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    posted a message on A hilarious display bug was spotted in Hearthstone and I had to show everyone!

    This is simply... awesome. I was building a few decks and decided to create a shaman deck in Wild. Mind you I had clicked on card backs to put a different card back on another deck and thought nothing of it. With that said, I wanted to share this "experience" with everyone here on Hearthpwn, because it was awesome. Could you imagine for a moment if customized card art was a thing in Hearthstone? I can! If it ever does become a thing; I so want the card art for Ysera from this screenshot. :) Enjoy!


    This bug is lit!

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    posted a message on A Serving of Servitors - A Card Design Competition (Discussion Topic)

    Good News! 

    I survived Hurricane Irma. Man, did she blow. (literally). Resorted to eating tuna fish out a can (not a bad thing), warm mayo, and a gigantic friggin' tree branch crashed on our road. Luckily no flooding and we lost power for maybe 12 hours. There were those not as fortunate and consider myself lucky.

    I have noticed a few practices, requests, and other things these past two competitions so naturally I have a few questions. 

    First, before I go into my questions I do want to apologize regarding something along the lines of "spamming" or something of that sorts. The ones who sent me a pm; thank you for bringing it to my attention in a positive, encouraging manner. :) You rock


    1. How do I reduce the size of the cards I post in a fashion where they are still legible? (I know there's a dimensions area when posting an image, but what do most size their cards to, in order to make the cards slightly smaller)

    2. Is it considered plagiarism (according to the rules) if someone who literally had the luck of getting first message entry into a discussion topic posts an idea that is something you wanted to do? If so, what's the best way of maintaining as close to the original idea you would have had?

    3. If it is considered plagiarism; why then allow people to "post ideas" in the first place as that literally robs others of the opportunity to express their own creative sides? (I'm an adult; I'm not going to go all whiny because someone created Winnie the Pooh before I did.) 

        A follow up to Question 3 and I guess a bit more of an in-depth explanation as to the type of answer I'm seeking is this: 

         If you have Post B introduce an idea that says "destroy all minions"  in the discussion area for say.... Priest... for 8 casting and then so-and-so posts on 4th page of the discussion area with a "destroy all minions" but for Rogue for 6 casting; is that considered plagiarism? 

    Some of my questions might seem redundant as others on the board have been competing for quite some time. My questions also might seem.... testy... but please be assured I am literally asking so I know for this competition and future ones. 

    Thank you for your time :)

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    posted a message on Weekly Card Design Competition 6.12 - Discussion Topic

    Due to Hurricane Irma making landfall within the next day or two; I decided I wanted to make the best of it. How, you might be asking yourself, would I do that? 

    Before anyone decides to state "oh, that's wrong," or "that's being insensitive," please note: I'm literally right in the middle of it all as indicated on this map..

    Current Location for SnapplesHS

     With that quick little disclaimer made... I've always had a fondness for making light of a bad situation; hurricanes are not exempt. With the current competition underway I created this just to make other people that play Hearthstone around here something to smile about. I present a new Shaman legendary card. This minion is guaranteed to cause auto-concedes.

    Hurricane Irma

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    posted a message on Weekly Card Design Competition 6.12 - Submission Topic

    Greetings and well met everyone! This is a very exciting competition for me as it's my second competition involving custom Hearthstone card creations. I look forward to seeing all the different ideas people come up with. 

    With that said... allow me to introduce....

    Summon the Legiona 1-casting cost Quest for the Warlock class. 

    Flavor Text: "Gul'dan always wanted a pet; he wasn't expecting Mannoroth though."

    Summon the Legion

     When you've paid it's price you are rewarded with an 8-casting Legendary

    Mannoroth, Demon of Sacrifice

    Enter the Battlefield: "Taste true power!"

    Attack: "The Legion Rises!"

    Death: "I will return for your SOUL!"

     When this card enters the battlefield you become...

    MannorothDeath Touch Hero Power

    You may truly feel powerful, but power isn't enough to completely annihilate those who choose to face you in battle. You also acquire the mighty weapon...


     Bring Glory to the Legion! 



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    posted a message on Weekly Card Design Competition 6.12 - Discussion Topic
    Quote from CTNC >>

    Thinking of cards with swap is hard when everyone else is making them too, but I think I finally have an idea I'm happy with. That said, I'd still like feedback on this one.

