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    Quote from Trollbert >>

    I’m also willing to throw PW:Shield in the mix for ‘too good not to include in 95% of Priest decks’.

     Well it is correct as well, the reason I do not see it as main problem is it would allow priest to play some of the weaker cards. a 2 mana 3/2 boosted by PW:shield becomes a good 3 mana drop while also costing just 1 card. It allows priest to play some of more obscure but good control cards while not losing draw advantage. 

    It is problematic but makes few cards which aren't welcome in other control decks viable in priest like pyromancer, ooze etc. 

    Losing it would limit priests possible card pool as some cards are just meh on their own but a 2 hp buff makes them usable while losing cleric would not affect other cards. Injured blade master would still be playable, as would injured tol'vir. On the other hand pyromancer without card activator for cheap or lightwarden become cards too easily removed otherwise.


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    Be it HOF or remake it, yes that is what I mean. I have been playing since end of Naxramas and LoE, and every expansion priest gets little to no card draw. Dragonoid OP and 1/2 that discovers a dragon was usable for dragon decks for a time, there are some ok deathrattle card draw on priest right now as well. Problem is it all goes into specific decks, and is not usable in any deck. 


    And that is the fault of northshire cleric. If we got good card draw while keeping Northshire it would be too much card draw if both options ware included.

    To receive new reliable card draw we gotta sacrifice northshire cleric I believe.  Currently priest has quite a few functional decks actually that lack card draw support.

    1.Wall priest and quest priest uses northshire package, but it actually would be better off excluding 1 cost cards and acolyte of pain using while using 2 mana injured tol'vir etc as base, due to psychopomp and ress effects and beeing either midrange or full on control. Priest has enough early game board control already and if it is not enough pyromancer is used in every meta. That card with cheap priest spells could still board clear.

    Preventing priest from playing actual control in both those decks is that draw package is combo based and not too welcome in ressurect and heavy control decks as it dilutes ress pool in ressurect decks and control decks in general do not wish to include combo cards for card draw. Without a full combo it becomes a burden on already low card draw. 

    Control could very well play stronger cards while fighting for board unlike cleric and acolyte of pain but low card draw prevents it. 

    As such priest which would play a better control or even midrange-control decks if we finaly received reliable card draw not to include cleric in our decks, sadly it cannot happen while cleric exists as its current form.

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    Now this thread is mostly to long time priest players. Some who are new or just hop on priest when meta is right it might not concern your ideal scenario and you might not see it same as me, and that is fine. 


    And now the topic is about what you really occurring priest card draw package.

    Now as the priest class is getting some changes I was thinking wouldn't it be nice to finally change the priest card draw package as well.

    Right now priest card draw engine is very board centric. It mainly rellies on pyromancer, acolytes of pain and northshire cleric. As you all can see and obviously know already, it mostly relian  a on having a board presence and usually more than one card in hand. This makes a very bad make it or break it system. Either you are able to win the fight for the board and have a more powerful draw engine in the game or you are unable to contest the board and have little amount effectual card draw.

    Now the amount of card draw priest has outside of minions effects is actually very low. It is only two power word shields, and the mass dispels. 

    Power word shield is an amazing card and very well used in almost every priest deck while mass dispel being a 4 mana spell is not good enough to be used as plain card draw.

    As such priest has often resorted to neutral cards which allow you to draw more.

    When compared do other classes, priest has almost no card tutoring or multi draw effects for ages. It is mostly fault of 1 shot combo

    My suggestion would be to change card draw from northshire cleric and finaly give priest a satisfying way to draw cards, during the time when other priest cards are needing changed.

    Be it tutor effects, spells that draw cards, or anything else maybe even spells for Discovery I am sure would make priests very happy, as for using same draw package since game started ,and it not being  good enough to support many playstyles which is appeared during the years and with new cards actually sad.

    Sure priest may have some good decks, but classes as a whole potential is limited until there is a way to make a deck that does not need to include a draw package reliant on having some sort of board presence most of which is easy to remove and which might not necessarily fit your playstyle.


    Please share your thoughts.

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