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    This is why you never skip "fin" day.

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    The Coin

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    I made an account this week after seeing some stuff about it. Pretty cool. It felt good, there are lots of combo potential like you said. The best part is rewards. I played 3 story missions which are pretty much tutorials…once you navigate through the horrible interface you can select reward tickets. They pretty much gave out 40 free packs from 3 expansions. It was insane.

    They have different rarities and animated cards too. Each minion has an evolution which powers it up during gameplay.

    Not only are they very generous with their packs, but holy shit…the rare/epic drops are insane. Out of the 30-40 free packs I opened I got a really healthy amount of legendary named cards. A couple packs I got had 2 in them. 

    We all know the abysmal drop rate in HS…

    PROS: New atmosphere, new concepts and playing styles, combos, lots of deck possibilities, lots of free packs etc, drop rate very high.

    CONS: Not a fan of the jpop style. Classic Japanese game text overload and janky interface…this will make building custom decks a hassle.

    Conclusion: Shit is dope, check it out and prepare to read an ass ton of small text.

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    I almost did that until I started playing wild. Something I never understood is why there is a hard on for "need to play in standard" mentality? 

    After playing wild for a majority of this season I don't think I'll be partaking in Standard anymore. Standard pigeon holes you into 3 decks where you rock paper scissor each other. Keep the good stuff, dust the bad stuff.

    Right now Wild has more diversity and some really funny experimental decks that have you scratching your head.

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    I think so. Even if this goes to wild it's still fun to play…i've actually been enjoying wild more than standard lately.

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    I should have specified. Jade "can" be slow, but Jade Shaman does what this does but more efficient and faster. It has weapons, clears, spells that spawn golems, spell damage and its cheaper to craft.

    I had some success with this deck, but its strictly worse than jade shaman.

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    Very slow deck. If your opponent has tempo plays / removal you're too far behind by turn 6.

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    After playing the game since 2015…I finally bought LOE yesterday because I'm having more fun playing wild than the pirate / aggro / golem shit storm that is standard in early 2017.

    Well played Blizz



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    Power overwhelming, chemist and alchemist almost make me feel like I'm cheating…turn one Power Overwhelming your crate into enemy crate is an instant 2 gift swing with a box not returning to your side until the end of the enemies turn…brutal.

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    First time I used Ram I got a King Krush lol…going to keep him around for a minute.

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