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    posted a message on New Neutral Minion - Wargear

    +1 mana, +1/1 Blessing of Kings if you have a mech and/or a 5/5 minion with mech tag. Seems decent to me. 

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    posted a message on Please check out my new decks I made you won’t be disappointed

    Seems alright to me. (only checked hunter)

    I would add 2 Flanking Strike though, it is way too good. And you're missing 4 drops.
    Also I can't imagine you're facing enough Hunter and Mage to justify 2 Flares. Cut atleast 1, maybe even both. For an aggressive deck like this, you want to make sure you apply pressure from the very beginning of the game, Flare is a really slow card. Are you including it to draw your 'combo'-pieces like Tundra Rhino, Spellstone/Secrets and Leeroy? In that case you could experiment with Cult Master. Seems like it could fit your deck.
    Maybe Hunters Mark instead of Deadly Shot? It's cheaper, not random and synergizes with Unleash, Snake Trap and Candleshot.
    There is also the possibility of adding 2 more secrets and another Emerald Spellstone. Explosive Trap, Venom Strike, Snipe, Freezing and Rat Trap are all viable in my opinion. Depending on what you're facing alot, you can tech them in to counter specific decks.

    Uhm, by now the deck would look quite different then yours actually. So, try keeping your deck mostly how it is and changing 2-3 cards at a time and see how they perform. Or make a completely new version and compare it to the old one. The good thing about Hunter is, is that it is very flexible and can adapt itself good to what gets played the most on ladder. Or how you enjoy it the most, whatever is more important to you lol

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    posted a message on If you had to make a deck with 100 cards, which one would it be?

    If I had to build a 'good' deck it would be Taunt Warrior (link). Probably the easiest to assemble win-condition.

    And for an extra challenge I would try building a Mill/Fatigue deck. Likely Rogue, Druid or Priest.

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    posted a message on Card Nerf - Corridor Creeper

    Justified nerf (bit too much for my taste), but..

    RIP my "Combo" Hunter with Tundra Rhino giving Charge to Spellstone and Creeper. Was fun while it lasted. :(

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    posted a message on Card Nerf - Patches the Pirate

    I wanted them to add "Destroy at the end of your turn." instead. Or adding Battlecry: Charge, like others already suggested. Maybe even "Can't attack heroes."

    Still a needed nerf, so I won't complain.

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    posted a message on Why the entire community should be mad about how blizzard treats hunter
    Quote from Ashaf306 >>
    Quote from BigFatMurloc >>
    Quote from Banks1 >>

    As you all know there has been community uproar about To My Side! however some people are defending this card, and just seeing those complains about as salty and unappreciative. 

    1. To My Side! Looks like it was never play tested. It probably wouldn't even fit in the deck it's designed because you'd rather just play call of the wild and add yogg for memes. Even if the deck were to be played the card is awful value wise and you'd likely lose tempo. It very well may be the worst card ever printed for hunter which is saying a lot.

    2. The Hearthstone Developers don't care about hunter giving playable cards for any form of play style. The majority of Midrange hunter is from the basic set. Only Fiery Bat is consistently played from old gods, and infested wolf sometimes will see play. Since Call of the wild got nerfed it hasn't seen much play and the old yogg'n load deck is also dead in wild. Karazhan is probably the best expansion for Hunter that is currently in standard and the best since GvG as it has kindly grandmother along with cat trick and huntress.  Sadly this is adventure and so Hunter only got 3 cards. Next we went to Gadgetzan were we got rat pack the only good epic not to be nerfed in hunter and alleycat a decent card but not as good as enchanted raven for druid. The other cards were handcuff which fell flat on its face and even Don'Hancho didn't see play in Warrior or Pally. In Ungoro hunter got shafted only crackling razor maw and jeweled macaw were good enough to see consistent play. Ungoros legendary were also unplayable along with the Epics. In Frozen throne we got bear shark which only fits in because other cards are too weak too see play. They also got some kind of card gain with stitched tracker. Hunters first good legendary was given in Deathstalker Rexxar, but with two bad epics and exploding bloat bat not much support was given towards a good control warrior. To My Side! and Crushing walls are bad but we may see the first good legendary minion for Hunter in hearthstone history in whisperwind. TO compare to other classes Hunter gets one to two good cards per expansion while priest warlock get insane amounts of good cards.

    3. It is quite possible To My Side is a preview of cards to come which is a shame because there is not enough early summoning a minion cards too make the deck work. Also there is no board wipes or card draw so the no minion card would basically have to be a win condition.

     The trolls here acre actually the people that dont understand This card and why its costed like it is. This is not random. You can take alwaysw 2 huffer or 2 mishas with it. And people saying this would be fine without restriction just dont get, that this is not random.
    And plz dont tell me 2x 4/2 charge beast for 6 would be balanced because it would be broken AF, like 1000 times better leeroy you could run 2 off.
    this card imo needs a heavy downside but most people here have no clue why for some reason not able to read and understand cards text.
     The card IS RANDOM. It has been confirmed. Stop spreading the false information about you can summon 2 Huffers for 6 mana. The first minion is random of the 3, the second is random from the remaining two that are not summoned. 
      Wait, really? Was there a twitter post or something? *polishing pitchfork*

    Man, this card could have been good in a fun deck, but this just completely ruins it. FeelsBadMan.
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    posted a message on New Hunter Spell - To My Side!

