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    How does this work with Echo? Will he give ghost versions? Will the ghost versions in your opponents hand disappear at the end of your turn? 

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    posted a message on Install to Legend- Murloc Paladin Guide (Year of the Raven)

    This is pretty much the only deck the card is still good in. So yes :)

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    Gives base copies of hand cards btw, not buffed ones 

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    posted a message on Gnomenapper needs to die in a fire.

    Him and Face Collector are the worst. Dude just gets 2 mana remove a minion, 2 fill your boards. If you can't field multiple minions a turn why bother even fighting him? Although its a little funny when he double Enrages a Stuffed Sack and smacks you with it. 

    Its even worse when you are using a lot of buffs. I got 3 Vicious Fledglings in my deck and thought I'd won. Then came THIS mothafucka...

    That and the steal-all-your-minions chick. IDK HOW you're supposed to beat that... several ways of making your minions stealable no matter how big their attacks are, at least 2 full boardclears (I'm pretty sure she cast 3 on me, could be mistaken tho)

    And of course Face Collector with his 3 drop on turn 1, 5 drop on turn 2, etc. His effect NEEDS a mana cost...

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    posted a message on Just beat Glinda Crowskin

    I beat her with a deathrattle deck and what I feel was a bug. She decked herself out, and at one point played DOOM! on a board with 7 minions, including 3 cultists. Took a ton of fatigue damage.

    Then next turn she just... didn't play anything. She clearly had multiple Faithful in her hand, full mana, didn't play something.

    Which was a blessing because I was about to start fatiguing myself, running out of minions to kill her idiot cultists with. Apparently 5 Cairne Bloodhoof and 10+ Baine Bloodhoof was just enough...

    2nd run, first time on the boss. My first Toki run died to the Gnomenapper, may he rot in hell...

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    posted a message on Beating Monster Hunt with Tess

    Cult of the WolfSticky Fingers, Jade Shuriken.

    Kingsbane is a cute win condition, but it can't compare with repeated smacks to the face with 10+ Jade Golems. He never even played Mill Giant

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    posted a message on How the heck do you win with Crowley?

    I just won by taking Berserker everytime it was an option. Treasures were First Aid Kit, 2nd Cannon minion, and infinite weapons. 

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    posted a message on Tess weapons?

    Same 3 options every time

    Vanilla 4/2 weapon

    1/8 weapon with Windfury (baller with weapon buffs)

    Blunderbuss, 2/2, hits adjacent minions

    Very strong card since it returns to your hand every time

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    That voice is so... Peridot

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    posted a message on Spiteful Summoner Is Ruining the Game .

    The fact that Tyrantus is in the pool is what kills it for me.

    Ok, congrats, you rolled a Deathwing. I'll just play Hunters Mark, or Siphon Soul, or Shadow Word: Death,  or, or, or...

    Every class but Druid has SOME form of instant kill that is usually standard issue, and even druids are running a lot of Naturalizes now. But unless you're a rogue with a Vilespine+trigger, or you get a lucky Deadly Shot, theres not a lot you can do about Tyrantus. Its 20% chance to win the game. Or at least force your opponent to put their entire board into it, or outrace you. 

    But yeah the whole K&C meta seems to be about cheating the rules. 

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