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    posted a message on The Emperor of Price Slashing Card Design Competition

    RNG GOD 7 mana, 5-5 legendary. Steal 3 card from opponent and reduce cost by 3.

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    posted a message on Servant of Yogg-Saron Tryouts is This Week's Tavern Brawl

    2 run 1 win. Never look back for this brawl.

    win and loses just decide when games start.

    lucky guy will have insane spell. Unlucky guy will get all the bad outcome.. When I win, I doing nothing. My opponent just pyro blast into own face when only 5 hp left. Well played.

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    posted a message on Best Un'Goro Standard Decks for End of Season Ladder Climbing

    agree aggro is the best in current meta.

    playing control easy get punish by mid range huntard.

    you will also loses to greedy control, gimmick deck, RNG feast deck. Really waste of time. 10 hours job become 30 hours job.

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    posted a message on miracle rogue

    new miracle = more RNG fest.

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    posted a message on Are C'thun decks still viable in the current meta

    cthun deck= concede deck.

    slow vs aggro

    auto loses vs greedy control.

    only 3 type deck in current meta. Aggro, RNG feast deck, and greedy control deck.

    cthun deck have zero chance vs them.

    greedy control deck= concede deck in current meta but will said welcome to cthun deck.

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    posted a message on I thought this meta was more diverse?

    nothing change.

    RNG fest.. MOST RNG Heavy class, mage +Rogue . most cancer class. 

    sub optimal deck can beat u easy when RNG Swing.

    ie: control rogue beat everyone when steal all the good card, flame strike, poly, fireball etc. stupid RNG feast.

    or cancer exodia mage beat u using RNG Feast. wtf 

    20 min games just decide by RNG. i rather loses round 6 vs pirates warrior.


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    posted a message on Expansion Prices / Comparison to MTG Online - By the Numbers

    many blizzard worker will come here said 5-10 packs 1 legendary. Wtf.

    average 40 pack 1 legendary.

    MSG. 60 pack legendary x1, 10 trash epic.

    new expansion 40 pack, 1 legendary. Trash tier.

    consider half of legendary are trash. You need open 400-500 packs to have full collection. Or 200-300 packs for all the meta decks.

    blizzard system also trash. It quite common to get duplicate legendary. The odd is less than 0.01% but still get. Legendary 2%, got 20-30 legendary per expansion. You can count what is the odd get same legendary. Blizzard do in on purpose to boost packs sales.

    sorry for my bad English. My phone have crap browser. Cannot go back to edit the grammar or spelling error. Only can delete all and retype again.

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    posted a message on Can i ask why Ice block wasn't hall of famed?

    HS community really toxic.

    complain about all the card when loses.

    ice block only make people survive extra 1 turn. What is the prob? And new freeze mage also very inconsistence.

    the toxic player will only stop complain when HS become arena value games. So, they can put 30 legendary in deck to outvalue the newbie and f2p.

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    posted a message on If the New Player Experience is a problem, give away Classic.

    veteran player-wtf, I spend a lot of $$ or time to complete collection.

    pay player-wtf , I spend $$ to get advantage vs f2p and newbie player . Now they get all the classic pack. Can build some powerful deck. F k blizzard, I quite this games. Never spend again in future etc.

    newbie & f2p- wow blizzard = God. Really f2p games. May willing spend some $$ in new expansion to support blizzard.

    if pay player & veteran more than newbie &f2p. Then blizzard will loses profit.

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    posted a message on Top Decks of the Week for April 16

    some trash deck that get upvote for nothing need to have warning sign to tell player never play that deck if you wan to win.

    every weeks, at least 50% of deck are trash and upvote by troller community.

    mod can review the deck instead of post all the high vote deck.

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    posted a message on Pirate Warrior viable without certain key cards?

    taunt warrior.

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    posted a message on how to counter rogue quest?

    pray they prep, coin, concede

    play aggro cancer, 


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    posted a message on The Latest Un'Goro Decks to Try!

    haha only retard believe control work in HS Meta

    face huntard, aggro druid ,cancer pirates, quest rogue rules the meta.

    control games =pay to win. Auto win if you have greedy list compare to opponent. Only retard believe need skill. Just try ask experience player .90% of player will tell you control take zero skill &RNG dependent. 10% of player is pay to win and professional player will tell you this games need skill. Pro prefer earn income thought live stream and coaching newbie. They loses income if they tell the truth said this games need zero skill.

    new expansion just too many gimmick deck. Very hard to decide which to craft. Unless you pay blizzard to buy 200-300 packs.

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    posted a message on Hearthstone not even F2P any more

    only 3 f2p deck. Zoo, face hunter and pirates.

    other just gimmick pay to win deck or stupid quest deck( 10% win rate end up open salt aggro threads).

    entry level of expensive deck=100 packs.

    I believe even u pre order + save around 2k gold also impossible to complete 1 deck. Too much filler and trash card. 70 packs maybe only 3. Legendary ( 1-2 = instant dust legend). And a lot of trash epic etc.)

    if you f2p, u just have 3 choice that I mention above. Or try hard farm. 1 day 8 hours with aggro deck ( quest + 100 gold per day)

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    posted a message on Anyone else having less fun than expected?

    I only left pirates warrior when rotation hit. 10 playable deck become 1 playable deck. Old standard deck all really weak vs new expansion. Stupid meta ever.

    tips is go aggro or get crush by pay to win player( gimmick quest deck, ultra greedy deck etc)

    I just doing quest everyday. No point playing because only aggro deck works. Other deck just decide by who is more greedy & RNG etc. Left 5 hp can turn around by RNG feast. No point playing 20-30 min games end up loses because RNG feast.

    I also found the that player now feel very salt. Aggro & control player roping each other when see bad match up just to trolling opponent. Easy decision take 80s or play all card wait rope.

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