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    Shadow Dance
    Themes 1 and 3, This is a move in WoW that I felt fit with the 'Party' of one side and the 'Sneak' of the other. It's a pretty simple card that allows you to preserve a minion and tuck another one for later. Pogo-Hoppers and Spider fans rejoice.
    Captain Eudora of the Bilge Rats
    Themes 2 and 4 bring us the leader of the Bilge Rats since Harleem Sweete has no art. Always a favorite of mine when she gets to be an ally in Freehold and part of a race people are practically begging to throw Subscription money at, Eudora's neat trick gives all the scallywags you have been saving a major boost for late game. 6 6/6 Southsea Captain? 2 4/2 Southsea Deckhand? 2 2/2 Patches!? Pack up your things landlubbers and invest in crabs with Eudora setting sail.
    Feel free to complain or gawk below.
    Reddit username is /u/StormBlink
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    Immune cards are something I have talked with others about and the issue mostly centers on it ignoring mechanics of the game to make a mechanic.

    One example not on me at the moment was a 5 6/3 that 'Ignored Taunt'. That sucks because Taunt is an important method of protection and ignoring such makes the card un-unique, lazy and basically a hard counter. I do see where you are coming from with this but while the Archmage seems somewhat fine, The Drake is terrifying with buffs and instead I would argue 'Minions LARGER then it' to make a 'David/Goliath' moment.

    Others I would think would be unique but still cheap would be 'Ignore AoE damage' or 'Ignore non-damaging effects from spells'

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    First post here, Usually I am on the Custom Hearthstone reddit with these cards. But today I have a set of cards I worked long and hard on and most cards voted on the reddit are mere jokes at times.

    Each card below is crafted from 2 Warcraft racials, featuring flavor text and even tokens. I will provide a link to the original Imgur galleries hosting clean versions of the cards and the original descriptions I had for explaining the cards if you are more interested about the creation or thoughts on it.


    Every Man For HimselfDiplomacy


    Expand MindEscape Artist



     Night Elves

    Touch of Elune 










     Blood Elf


     Feel free to ask for clarification of how certain mechanics work if you don't understand. Or consult the link here: https://imgur.com/a/zxV2y
    Card only versions are here: https://imgur.com/a/6J7Vh

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