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    I find it depends on your draws. A few times I killed them by playing until fatigue and then doing the otk combo so they die to fatigue dmg through block next turn. Other times I've drawn pretty good early game and went for a minion based Kazakus potion and won through minion pressure.

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    SwapmeTV is a Norwegian professional hearthstone player who streams every week monday-friday on https://www.twitch.tv/swapmetv
    Swapme reaches legend every month and is well known for his aggro druid deck.

    September 16th at 10AM CET we will be hosting and casting a wild tournament on his channel. The format is last hero standing, 3 decks 1 ban(best of 3) and single elimination. There will be a prize pool of 35 dollars.

    Wild format means you will be able to play every card that you own, so if you miss playing Sylvanas, Ragnaros and Dr. Boom this is your chance!
    This is also a great chance if you enjoy watching tournaments and you want to see something crazy and fun.

    You can sign up for the tournament on this link:

    More detailed info about the tournament and the rules can be found on battlefy.
    I hope to see you guys in the stream and in the tournament, have a nice week!

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    posted a message on [Legend #194] 85% 28-5 WinRate Aggro Druid! [Swapme]

    I played this deck and went from rank 3 to rank 18.


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    posted a message on SwapmeTV birthday stream june 13th

    https://www.twitch.tv/swapmetv the stream is live, see you there! Bring a friend or two!

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    posted a message on SwapmeTV birthday stream june 13th

    Only 3 hours to go, get ready to party

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    posted a message on SwapmeTV birthday stream june 13th

    Tomorrow is the big day, let's do this!

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    posted a message on SwapmeTV birthday stream june 13th

    https://www.twitch.tv/swapmetv is a streamer who has been consistantly streaming monday to friday for a few months now.

    His stream has been growing steadily and is now around 20 viewers on a regular basis, spiked over 200 after a wowhobbs host.

    He is incredibly grateful every time there's a new viewer in his stream and he interacts with them all.

    We wish to surprise him on his birthday on june 13th. He will be streaming 5pm-11pm central european time. Our goal is to get him hundreds of viewers, at the very least for that day in particular, but I believe a lot of you would like his stream and stick around after.

    I believe in the kindness of people and if you could find it in your heart to come by his stream on that day you would make him very happy.

    I'll leave this post up until next tuesday and refresh it then, have a good week all!

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    posted a message on Druid standard players, your opinion on this deck

    If you are really set on wanting to play beasts and elementals together there's still some changes I'd make, I feel like a more pure Beast version might be better, Firefly's could still work in one of those just for early board though.

    I'd replace the dire wolf with a ravasaur runt, just overall a better card.

    I see where you want to go with Soul of the Forest, but I'd at most play just 1 personally, maybe none.

    I think Servant of Kalimos is too slow for a deck like this.

    I think Stranglethorn Tiger works better with Menagerie Warden than the Bittertide Hydra.I prefer the versatility of Druid of the Claw over Nesting Roc, it's 1 less hp sure, but you can always get the taunt when needed and there's synergy with the charge and savage roar. Playing Nesting Roc over adding Stranglethorn Tiger might be fine.

    I personally love playing Violet teacher in decks of this sort. I'm not dead sold on the Eggnapper.

    I guess to sum things up a bit:

    +1 menagerie warden
    +2 ravasaur runt
    +2 violet teacher
    +2 druid of the claw

    -1 Soul of the Forest
    -1 Bittertide Hydra
    -2 Servant of Kalimos
    -2 Dire Wolf Alpha

    Maybe category:

    -1(another) Soul of the Forest
    - 1-2 Nesting Roc
    -2 Eggnapper
    + 1-2 Stranglethorn Tiger

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    posted a message on I am roping every Pirate Warrior and Shaman now, what about you ?

    First of all I would like to say I think it's a misconception that players are to blame for how strong aggro decks are. I believe the developers are to blame for how the meta plans out. I am very unhappy about the state of hearthstone right now, but I won't waste time roping players who pick the strongest decks in hearthstone. On the bright side I will most likely move on to my next match within 2 minutes, win or lose.

    After I got my legend rank this season I've been pretty much avoiding standard ranked mode like the plague. Whether I moved on to wild or just played some arena. I find those modes are a lot more fun right now and you actually get to play matches instead of derp, draw and move on.

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    posted a message on Team Fire recruiting

    Greetings, travelers!

    We are a casual hearthstone team that wants to gather players who like the social aspect of hearthstone. There is no rating requirements to join, we believe that by joining our team you will progress as a player and we believe that even a beginner can add value to our team. Our primary focus is the NA servers, though we might work on something for EU once we are established on NA.

    We have existed for one week so far and we consist of five players, our goal is to reach a member base of about 35-40 active players so that we may be able to host tournaments and other challenges within the team. We intend to host tournaments in several different formats to keep things interesting.

    We have our own forum where decks and plays can be discussed and for all things hearthstone. We've also got our very own teamspeak so that players may hang out and have a chat, practice and play together.

    In order to apply please visit http://teamfire.guildwork.com/recruitment and add my battle tag Slitzlol#2615.

    Sincerely, Team Fire leadership


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