    Anyone have a name for this? (Temporary Name)

    4 Mana 3/4

    Battlecry: Swap Battlecry and Deathrattle on each card in your hand and deck. (If a Deathrattle has a target it's chosen at random.)

     Oh oh... oh god... ummm... Algalon the Rattled or Observer... but Observer would imply view or something along those lines.
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    posted a message on Weekly Card Design Competition 6.11 - Submission Topic

    First time posting to a card creating competition. I've been stalking the forums for months admiring other peoples's creative ideas. 

    Without further ado. I present Jace the Mind Sculptor for my submission. I almost did one for each class, but I tend to overextend often. Enjoy and good luck everyone.

    Jace the Mind SculptorHero Power: Unsummon

    Whispers of the Old Gods opened up the 0 casting spells that allowed you to spend all your mana to make spells more potent based on the amount of mana spent such as Forbidden Ritual

    Journey to Un'Goro showed us that permanent fixtures can happen in the world of Hearthstone; namely Nether Portal

    Knights of the Frozen Throne introduced a fresh take on heroes and hero powers by introducing all new, powerful cards called Hero cards like Frost Lich Jaina

    Utilizing all those properties into one card and a card I feel really set a tone for Magic the Gathering sets to come; Jace the Mind Sculptor. Not only one of the more valued of MTG cards as of recent, but one that has seen the blunt of the infamous banhammer. 

    Jace the Mind Sculptor MTG

     My apologies in advance regarding poor punctuation, spelling, or simply poor wording. Dinner needs to be made in less than 15 minutes and I'm still waiting for the stuff to thaw out. Good luck once again to everyone and thank you for viewing my submission.

     Edit: 6:33pm EST 9/3/2017 - On a side note; dinner came out fabulous. 

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    posted a message on Greetings at the end of the match, BM?

    Net Decks should automatically put you in casual. Just saying. There isnt really a way to structurize something like that, but I wish. Then Ranked would be fun and we wouldn't have the following matches.

    Hunter (them) vs. Dumb non meta non net deck (me)

    Turn 5. "Greetings from Huntard land" 


    Followed by... oh lookie... hunter.

    Oh hunter. 

    Oh! Rogue. This will be more fu....

    Oh. Quest. Cool.

    Lol. Just a rant. It's a game. A game of competition. Net decks will sadly always be a thing.

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    posted a message on Rogue Quest Nerf Incoming! Un'Goro Q&A this Friday!

    While I understand the nerf; Quest Rogue and literally every single other hard face aggro deck could have been slightly more "efficiently" nerfed to give other "off the wall creative decks" a decent opportunity by just making charge's ability always state "Can't attack heroes the turn it's played." We saw this or different kind of nerf happen with Warsong Commander, Charge, Arcane Golem. 

    My argument aside, Quest Rogue's use of the boar did require the quest to be completed for the 1 mana 5/5 with charge to be a thing. 

    I'm looking forward to the announcement of the announcement of the next Hearthstone expansion. :D

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    posted a message on Hearthstone Live Tournament Newbie

    As a Fireside Gathering and Tavern Hero Qualifier Organizer and Event runner; I can try to answer your questions. 

    First, and foremost, try to plan ahead in regards to whether the location will have food and drink available. We host at a game shop so we tend to carry drinks and snacks. 

    Second, always, always, always remember to bring a charger. 

    Generally when you go in; you'll register, be given deck list sheets or asked to make deck lists available, and so forth. Since it's a Qualifier (I think that's what you said, and I'm on my phone so I could scroll up, but I'm being lazy) you'll most likely be asked to provide 4 deck lists. One of each class you want to bring (4 classes) to the event. They may ask you to delete your other decks since it's the only way to make sure people aren't switching to a different deck for the same class.

    Your opponent will be able to choose which deck to ban and you'll use the remaining 3 decks. If you win with a deck, you can't use it until the next round. If you or your opponent wins a game with each deck they came with; that person wins the round. 

    Then you wait for the next round. 

    Generally it's best of 5 games for a round.

    If you have any other questions; feel free to ask.


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    posted a message on Quest Rogue counter?

    I hope someone hasn't pointed this out, but a 2 card combo to wipe Quest Rogue's board is Pint-Size Potion and Shadow Word: Horror if playing Priest. Also as someone else mentioned Dragonfire Potion comes in handy as well. 

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