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    Quote from Gucciboi23 >>

    tbh it should be nerfed to atleast 9 mana becuase it is 3, 3 mane drops, however these 3 mana drops are over stated so much that they are more like a 3½ mana card and it is 3 cards in 1 so it should be one extra mana for that aswell.. so make it 11½ mana.. or atleast 10 mana and it would be okay

     Good stuff. Not sure what would balance it, 10 mana is probably appropriate. Sure seems like this card should have never been printed at this cost.
    One card win conditions are not good for the game. Call of the Wild is bad for the same reason that Dr. Boom, Mysterious Challenger, and N'Zoth shouldn't exist. Both Boom and Mysterious Challenger would have been much better as ~3 Attack minions, then they wouldn't require immediate attention or lose the game.
    At 3 attack, they would contribute to the "midrange" gameplan of board control and minion combat, not the aggro/combo gameplan of aggression and bursty ending. For N'Zoth, well, DR is already strongest minions in the game, they don't need additional support, and it creates a 1 card win con same a Dr. Boom aqnd Challenger. N"Zoth does have a few deck requirements, just like Secret Paladin, but it is still too strong.

    It's supposed to be aggro beats midrange, midrange beats control, and control beats aggro.

    Feels closer to this:


    And each expansion Blizz decides a class or two that gets to take Patrons spot as center of the universe. Shouldn't be that hard to make a somewhat balanced game. Atleast work on your triangle and making it better and more balanced and away from the OP rotation that most games go with these days.

    Broken / flopping trinagle is major problem. Decision needs to be made on which way the triangle goes, and then stick to it. Aggro has never had a weak matchup, control has barely ever existed.

    • Entomb is an example of a card that breaks the triangle, because it allows control decks to beat midrange decks. Control is supposed to beat on aggro, not midrange.

    Aggressive low cost cards with high health (or other form of protection): makes aggro too strong, board clears ineffective = no control

    • Darkshire Councilman is an example because it is used in aggro decks but can't be cleared by board clears. Breaks the triangle as it allows aggro decks to beat up on control and imdrange.
    • Flamewaker is also bad because it's text protects itself along with having high health. Really makes no sense why Flamewanker has 4 health but stuff like Silver Hand Regent has 3. Should be reversed as Flamewanker contributes to a very aggressive gameplan, where as Silver Hand Regent contributes to a very slow gameplan. The minions that are fast and/or aggressive need the low health. No idea how Blizz did the opposite, so illogical, it would be great to hear their explanation.

    Single card win conditions: Makes aggressive midrange / tempo too strong. Just adding one or two of these types of cards to a deck changes a control deck into a midrange one, and aaverage midrange deck into a very aggressive one.Already discuseed this above so I'll just list 'em.

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    Racism isn't the issue.

    I mean, Twitch chat is always a bunch of terribly parented children spamming garbage about what they see. It ain't about racism, it's about twitch chat needing to get altruistic and care about not hurting other people's feelings. It goes so far beyond racism, they act that way toward EVERYONE, it has nothing to do with color.

    Acting like it is a racism issue, just gets people to pass over the real problem, the fact that everyone in the age acts like an asshole and thinks its great. "You can't tell me what to do," is what they say. But someone like their parents needs to. Aristotle believed persons are formed in their youth, and if not raised properly they may just be permanent shitty people, beyond hope. And to some degree he is right, some people are so dangerous that they must be contained indefinitely to protect the rest of society.

    Parents really got to get on their shite, and lay down some law in their households. As ancient Chinese war wisdom would have us know, "control the mothers and you control the entire nation." For centuries strategists have realized that if you own the mothers of a nation, you control the entire future of that nation, as the mothers mold the future generations to come. The mother is the most important person to the child.

    Feminism has shit upon us. No more mothers to properly raise their children = generation of assholes. Seriously all you women out their, raising children is the most courageous, useful, honorable, productive, rewarding thing in the world. And good mothers might be the #1 commodity the world is lacking right now.

