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    SwapmeTV is a Norwegian professional hearthstone player who streams every week monday-friday on https://www.twitch.tv/swapmetv
    Swapme reaches legend every month and is well known for his aggro druid deck.

    September 16th at 10AM CET we will be hosting and casting a wild tournament on his channel. The format is last hero standing, 3 decks 1 ban(best of 3) and single elimination. There will be a prize pool of 35 dollars.

    Wild format means you will be able to play every card that you own, so if you miss playing Sylvanas, Ragnaros and Dr. Boom this is your chance!
    This is also a great chance if you enjoy watching tournaments and you want to see something crazy and fun.

    You can sign up for the tournament on this link:

    More detailed info about the tournament and the rules can be found on battlefy.
    I hope to see you guys in the stream and in the tournament, have a nice week!

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    First of all I would like to say I think it's a misconception that players are to blame for how strong aggro decks are. I believe the developers are to blame for how the meta plans out. I am very unhappy about the state of hearthstone right now, but I won't waste time roping players who pick the strongest decks in hearthstone. On the bright side I will most likely move on to my next match within 2 minutes, win or lose.

    After I got my legend rank this season I've been pretty much avoiding standard ranked mode like the plague. Whether I moved on to wild or just played some arena. I find those modes are a lot more fun right now and you actually get to play matches instead of derp, draw and move on.

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    posted a message on We must find Ben Brode's undiscovered 'quality Priest'

    I have been playing burst priest since late 2015, I played it before embrace the shadows and while I only play one copy in my deck, it's a huge extra win condition. When his expansion started I was expecting it to be great and that we would see a lot of burst priest players.
    I have seen players such as Amnesiac, Neirea and Kolento bring it to tournaments in different wrappings.

    It's very clear to me that you must play a lot of card draw to make this deck work.
    Your win cards vary from match to match, but they typically consist of combining 3-6 cards depending on the state of the match.

    In my deck I have chosen to play resurrect, I believe it's a very good card for burst priest. I run Emperor, Prophet Velen and Malygos. Often it's fine getting a card draw or a pyromancer ressurected(pyro ress is MvP against zoo and shaman derpers).
    Not playing resurrect gimps the deck.

    Must have cards: Flash Heal x2, Embrace the Shadow (1-2), Mind Blast x2, Bloodmage Thalnos, Resurrect x2, Wild Pyromancer x2, PW: Shield x2, Acolyte of Pain x2, Azure Drake x2, Excavate Evil x2, Emperor Thaurissan, Prophet Velen, Malygos.
    Recommended cards: Holy Smite x2, Loot Hoarder x2, Shadow Word: Death x1, Shadow Word: Pain x1, Holy Nova x2
    Optional cards(not as strong): Circle of Healing(with 2 embrace), Northshire Cleric, Shadowfiend, Novice Engineer, Coldlight Oracle, Gnomish Inventor, Harrison Jones (only been playing Harrison when Shamans were 9/10 of the meta), Holy Fire (deals with a lot of 4-attack minions).

    At the start of a match you want to keep as many cards as possible that draw you more cards, similar to freeze mage. If you are playing against aggro decks you should keep pyromancer.
    Excavated Evil is a keeper against Shaman and Warlock. Holy Nova can be against zoo if your other cards are good early drops.
    I do not like to keep sw: pain or death, but vs Warlock and Warrior I'll keep pain and vs Shaman I always consider if the rest of my hand allows me to keep pain/death.

    The most regular combos for lethal involves Prophet Velen. You will need to deal damage with 3 cards if your opponent is at 30. That means 2x Mind Blast/1x Flash Heal or 2 Flash Heal/1 Mind Blast.
    You will want to use Emperor when you either got the combo pieces in hand or when you got enough combo pieces where just drawing one more card will fit into a lethal burst.
    I.E.: Keeping Velen at 6, Mind Blasts at 1 each (2 mana) and an Embrace the Shadow (1 mana) which means drawing a 1 mana Flash Heal is lethal at any point in the game.

    Often you will find that your opponent is already low before you got all the pieces, especially against zoo. You do not need to get greedy with your Emperor against zoo, you can often play it very early.

    In regard to Malygos: This card gives you the ability to have a lethal combo before drawing Prophet Velen.
    Malygos 8 mana, Mind Blast 1 mana, Embrace 1 mana, Flash Heals 0 mana.
    Malygos also has a very sturdy body. Often I find myself just dropping it and telling my opponent to go ahead and deal with it.
    It buys time and they spend a lot of resources. Usually GG if they can't kill him.
    If you kept track of your minions played you'll know the likelihood of resurrecting a Malygos which is usually a ''win right now or keep drawing for PV-situation.

    Control and Cthun warriors are among the hardest opponents, but I find that if you draw your combo pieces early or get a good resurrect you'll win. Also depends how early they play Justicar.
    Some armor removal from your card draw minions early can help a lot.

    This is the deck that I've played up to 500 legend(started way in the dumpster):

    2x Flash Heal
    2x Holy Smite
    1x Northshire Cleric
    2x PW: Shield
    1x Bloodmage Thalnos
    1x Embrace the Shadow
    2x Loot Hoarder
    2x Mind Blast
    2x Resurrect
    1x SW: Pain
    2x Wild Pyromancer
    2x Acolyte of Pain
    1x SW: Death
    2x Azure Drake
    2x Excavate Evil
    2x Holy Nova
    1x Emperor Thaurissan
    1x Prophet Velen
    1x Malygos

    PS: If anyone's up for a challenge I have tested playing with more spells and less early game minions to make resurrect a sure or almost sure thing. Including cards such as PW: Glory, double Embrace+2 circles, Mass Dispells, Shadow Madness, Shadow Word: Horror.
    I felt like the lack of draw going in that direction made the deck weak, but feel free to make it better.

    PS2: Sorry the post is a bit of a mess, I saw this thread and got really excited to post about my deck. Should there be significant interest I'll make a proper guide with details about every card choice and explain every common matchup.

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    posted a message on We must find Ben Brode's undiscovered 'quality Priest'

    In regards to Nzoth priest, I believe that if Nzoth was great in priest the class wouldn't be rated so poor by most players as it would be the obvious way to go.

    In regards to Reno priest, I think regular control priest already relies too much on drawing specific synergy cards. One copy of each card would make priest even worse.

    In regards to Yogg in control decks: I find that if you find yourself in need of a big clear on turn 10 as a priest vs aggro you should be dead already. And if you play against control you don't want that chance of multiple card draw.

    In regards to making aggro decks: There is potential. I have tried and failed,  but never so bad that it seems impossible to make it work.


    PS: I have made just a regular priest control deck with most of the free-to-play spells, double cabal, double entomb and justicar as the biggest card work fairly well. Playing 1 embrace the shadow along with 2 soulpriests gives you a great potential of circles clearing shaman and zoo boards. This can work particularly well if you ban warriors in tournaments.


    I forgot all about C'thun priest. I do think C'thun druid and warrior are both just better.
    If you can make it work for you just go for it. It's not complete garbage, it's not the strongest deck.
    What it really is to me though is a boring-ass deck, it had to be said.

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