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    Good job blizzard another glitch can y'all do anything right? this new expansion has been nothing but bugs if i wanted to play a game with bugs i would go play fallout or some shit

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    Anyone else been having an issue where on turn 1 where 1 person concedes and 3 - 5 people have not conceded but are just not there for the entire game?  For the past 3 days this has been happening to me every game.  However, when my friend and I do BG together this never happens.  It only happens when I am doing BG by myself.  At first I thought it was because I tend to concede games early due to crappy heroes, bad RNG, etc.  So then I started playing games all the way through and brought my rank up from the low 2000's to the high 3,000's and yet this still is happening. 

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