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    posted a message on Suggestions Needed: Wild Control Paladin

    Love me some control paladin especially for those long grindy fuck you matches.

    2xWild Pyro / 2xequality / 2xconsecration is the ultimate piece of shit combo. Just when someone thinks they've got you knocking at lethals door you can punch them in the dick with this combo. multiple times over. I'd even throw in a single Primordial Drake for another combo activator.

    Some one drops so you don't get rammed early on. Mistress of mixtures and fire fly are nice.

    Possibly toss in a few secrets and Mad Scientist (the most broken ass card ever printed) cheap decently stated 2 drop 2/2 that gives you a free card pull and cast. WTF were they thinking.

    You'll also want some healing. Forbidden, lay on hands / rag lightlord will keep your ass in the game.

    Aldor Peacekeeper nothing says "sit the fuck down" like dropping one these dudes on the field.

    Add any broken ass wild cards you want. Sludge Belcher, Slyvannas is always good as is Dr Boom and OG Rag. In wild I use a Nzoth version and its fun as hell.

    TIRION always.

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    posted a message on What deck to use this month to climb?

    A cheap midrange hunter deck with 5 rares got me from rank 20  to rank 4 last season. I played a couple games a  day on my lunch break. I've been playing since naxx and had never hit anything below 12 until this past season. I will admit I watched a lot more streams for fun and I think it translated into playing better / smarter.

    Control paladin is my second deck I use to get rank. Its expensive as fuck, but more fun to play.

    Currently at rank 10 with ease with these two decks. Might try out quest warrior.

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    posted a message on Is Hearthstone Pay to Win?

    Midrange Hunter…has 4-5 rare cards in it. The rest are common or core cards. Easy rank 5. Legend if you want to grind those last 5 levels.

    As close to F2P as you can get.

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    posted a message on Makabi's Midrange Hunter - Rank 5 to Legend

    Love this deck. Cheap and very efficient. Has a good win rate against taunt warrior and quest rogue. 50/50 against murlocodin depending on both of your draws. Deck can struggle against aggro druid with living mana.

    I was trying to see if explosive trap had a place given how aggressive some of these decks can be, but I don't think its worth the spot for the occasional clutch play.

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    posted a message on Rank #1 Legend EU - Aggro Murloc Paladin

    Finja is bad in this deck. Sunkeeper is a game winner.

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    posted a message on Dirty Rat

    Meme decks exist you know.


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    posted a message on [31-7 WR] Boomtjalah's Control Paladin : Paladin made great again

    Took a Rouge into turn 15 with this deck and it runs out of ways to effectively deal with the flood of 5/5's. Also has problems with very patient taunt warriors. This deck is fun, but it does struggle delivering the final blow.

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    posted a message on Stone Sentinel

    Soldier 76 voice too

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    posted a message on Fire Plume Harbinger

    After playing with this card for a bit I have decided that it is weak. You're lucky if you hit 3 things with this. Running 2 in a deck is foolish. If it had Mechwarper stats it would be an auto-include.

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    posted a message on So I piloted a weird deck to legend (Wild)

    I can attest to the strength of the secret wild mage. I made a similar / not as effective version and I was surprised how easily it snowballed out of control. One counterspell / mirror image that gets value pretty much ends the game.

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