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    posted a message on Help! I haven't played since 2016!

    Welcome back.

    There are currently some very fun & competitive Rogue decks in Standard. Here are some links -

    Trump's Secret Rogue-


    Dekkster's Weapon Rogue-


    Regis' Burgle Rogue-


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    posted a message on Introducing the Darkmoon Races Mini-Set! - All New Cards! - Release 21st of January!

    You earn over 15,000 XP each week - more than 500 gold. Assuming the next expansion launches in mid-April, about twelve weeks from now, your "incentive" to play the game is sixty free packs.

    "...little to no gold..."

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    posted a message on Nameless one?

    If there is a Legendary you would prefer having, then dusting The Nameless One seems sensible. The card currently has a very good "played win-rate" on HSReplays of +5%, and its effect is clearly powerful - but it's just a tech card, a better Spellbreaker.

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    posted a message on Zeddy Hearthstone Needs a Slight Reality Check

    Personally, I stopped watching the "Blizzard Lies" video as soon as the personal attacks began. It seemed pretty clear that the fellow was simply cashing in on the latest reddit shit-storm - his own shit-storm videos get about ten times as many views as his regular content.

    FWIW - the game has never seemed more F2P friendly. Under the old system, completing Dailies rewarded about 7500 gold for each expansion. Owing to no-duplicate protection, those 75 packs produce full sets of Commons and Rares (86 cards in Darkmoon), and about 15 different Epics and 5 different Legendaries. With the dust from duplicates, golds and trash Epics and Legendaries, any F2P will be able to craft one or two good Legendaries, and two or three Epics. Call the total 110 cards. That's 82% of the set, for free, about twenty minutes after the set launches. Blizzard also gives the F2Ps an additional pair of Legendaries on the Reward Track. After a week of play, F2Ps can easily have 85%-90% of a new set without ever spending any money on it.

    As far as the new system  goes - the new system was announced with plenty of promises. One of them wasn't "on launch day, you will be able to accurately calculate how much gold you'll earn over the next four months, because we won't be adding anything else to the reward track." In fact, one of the people who was called a liar made the opposite promise on the subreddit, weeks before the system actually launched - "going forward, new content will be added." Pointing out that the comment was made earned some bastard 170 down-votes (probably more, by now). Blizzard has already added 1300 gold to the track, after deleting the shitty late-track rewards - it isn't exactly unlikely that more shit will be added during special events or seasonal promotions.

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    posted a message on Is a hearthstoneTournament mode feasible?
    Quote from moshimosh >>

    I get the class banning option but I don't think it would work unless going into a tournament a player just bans a class outright, never encountering it in a run. Preferable to this, I think, would be banning a specific class card. This could mitigate the considerably large matchmaking problem banning a whole class would bring up.

    Anything that implements an arena-like system I feel would be redundant, there's nothing new in such a mode, may as well play ranked.

    As for official clients, I still fail to see what part of that isn't possible without any input from blizzard. Hell, if people want that so much, why doesn't hearthpwn organise a page?


    "...there's nothing new in such a mode, may as well play ranked..."

    "...why doesn't Hearthpwn organise a page . . ."

    As to the first point - there is an unambiguous difference between playing a a game of baseball, and participating in a baseball tournament. With respect to HS, folks that appreciate the difference play the Brawliseum whenever it launches, and folks that don't appreciate that difference (apparently including yourself) don't. Same with Tournament mode, presumably.

    As to the second point - there are already plenty of resources available outside the client which are of assistance to tournament organisers. I've used a bunch of them. That's the problem - it's a lot of work that the game is clearly capable of doing. There would be many more tournaments being held if it wasn't so much work for organizers.

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    posted a message on Is a hearthstoneTournament mode feasible?

    A couple times each year, we get the Brawliseum TB - it's effectively a single-deck Swiss tournament mode. Presumably, it wouldn't be too difficult to morph Brawliseum mode into a permanent Tournament mode -

    • add functionality that allows players to choose three or four decks, instead of one.
    • allow players to see their opponents' classes, and ban one prior to the first game.
    • play a best-of-three or best-of-five match against opponents, instead of best-of-one.

    As you say - this would feel a lot like Arena or Duels, since it's just an expanded Brawliseum.

    What would be more useful would be adding functionality that allowed tournament organisers to register an event with Blizzard - they would receive a code, give the code to their tournament participants, just like FSG events currently work (prior to the Lockdown, at any rate.) Then the client does all the work . . .

    All of this would appeal to all the competitive folks, and very few casual players - but the game can easily support devoting some of Blizzard's resources to developing a mode for "hard-core" players.

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    posted a message on Animal Companion shouldn't be random

    FWIW - the numbers on HSReplays suggest that the card is already one of the highest "win-rate when drawn" and "win-rate when played" cards at 3-mana in the class. Different classes excel at different aspects of the game - if AC were a Warlock or Mage card, it wouldn't  see much play. But it's not. The three Hunter decks which currently run the card already dominate the Mage and Druid decks the OP cites as "better" 3-mana decks - and they do fine against DH, with win-rates in the mid- to high-40s.

