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    posted a message on ''Top x% in ranked play mode this season'' makes no sense

    There are a lot of inactive accounts that play 1 or 2 games a month and then stop. 

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    posted a message on Bliz "Forced 50/50" Confirmed.

    Seriously though, what is this matchmaking bliz? 

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    posted a message on Who's taking care of Dr Boom in Wild mode?

     I'm going to be playing solely wild, and yep, now with BGH nerfed, the good doctor will be staple in most ever deck there is. 

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    posted a message on How to get a King Krush out of a Piloted Shredder

    Well, at least you tried. 

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    posted a message on Class Creation Competition - Worlds Beyond Warcraft [Phase I Submission]

    I have made a class to represent the Priestesses of Krypta from the game Majesty. A frail necromancer, she'd be torn apart in seconds, she summons undead to protect and serve her. 

    It's a more defensive class, but it's fragile, like the priestesses of Krypta in Majesty, and only has 20 HP. Instead of the usual 2 mana hero power, she has a passive one (like some adventure bosses) that activates each time you end your turn. It summons a 1/1 with taunt. The 1/1 destroys itself at the start of your next turn, (if your opponent doesn't kill it first) so you'll only ever have 1 at a time, and it can't be used offensively. I feel that this hero power gives your 20 HP a bit of breathing room in the first few turns of the game, but falls off in strenth in the later stages. 

    Pale scepter is a defensive weapon, to stop aggro shamans people from bursting your small health down with a big spell combo-wombo in the late-game. This is one of the cards that I'm unsure of the balance on. Right now I have it as 4 mana for making your opponent not target your hero with spells for 6 turns. It might need to be reduced to 5 or lower, or might be weak, I'm having a hard time telling so far. 

    Then we have Bone Channeler. Since you're a necromancer class, you do have considerable powers over death and the dying, and this minion can suppress deathrattle effects (for both players). It also heals you whenever one of your minions dies. (You're absorbing back the life you put into it raise them) Combos well with the hero power that gives a sure death each opponent's turn. 

    Finally I have marrow rupture. This is an example of how you can use your health as a resource, or a high health minion as a powerful weapon. It's a 2 mana spell that destroys any minion, but the other player (who doesn't control the minion) takes damage equal to its health when it was destroyed. There's probably a better way to word that. You can use it to remove your opponent's stuff for cheap mana (but some of your precious 20 HP) or turn a sturdy minion on your own side into a bomb to take your opponent down. 

    Overall, the hero is more defensively focused, using taunt minions to protect your fragile 20HP hero, and spells that you can pay some of your health in.

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    posted a message on A defence of Secret Paladin

    Yeah, a lot of it is surviving that first 5-secret burst without losing too much HP. Once secret pally runs out of fuel to throw at you, they're pretty much dead in the water. 

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    posted a message on What is up with all the spam threads?

    Sorry, there's a large influx today. We're working on it. 

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    posted a message on I LOVE LEAGUE OF EXPLORERS!!! (Spoilers)
    Quote from chizuk >>

    Wow. Heroic Djinnar has been programmed to BM players!

    He dropped a minion, used his fire ele to kill it, and then dropped an owl to silence his ele.

    He had lethal when he did this.

     The robots are learning the ways of salt. 
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    posted a message on Unearthed Raptor potentially broken?
    Quote from acelee62 >>

    Brann says Battlecry, not Deathrattle. I think you have it confused with Baron Rivendare.

     No, Raptor's battlecry is to copy the death rattle. We do not yet know how this will interact with Brann, whether it gives 2 copies of the deathrattle to raptor, or just becomes the deathrattle twice. 
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