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    I don’t see how this is weak. See three of their cards and distrupt something is great. Think how great it would be to take away their zeph or bran when they need it

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    If you have a good star bonus of course its gonna be easier.  I like the star system because it allows you to quickly get back to the rank you were before so you can hang out where you should be.

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    Quote from Mugen8 >>

    Man, I haaaaate losing to people who have made obviously suboptimal choices in deck construction.

    Just played a person that was like a mish-mash of tempo, control and midrange warrior. Admittedly, it took a slow start from me and a topdeck Brawl into topdeck Livewire Lance into Kobold Lackey from him to kill me, but Jesus Christ; at least bring a proper deck!

    Though in their defense, their deck was 100% golden - so perhaps some of those odd choices were just to get the 100% rather than because they actually thought they were appropriate.

    Edit: oof, then a mage who, after getting double Incanters Flow, got turn 8 and 10 Puzzlebox against my onslaught (though to be fair, first box drew 3 cards making it easier to hit second). 17 out of 20 spells were positive for them, including lethal the turn after the second thanks to face damage plus Power of Creation. Those losses sting because skill is taken entirely out of the equation at that point - if you're forced to play Box or lose, there's no decision tree and you're just hoping to get lucky.

     The only thing I like about puzzle box is at least you know the games about to end.

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    Quote from Skyi101 >>
    Quote from RAGEdarky >>

    Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries.

     Merely a flesh wound, come back and fight coward!

     You fight like a diary farmer

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    I am excited to try discardlock again, but have a feeling some of these new cards are actually just going to tweak zoo around.

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    I don't care how it goes, I will always give discardlock another try.  

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