    Instead of complaining about a problem that doesn't appear to exist, it might prove more rewarding to the OP to figure out why Hunter has win-rates in the 60s and low-70s against the decks he cites as having "better" early-game plays . . .

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    posted a message on The RNG mechanism isn't really Random?

    HSReplays tracks well over one million games each day - but only a relatively small fraction of the player-base uses the app. It isn't too unlikely that a few million Mage games are played every day. Assuming the odds mentioned by everyone else in this thread are accurate, then one in every ten thousand of those games in which double NP is played will result in a pair of Kargaths being spawned from those NPs.

    In other words - it likely happens a hundred times each day, maybe more.

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    posted a message on Opponents, where are the other classes?
    Quote from Scorpyon >>
    Quote from PewPewPiew >>

    Is it me or am I not getting a proper variety of opponents? Or did people quit playing some of the classes?

    Sometimes I get one class maybe 3 or more times in a row. I added a pic of my HS tracker. This month I started a new deck and played 68 games. 

    I only played against 3 rogues, 3 warlocks, 4 druids, 4 priests, 6 mages and 7 shamans.
    12 hunters, 11 dh, 10 paladins and 8 warriors top the chart.

    Did rogue and lock players suddenly stop playing? What about druids and priests? 

     Not sure I follow. Going by your chart, you had a fairly even looking sort of spread. Obviously the number of games played to verify this here is vastly lower than it needs to be to get a real picture. The act you had at least a few of every class suggests to me that all classes are played?
    I mean you will always have a higher number of matchups against classes that are currently more popular than others. That's simple logic.

    Indeed. Having played 68 games, he might expect to have played against each class six or seven times - a few a bit less, and a few a bit more. Judging by his deck tracker, that's exactly what happened.

    On the other hand, this is the internet, so I guess he might as well complain about it, somehow . . .

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    posted a message on New Gamemode?
    Quote from Sanderman >>

    They probably planned to launch it during Blizzcon like Battlegrounds last year. That would mean early November. It wouldn’t surprise me if they announce it alongside the new expansion, to add early access to a pre-order package (which will probably be the new battlepass now).

    This seems very likely. If development wasn't delayed owing to "work-from-home" orders this year, then the new play-mode is likely another month away from delivery.

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    posted a message on Heroic Brawliseum is This Week's Tavern Brawl

    It might be worthwhile considering that there is a virus that has killed nearly a quarter-million people in the US, forcing Blizzard and everyone else to impose "work from home" orders on their employees. Presumably, it's pretty difficult producing a card game when no one is actually at the office - so far, we've been lucky that the main HS content promised for 2020 has been unaffected. In order to push three expansions and a new game mode on schedule, it appears that folks have been taken off peripheral HS projects like TBs and PvE content - we haven't seen a new TB in months, and the PvE content hasn't been very engaging this year. All things considered, if the HS weekly "free pack" dispenser only works fifty-one times this year, the sky isn't exactly falling.

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    posted a message on Why wasn't Mozaki Mage nerfed?

    Judging by the HSReplays numbers, the deck has a 44% win-rate and 1% play-rate - a nerf might not be needed . . .

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    posted a message on Is Transfer Student a good card?

    I'd suggest checking the stats for the card on HSReplays - it's a perfectly fine card in some lists, and pretty bad in others. It seems to perform best in Highlander Hunter - the deck has an overall win-rate of 52%, and Transfer Student possesses a "win-rate when drawn" of 53%, placing it squarely in the middle of the pack among the other twenty-nine cards in the deck.

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    posted a message on Patch 18.2 nerfs!!
    Quote from ChrisRex >>

    Are people still playing Druid? Seriously? I forgot about that deck. Last I checked Druid was sitting with an overall 49% win rate... But, yeah.. Nerf away 😂😂

    It's worth remembering that card nerfs target decks, not classes. The Guardian deck is currently the third most-played deck on ladder, with a 53% win-rate on HSReplays, while its most popular variant sits at 58%. The class win-rate is slightly below 50% because of the rise in play of Combo Druid - but Malygos decks are typically more difficult to pilot than most other decks, and their low win-rate isn't reflective of their actual power-level when piloted by folks who know what they are doing.

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    posted a message on Where are u now glide guys

    FWIW - HSReplays is currently tracking the card as the worst "played win-rate" card from Scholomance, at 35%. DH has plenty of card draw already, and Voracious Reader certainly adds considerably more - as a result, it isn't really easy to build an aggressive DH deck that actually draws cards with Glide. More often, you end up spending 4-mana to shuffle two, or three, or more cards into your deck, then draw four (often, one or more cards you just shuffled in.) It doesn't exactly compare favourably with Secret Passage.

    As far as being a hypothetical future counter to slower decks - the card has a played win-rate between 34%-40% against the slowest decks in the current meta-game. The most reliable way for fast decks to beat slow decks is to simply kill them before their slow cards take over the game - relatively few disruption effects at 4+ mana have ever been successfully ran in aggro.

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