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    posted a message on OLD Play a Friend! 4.0

    Battletag: Sluggy#2220

    Region: EU

    Trade Only: Yes, you go first

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    posted a message on ThijsNL "Build a wall!!"

    I have most of the cards for this deck, so I might give it a try. Does it work against all of the other "pirate" decks too (aggro shaman, rogue, dragon warrior with pirates etc.)?

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    Really don't know what to say. This deck is the shit! And I mean it.Seriously, 13-5 so far, and it feels like I am playing way below its potential. Several turn 5 kills so far.

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    posted a message on (Budget) Zoolock Deck, Guide, and Video

    So if I have all the cards except for Leeroy I'll use your standard list and use a second doomguard, I guess?

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    posted a message on [S27 Legend] Dragon Warrior

    Dude, thanks for your decks! :-)

    I started playing your midrange hunter from rank 14 and found it really interesting. Then, at rank 10, I decided to craft the dragons for this deck, and wow, it easily took me to rank 5 with hardly any defeats. That's where I usually lose any ambition to try harder ;-) but anyway, usually the way to rank 5 seemed more difficult.

    Hunter seems to be the worst matchup, and having several dragon activated cards without dragons in hand is annoying. But that was the exception for me, so thanks for the deck again!


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    posted a message on [WotOG] Patron Zoolock

    I'd like to try this deck,especially since I opened Hogger this morning. However, I don't have Gormok yet. Any suggestions how to replace him? At least until I am convinced that this deck works in general and he is worth crafting him for it.

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