply is not viable anymore as they can keep bouncing the 5/5 rusher that not only heals them, but clears an aggro board pretty well. Its pretty much the same problem as cubelock in which you trade a powerful effect at a higher-risk of dying, but the risk is negated with extremely strong healing.

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