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    Regarding Ysera you can find the answer in the guide, iit's not a BGH target and even silenced it's still a great body.

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    Quote from Hendricksfr »

    and close facebook/music etc.. FOCUS

    Yes this one is pretty high on the list.

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    Quote from icahavoc »

    So I am thinking about my next craft. Right now I am playing mainly control warrior, midrange druid, oil rogue and and some midrange hunter and mech mage.

    I am leaning to one of the main neutrals I am missing, all of which might be helpful for my CW: Harrison Jones, Baron Geddon and TBK. Potential class legs would be Tirion (only card I am missing for Paladin) or Cenarius (which would be nice for the bodies but I feel it is not 100% essential)

    I have: Naxx legs, Sylvanas, Boom, Rag, Grom, Alex, Thalnos, Ysera, Antonidas, Cpt Greenskin, Hogger, Mogor, Mimrion's Head, Prophet Velen, Nat Pagle, Gruul.

    What should be my crafting priorities (and in which order)? Also, which ones after Hoggor do you feel are save to disenchant? Thanks for your advice!

    Please check my answer to BarbarianHavoc post just above. You guys are pretty much in the same situation, pretty much.. You also need to figure out what's your goal, if it's going full Control Warrior or developing Paladin or Cenarius.

    For Control Warrior the cards you're talking about are really meta dependant, TBK, Harrison, Geddon. Right now TBK is not that useful while the other ones are doing a lot of work (I run my Warrior w/ Geddon only atm). If you go for the Control Warrior choice, wait for the BRM adventure to be released and the meta to stabilize a bit (a month and a half - 2 months, it's long I know).

    I would go for a Tirion or Cenarius but it's really up to you and how you feel playing these classes.

    For the disenchanting part. *warning! personal choice here* I don't play HS to collect cards, I play it competitive and spent 70$ overall. So I took the decision to dust useless legendaries. I would dust the following ones: Mogor, Mimiron's Head, Nat Pagle, Gruul (which would give you another legendary!). As for Hogger I would dust it only if it were golden (it can see some plays, dusting it for 400 is not worth it).

    So you know I dusted Mimiron's Head, Nat Pagle, Gruul, Tinkmaster and more useless legendaries and no regret whatsoever.

    Hope it helps man.

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    I just reached Legend w/ this deck, here are the stats:

    138 Games played: 94 Won / 44 Lost => 68% win rate

    Shaman 6/2 75%

    Paladin 8/6 57%

    Warrior 13/3 81%

    Warlock 9/5 64%

    Rogue 4/3 57%

    Mage 16/5 76%

    Priest 7/0 100%

    Druid 11/7 61%

    After reaching Rank 5 I replaced Abusive Sergeant by Ragnaros (aka Orange's Midrange Hunter). Hope these stats help.

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    Well I went from Rank 10 to Rank 6 yesterday evening w/ a 12-1. Tbh I've been lucky w/ my starting hands but over the 100 games I played so far w/ this deck I've got a 65% win rate and I'm still learning it.

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    Play it once so you can check out the new animation!

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    I have a few legendaries.  Cenarius, Mimiron's Head, Malorne, Toshley, and Bloodmage Thalnos.  I had a Gruul, but dusted it.  Saw no potential in the card.

    I have about 650 dust right now and am working my way towards crafting something legendary.  I share an account with a friend and he suggests a BGH, then Dr. Boom.  Is this better than just going for Dr. Boom?  I don't really have any favorite decks / classes right now.  I'm not in love with any of the Legendaries I do have either.  Should I dust any?  I'm tempted to dust Toshley, but the druid cards get played in my friend's druid decks.

    I did dust a Mimiron's Head and Gruul, no regret whatsoever. I wouldn't dust the other ones though (eventually Malorne if I really really needed dust). Also I'd go for Dr. Boom instead of crafting BGH, save the dust you won't regret it!

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    Quote from BombLobster »

    Honestly I like to play around and experiment with everything.  I've been playing combolock, oil rogue, and some priest control decks lately, but that's always subject to change.  I don't necessarily have the cards to make a great druid deck, but every other class is pretty much open.

    Well then I wouldn't go for Sneed's, but for either Rag or Ysera. You mentioned the Cabal + Shrink combo to steal Ysera, but honestly there aren't many Priests on the ladder and from what I've seen they can't afford a slot for Shrink w/ all the rush decks around. On the other hand Rag is weak to BGH and everyone in this world and their mom seem to have BGH in their deck thanks to Dr. Boom.

    Honestly it's a tough one, I do have Sneed's that I play along w/ Ysera in both a Priest deck and a Control Mage. I also play Ysera in Paladin but I don't have Ragnaros and might craft it really soon. It's either him, TBK or Harrison, I can't decide quite yet.

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    Quote from pfeufferbros »

    Yeah, i thought that too, but i'm too far away from making a CW cause i dont have the core cards (Grom, epics and etc.). I tested Ysera in my ramp druid, but she cant compete with Cenarius; and i packed Baron Geddon today. Maybe i'll kepp both for the future.

    Anyway, there is no rush to build a new deck or reforce the others i  have - i was thinking in build a Midrange pally (missing Tirion and quartermasters, but i have only 1200 dust).

    You're right Ysera is not meant to be played in a Ramp Druid especially if you have Cenarius. But it's still a great card, it finds some play, if you dust it it's only 400 dust.. You lose so much in the deal. Keeping it can be seen as a little step towards CW.

    The only non golden legendaries I ever dusted were the Beast, Tinkmaster, Pagle, Cho. The ones you do not play. I keep every single legendary that see some play simply because of the 400 dust thing. It's simply not enough to unlock opportunities.

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    Quote from loister »

    Hi smart people,

    I'm at about 1400 dust at the moment, and I will be crafting my first legendary soon. I have opened malygos, blingitron, the beast, and mekingineer thermaplugg from packs. Dr. Boom is the most logical choice to craft right? I am playing a lot of druid at the moment if that factors in.

    Also, are any of the legendaries I have worth dusting? I haven't found a good use for the beast in particular. Mek and bling are situational at best but I do play them in some of my decks.

    In your situation I'd dust the Beast for sure, I dusted the one I had 7 months ago and I had no regret whatsoever. It's just a bad card. If you have fun w/ Mek and Bling keep them, they find some play. I would dust Mek if I really needed more dust but dusting the Beast will be enough in your case.

    Also again Dr. Boom is a great choice, it's either this or Sylvanas. But I'd go for Boom first.

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