    As a wise man once noted, "If I could bring the famous artist Michelangelo back from the dead, there isn't a stadium big enough to contain the number of people that would want to see this greatest of artists. And yet just the average good mother is someone who is better than Michelangelo."

    Feminism and working mothers are destroying our families and the future of our children.



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    posted a message on Mike Morhaime on Combating Racism in Hearthstone
    Quote from Thelkuzad >>

    Started off good, but kinda veered off course when you started ranting about how working mothers are destroying families, as if fathers are somehow less capable of being good role models and educators. Forget good mothers, how about just decent parenting in general?

    Nothing wrong with good fathers. One of my best friends had his mother leave him when he was very young, and he was lucky to get a great father who was able to fulfill the role of a mother to him. Fathers are also very important. But keep in mind that the greatest thinkers are realizing it's about the mothers, not just me ranting, these are quotes from some of the smartest people to have ever looked in to these areas.
    And it isn't me who decided that the mother is the most important person to the child. That's human nature, and maybe not even just humans, most creatures have a unique bond between mother and offspring. Sure, in human society, sometimes a father can mostly fil that role, but it is the role of the mother that is being fulfilled.
    You can try to pick me up on some PC balogna, acting like im trying to bash or pick on a certain individual in the family unit. But if we wan't to solve the problem, we must look in to the true nature of humanity, which is not politically correct. Children having a bond with their mother greater than any other person in their life is not politically correct, but it is the reality of nature. Gotta deal with that.
    And really when mother is mentioned it is the role of the mother that is being indicated, not the sexual orientation. Sure you can have a stay at home dad and a working mom, but in that case, the stay at home person is fulfilling the role of the mother, no matter their sex. And so we still need great mothers.
    Just take the case of Alanah Pearce. When she started getting rape threats, as any online personality can probably relate to, what did she do? She looked them up on facebook, and found and called THEIR MOTHERS, to inform them that their children had been making rape threats on the internet. As Philip DeFranco says, sometimes we forget "some of the the biggest internet trolls can be grounded by their MOMMYS." Alanah called the mothers, not the fathers, she recognized that communicating with the mothers would have a bigger impact on the children that were harassing her.
    We can wonder why is it mothers rather than fathers? We can wonder why don't children have political correctness in their heart at 2 years old? Or we can get real and just realize that it is. We have a much better shot at correcting a social problem of mothers not being their for their children, than trying to change millions of years of evolution that has made children favour their mothers.
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    Five health is too much. This is why aggro never has a counter.

    Board clears won't do anything to a 5 health. And they can't really make super strong board clears or they would ruin midrange minions. A triangle needs to exist. I'm not saying aggro should be bad, it certainly needs to exist, but something needs to check it.

    It's supposed to be Midrange beats Control, Aggro beats Midrange, but then Control beats Aggro. The first two are generally true, the faster deck wins. But control has never really dominated aggro, and it needs to.

    Blizz needs to make strong decisions on what minions can fit what decks. If there is even a chance that is can be used in an aggressive deck list, they absolutley need to have low health. It is the only way I can see to fix the broken triangle.

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    Quote from ambershee >>

    Have you considered that this problem is limited to you?

     Nah. Site has always been terrible. You may have the newest, fastest PC and so you are less affected. But this site is, like many have said, slowest loading site on the internet. Nearly every other single site I have ever visited has run better than this one. That's a site problem not a PC problem. Top contender: any site that ends in ________head.com
    And in general, programmers are getting worse, and worse these days. The amount of mem leaks that occur in extremely popular, "finished," products is way too high. Way more than the glory days of 90s PC releases, where products were actually released, only after extensive effort was made to remove all bugs, glitches, UI problems, cause they couldn't just patch it, and rely on modders to build/fix their product for them.
    May be an exxaggerated statement, but to me, it feels like the #1 reason for needing new PC's is to keep up with the internet, which has been programmed for minimal effeciency, maximum marketing. Turn off adblock and the internet becomes a shit show. My 10 year of rig can still run every modern game that comes out, albeit on medium or low quality graphics, but the change to HQ doesn't make that much difference in most games.
    Youtube and Netflix, two more great examples of the internet being built for marketing rather than efficiency. Early on, youtube buffered a video til it was done and that was it. Now it is constantly changing the quality based on your IC speed, which results in constant buffering the entire video and a much higher bandwidth usage. Seems to have no benefit other than possibly raising people's Internet bills. And Netflix is even worse. The bane of any modern gamer is having a roommate watching netflix. Same shit as youtube, but even more intrusive, massive bandwidth hog that forces priority. What happened to the glory days of leaving the room for a few minutes to let the buffer get ahead or finish, and not screwing your own IC the entire time you are watching a video, so others can actually use it.
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    posted a message on Craft Xaril for Miracle, or Lightlord for N'zoth?

