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    Flavor Text: Wardens consider Maiev Shadowsong as their role model, which is ironic since she had just one job to do and she failed it.

    A strong tempo card for a Rogue. Something I wish the Kidnapper had been and I am assuming we will see a card like this at some point in the future. The card works like Frost Elemental with an additional mechanic that suits the Rogue class. Downside of the card is the minions can still provide threats with their abilities, for example Ragnaros the Firelord. In addition Warden is quite squeezy and easy to remove with almost any spell.

    The mechanic strongly fits to the warcraft lore of how Wardens imprison and keep an eye on dangerous characters. :) I added a bigger lore section below for those who are interested:

    The mysterious wardens serve as the night elves' special police force in Kalimdor. Set apart from the militant Sentinels, wardens are usually employed as jailors, assassins, and bounty hunters. When loosed upon escaped criminals, wardens employ a number of supernatural powers that enable them to recapture their prey and mete out the night elves' justice. Wardens have a line of sight teleport ability called "blink," which they can use to outmaneuver even the quickest of foes. The most famous warden is Maiev Shadowsong, the woman responsible for keeping the most dangerous prisoner in night elf history — Illidan Stormrage.



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    Flavor Text: It can be surprising how much the light really weights.

    I have always hoped priests could have a mana discount spell to push forward the enchantment playstyle. The incoming Djinni of Zephyrs made me hope for that even more. I think a card like this in the upcoming adventure would have made the deck really viable. :)

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    Currently handlock is weaker than ever before. The meta is so fast and aggressive and classes have several ways to burst you down from 15 health even on turn 5. The class handlock beats the best is a priest and it has always been that way. The handlock has always been a good deck, especially against other control decks, but in the current rush meta, it belongs more to the 'too weak' section, not into 'too good' one.

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    Pushing forward the discard mechanic for a warlock. The cast effect requires that the target is viable, meaning Mortal Coil will not target the opponent hero and Hellfire will not be cast because it is unable to target a specific character. In addition Power Overwhelming will not be cast upon enemy characters. On the other hand "cast" means the additional effect of the spell, for example Siphon Soul's health restore or Bane of Doom's summoning effect would trigger.

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    A new kind finisher legendary into the game. Honours the mechanic in Heroes of the Storm by flooding the board with cursed Ravens having the debuff "At the end of the player's turn who played Anzu, destroy this minion" same way as Corruption.

    Once the entire board is flooded, opponent must find a way to increase the attack of the Ravens or get an empty space to the board or they will be unable to play in any minions because of the 7 minion limit. This way Anzu might prevent getting countered by Big Game Hunter.


    In addition the summoned Ravens can become a powerful finisher for shaman and druid with their Bloodlust and Savage Roar, which means the mechanic of the card might be able to even backfire in the worst case. A mill rogue can also abuse the Ravens 1-mana cost and fill the opponent's hand with them the next turn with Vanish.

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    I'm actually surprised Rogue's don't already have a card like this. This is exactly what they would need and it suits their design aswell.

    The effect includes anything from Priest hero power to cards like Healing Totem, Circle of Healing, Antique Healbot, Tree of Life and so on. The downside is that when opponent knows you play that secret, they can abuse it and use Earthern Ring Farseer, Circle of Healing or priest Hero Power to damage you and your minions instead.

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    Totems are love, totems are life!

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    90 packs and only legendaries I got were Anub'arak and Acidmaw...

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    Quote from Firebolts jump

    So I made another idea I could've submitted.

    If I figured out right, this minion is either 3/2 with stealth or 2/4 with taunt if you have a murloc on board? If this is what you want, I suggest switching the card text into "Battlecry: Gain Stealth. If you have a Murloc, gain -1/+2 and Taunt instead." Way easier way to say the same. :)

    Edit: You could also make it a 2/2 and have the text: "Battlecry: Gain +1 attack and Stealth. If you have a Murloc, gain +2 Health and Taunt instead." although then it reacts to Silence the different way.

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    Offers a great, rare kind synergy with Shaman's Overload effect and has a chance to become immortal for the cost of 4 mana each turn. For the Overloaded Mana Crystals, both currently locked and the ones getting locked will count, same way as for Lava Shock. Can also be comboed with Baron RivendareReincarnate and Ancestral Spirit to perform exciting, even deck archtype worth finisher comboes.

    The biggest downside of Skoll is that playing him (or her?) securely in requires using Ancestor's Call or waiting until you have enough mana to instantly combo Skoll with 4 mana overload. In addition he's also vulnerable against Silence and Transform effects.


    Skoll is a rare spawn blue saber worg Spirit Beast, appearing in Storm Peaks. He is notable for the unique lightning effect that crackles around his body.



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    He seem to randomly say either one of them when played in :D

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    Flavor Text: Mary had a little lamb, but then it exploded.

    W-w-who is this?


    Agee Tyler is a Gnome that is located at the hidden camp northeast of Elwynn Forest. He lives secluded in a small cabin, and cares for a flock of sheep. Apparently, he is an engineer, as one of the sheeps, Tekton, is mechanically designed to explode when attacked.


    The obvious card to compare this into is the vanilla card Razorfen Hunter. This card is slightly stronger but it is legendary and part of GT theme which means it's reasonably slightly better. In case you play it against an aggro deck, you are likely to win the Joist and as a result you will summon Explosive Sheep that offers you a good removal tool against the swarm of small minions but on the other hand Agee Tyler is technically 3/1 after the explosion. In case you play aggro deck, you are likely to lose the Joist and in that case you summon a normal Sheep that synergies well with beasts and helps to push your attacks!

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    Golden Ancient of Lore. First and one of the only times ever when I've disenchanted a golden card. Still regretting that. :(

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    Flavor Text: Tuskarr are fishy. They just are.

    My fear is North Sea Kraken will not see much play due to its high mana cost and uselessness. I think a bridge card like this could bring that card more alive, same way as Webspinner can bring in some unused beasts and Light of the Naaru brought in Lightwarden.

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