    I voted playable. 

    Spell/secret hunter is bad against control and non-minion centric decks, because it can't apply early game pressure.
    But it's actually good vs. minion based aggro/spam, tempo or midrange decks, because of their reactive early game spells and secrets.
    Deadly ShotUnleash the Hounds, Grievous Bite, Explosive TrapFreezing Trap..

    So, if minion based decks are part of the KaC Meta, full Spell/Secret Hunter could counter some specific decks (RIP against Priest tho).
    To My Side!'s role would be stabilizing (2x 4/4 Taunt or 2x 4 damage), applying pressure and/or "winning more" and i think it would do a good job at all of them (kind of like CotW before nerf - able to swing the board in your favor or seal the game).

    But only if you could choose the Animal Companions you get from this card. If not, this card is more than unplayable and deserves the "Dust it!" rating it is getting right now.

    Personally i hope this card becomes atleast playable. Maybe the Hunter weapon will be good enough to turn Spell Hunter with To My Side! into a halfway decent deck, because i really like the theme of this card. Also this wouldn't be a pure SmorC deck like almost all Hunter decks in the past, which is nice.

    (Also Hemet, Jungle Hunter maybe? But Hunter kind of lacks draw for a Hemet Deck..)

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    posted a message on 5-Combo Insanity Hunter

    Isn't Grand Archivist a bad idea? His effect triggers at the end of your turn and leaves your Animal Companions vulnerable to AoE/removal (you also don't get to attack with Huffer).

    Fun deck tho, will definitely meme the shit out of your opponents.

    Edit: Also, if you draw 1 of your CotW's atleast one Grand Archivist will be a vanilla 4/7. Maybe cut one of those?

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    posted a message on Poll: Kobolds and Catacombs Class Power Level

    There is no way, that it will not be priest. But we are missing some cards still, so maybe...ah who am I kidding.

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    posted a message on 12 Win Decklists.

    I got completely carried by this Beast Hunter/Druid. Not a single bad card and most above average or even insane.
    Most opponents were overwhelmed in the early- and midgame but even multiple board clears didn't stop this deck. I rivaled other aggressive decks tempo-wise and finished/outvalued control decks with strong lategame plays and/or unexpected burst lethals.
    Beast Synergy was pretty good, Tracking helped a lot. Mark of Y'ShaarjVirmen Sensei and Kill Command gave incredible Tempo and very efficient trades. 

     MVP's (weakest>strongest):

     Earthen Scales and Spreading Plague, I had no healing and other aggressive decks got me really low. Lifesavers.

     Tracking, so much consistency.

     All Beasts and Beast synergy cards. Strong baseline beasts and beast synergy cards made them even better.

    Deathstalker Rexxar, pressured Control decks real good. Board clear and armor were good almost every time, too. (btw, why is Vicious Fledgeling still obtainable by DK Rexxar? He got me a charging Bird.. i feel disgusting..)

    Savage Roar, even though i had no Unleash the Hounds, this card was valuable every time i drew it and gave me lethal 3-4 times.


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    posted a message on Which streamer will you watch for the expansion release?
    Quote from CallMeKelthuzad >>

     And how does pwny have so many votes I thought he viewbots.

     Forumbots Kappa
    I hope Strifecro streams. If not, Kolento.
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    posted a message on Getting Exp for the wrong class ("Battle for the Crater"-Brawl)

    Just got a golden Northshire Cleric for reaching Level 40 with Priest after winning with Rogue in the Battle for the Crater Brawl. Didn't screen it, because I only realized afterwards after checking my new cards from the Brawl Pack.

    Is that a bug or do you always get a little amount of Exp for other classes? I don't think so, but can't seem to find another explanation.


    Edit: Spelling

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    posted a message on Where is the jade idol counter we were supposed to see in wednesday?

    Maybe a discover card that lets you remove one card in your opponents deck and all of it's copies (Edit: in the deck and hand)?

    I guess too strong, because it would be really good against other decks too and is not just a tech against Idol.

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    posted a message on Suggestions Needed: Wild Control Paladin
    Quote from TOMAtheHAWK >>

    1. How do I post a list of my deck within a thread that is a visual rather than a link?

     [deck]Deck ID or Code[/deck] You find the code below your Username.
    Quote from TOMAtheHAWK >>

    2. What helpful suggestions can you offer for the deck listed above? I'm trying to improve it for climbing in wild ranked mode.

     I don't play Control Paladin myself, so i will just give you some ideas for cards to include. How and if you implement them is up to you.
    Brann Bronzebeard for Stonehill and Ivory Knight.
    Sylvanas Windrunner for more valuable Deathrattles to resurrect.
    Muster for Battle Ton of value and good to deal with low health minions.
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    posted a message on Weekly Card Design Competition 5.05 - Submission Topic

    Stats are really weak, but Spell Damage and a "Board Clear" are pretty strong effects. Should be good against decks that are faster than you but worse against control. Notice that Multi-Shot doesn't trigger if your opponent has less than 2 minions.
    RNG is pretty strong with this one, but you are able to "control" it somewhat by intelligent trading/damaging of minions.

    I really wanted to add a healing effect for your hero to complement the Shadow Hunter aspect, but I didn't know how to balance it.

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