    Do you like combo decks or midrange decks?

    Do you like Rogue or Paladin?

    Rogue, Combo---->Xaril

    Paladin, Midrange---->LightRag

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    Quote from coinboxer >>

    When I look at all of the healing that I can now do with Rag and Forbidden healing, it seems like its possible to just heal yourself until your opponent concedes.

    2x Healing Touch =  12hp

    2x Lay on Hands = 16hp

    1 proc of Ragnaros, Lightlord = 8hp

    2x Guardian of Kings = 12hp

    2x 10 mana Forbidden Healing = 20hp

    1x Reno Jackson (near the end of the game once you've drawn your doubles)= 29hp

    2x Earthen Ring Farseer = 6hp

    TOTAL = 133hp (not including brewmaster combos with reno, etc)




    Agreed. I most excited for a Control/Healing deck. Specifically I'm thinking of a Reno/Elise Fatigue deck with tons of Healing.
    Been trying to build a deck, and there's so much Healing available, Lay on Hands might not even be necessary. Never thought I would cut Lay on Hands, but with so many other Healing options that don't eat a whole late game turn, it might just be better to run Solemn Vigil for the draw. Especially since it seems Paladins don't have many options at 5 mana.
    Amazingly enough, even with the nerfs, I think Paladins might still run Ironbeak Owl and Big Game Hunter. Those guys are a Paladins removal spells. We shall see if the meta gets any slower, but maybe even Sword of Justice could see some play. Probably not, but maybe one day :)
    Selfless Hero and Ragnaros, Lightlord are the best new Paladin cards IMO. Both look like they can be great in more than one deck. And the rest of the cards, while maybe not as versatile, look to support some fun new decks. Not every card is great, but I would give all of them atleast a 2/5. Seems like all of the cards could have a scenario where they might be good, even though the support cards might not yet be available.
    And to those thinking we got a bad expansion. Strifecro's thinking Murlocs are going to be strong. And Lifecoach thinks Reno Paladin can be strong. Looks promising.
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    posted a message on New Card - Nat, the Darkfisher

    I don't get why people are calling this bad.

    If you are playing a mill deck, or even some fatigue decks, this is nearly the best 2 drop you can get.

    It's not like they can leave him alive to get the "benefit" of the draw, cause he's got stats. An opponent not killing him, to get draw, would be about as useful as playing the original Nat Pagle for the draw.

    He may not fit in every deck. But in the decks he does fit, he is practically the best card that you can get for 2 mana.

    4/5 - Very good

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    posted a message on Card Nerf - Knife Juggler

    Of course the one minion that is essentially unchanged from the nerfs is Knife Juggler.

    NOT HARD ENOUGH BLIZZ. You were supposed to break his legs with that nerf bat, get in touch with your inner Harding.

    I mean, is this even a nerf? All the bad shit he does, all the reasons that people hate this minion are still here. All the decks that wanted to play him will still play him, zero hesitation since his nerf is such a feather tap.

    A lot of the other nerfed cards got messed up bad, some might not see play ever again, or atleast will see significantly less play.  But not Knife Juggler, zero change. Will be played as much after the nerf as he was before. Balance is faliure.

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    posted a message on Where will pally be in WOG?

