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    I modified the deck enough to create what I consider a new deck http://www.hearthpwn.com/decks/953108-free-to-play-rank-23-to-rank-10-in-2-days-midrange. I had a much better winrate with it and got to rank 10 in 2 days :)

    Essentially I could not get final blows with this deck (Think mage always freezing minions, or priests/rogues killing minions before you can attack), so the 2x Tundra Rhino's really help. Also, it's very hard to kill lots of minions being placed early on by enemies, especially evolve shaman, unless you got Alleycats right off the first turn. So Explosive Trap is really helpful. Also Gollaka Crawler is too situational (either patches the pirate is played by rogue, paladin, or warrior, or the Crawler is a standard 2/3. I found other cards more useful for the same cost ex. 1x Kindly Grandmother, or 1x Venomous Trap, or 1x Direwolf Alpha to buff your low cost minions).

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