    It seems like Blizzard is really pushing two deck types for Paladin this expansion: Control and Flood/Token/Inspire. Love em both.


    I really hope this is the strongest new Paladin deck. Ragnaros, Lightlord is looking awesome for this deck, and Forbidden Healing looks like it could fit in Reno Paladin.


    I really want this deck to work. Stand Against Darkness could be great for this deck. Not a super powerful card, but in this deck it could work. Not all cards can be homeruns, and this is a pretty cool minor card. When INspire first arrived, people were considering Silver Hand Knight for flood decks, and if there is ANY Recruit synergy, this card is probably better on 5 mana than Silver Hand Knight.

    They pushed this deck in TGT but failed by Silver Hand Regent being too weak. Once again Steward of Darkshire being too weak to play on curve will ruin this deck. A little more understandable since Steward can be used in pure AGGRO decks, which I feel is not the intention for this card, but all the more reason for why Silver Hand Regent should have been a 2/4. Or to design the card for only non-aggro decks, like SHR was.

    Just give us the useful 3 drop needed to build this deck around.

    Flamewaker - 3 mana 2/4. The text protects itself, if there ever was a card that shouldn't be a 2/4 this is it. Silver Hand Regent and Steward of Darkshire have to combo just to get a board and still be weak to board clears while you wait another turn to actually use the tokens. Flamewaker text is also much, MUCH easier to activate, than a once per turn, weak, tempo losing, 2 mana Hero Power.

    Imp Gang Boss - Another card that begs the question: Why the hell are the Paladin 3 drops 3/3 instead of 2/4? Imp Gang Boss, guaranteed to eat a silence or be 3/5+ of stats for only 3 mana. Way too much value to get for simply playing it on curve, no requirements.

    Seriously makes no sense. The cards that don't need to stick around to use the text have great health. The cards that absolutely need to stick to get any use of the text are weak, making them bad cards, cause they don't have an immediate impact, and can't stick around to make any impact. I really like the idea of this deck. Give it to us or stop teasing it.

    Murloc Flood

    I feel this deck plays very similar to the Token/Flood deck. Continually flood the board with weaklings and eventually some will stick, however I feel the Morloc version is the aggro, early draw dependent deck, while the Token Silver Hand Recruit version is the more midrange/controlling version.

    Vilefin Inquisitor is great for this deck. As someone who actually played the Murloc Flood deck before the charge combo, I can say Hero Powering a SHR was always the worst, and even once or twice could lose you the game. Now that they will be Murlocs, this deck might actually have a chance. Though since it is such an early game combo, it will probabaly never be all that consistent, similar to mech mage. But a great fun deck to see supported even if it isn't all that competitive.


    I actually like that the cards we have seen don't seem to support any of the current Paladin decks. Nothing to help aggro, maybe Steward, but I really think people are overestimating her. Nothing helps the Secret Paladin, or Murloc Charge Combo. Nothing for Midrange decks, which in all honesty no deck should be Midrange without some other theme to restrict it. Just having best on curve in every mana slot does not a fun deck make.

    Early Game / Owl / BGH

    The only problem I'm seeing is our early game is terrible, which is why pre-GvG paladin was so bad. And if they remove Owl and BGH, Paladins are going to hurt more from that than other classes. Owl and BGH are practically Spells for Paladin. Paladin has been SO EXTREMELY NEGLECTED in the removal / spell category, that minions with effects are our spells. And we still haven't seen any early game to replace Shielded Minibot or Muster for Battle. Where is our control 1 drop? Vilefin is for 1 deck only.

    If the last 4 cards aren't an amazing early game minion, recruit synergy, decent weapon, a mage-level damage spell, and/or some decent removal, it might just end up being the same as pre-GvG: Too weak of an early game to compete with anything.

    LOE vs WOG

    Also just an outside observation: LOE had 2/45 cards with RNG elements and that is why it is considered the best set of cards they have ever released. Already this set has 15 last time I checked, around 25% of the set is RNG. NOT LOOKING GOOD.

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