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    I was thinking the same, how it can be even compared to Underlords, its nearly empty and too predictive. But somehow when I resting after work battlegrounds comes in mind first. Its just casual chilling timekiller with some familiar design. And you know, stuff like this will ALWAYS be popular

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    Batteagrounds have nearly infinite potential. I can easily see some spells in it: at the start of a turn fireball random enemy minion, freeze enemy board until end of first attack wave, buffs, add random minions in your hand, even heal a bit.

    And there A LOT of minions could be added even right now: faceless (tier 5-6 probably), Floop (t3-4), Hadronox (probably at some point), Mekgineer Thermaplugg (though i'm not sure what lepergnomes suppose to do as deathrattle), Al'Akir the Windlord, Bonemare (t6), Batterhead (i guess its on weak side, so t4-5)

    I want to believe they working on it and just cautious. But blizzard failed too much lately so they probably just looking how to monetize it first, and then, MAYBE, they will add something

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    Meta is just information about the most popular/strong decks. How to use this information is up to you: you can join it or you can adjust your deck against it. Also its just data, which is beautiful on its own.

    Its more like era of easily accessible information. You can learn almost anything with internet. Including how to play HS. There are a lot of casual players that simply want to play few hours a week and have fun. Or chasing some digital points. Or want just win to feel a bit better after work. Or too lazy for this shit. Or just dumb, what a hell. Not everyone is able to build solid deck. How much removals should it contain? Isn't it too greedy? Is there enough draw? What cards have unobvious synergy? What tech cards would be good in current meta? You can't know it if you just started and it can be pretty frustrating to lose game after game until you finally learn. Or just dump the game.

    In perfect world where everyone plays HS there is no netdecking. Everyone just create their own deck, play in their rank against equal players and perfecting their skill, moving higher on ladder. But not in this one

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    Its actually quite debatable. Bombs have same trigger: when you draw it. Usually when cards have same trigger, the first one played should trigger first. So logically it should depend on what happened first: this minion was played or bomb was shuffled.

    However, playing minion and shuffling a card are quite different effects and it will be confusing if some bombs will be transformed and some wont. For some reason I think this minion will have higher priority. It looks like its one of the reason it was designed. Anyway, I guess we will find it out in first Hysteria video after release.

    Edit: Actually I feel like we already have similar effect but I cant remember which one exactly

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    Pretty much evolve and arena card unless Im missing something about filling your opponent board. But we had solid minion that summon 2 dudes for your opponent and it didn't see play. So I doubt this will

    Edit: oh yeah, anti-resurrection. How could I forget. So its pretty much counter card. I guess in warrior it might see play if priest get out of hands

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    They returning to life with 1hp only if it was mentioned on card or in mechanic itself. They didn't clarified it on Cube, neither Ancestral Spirit which work the same. However I see Reincarnate now. Returning to life is pretty much same mechanic as summon, looks like they use it purely for flavor since there no difference

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    What a hell really. That wording seems so weird. Am I missing something? Why is there clarification "with full health"? It looks redundant

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    Desperate Stand didn't work, even Ancestral Spirit hardly sees play except with Muckmorpher. This is 1 mana cheaper, but still the same as Desperate Stand. But well, its priest, they didn't have that mechanic before. We'll see, maybe for priest it will work out

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    Healing your opponent may be only downside for token druid. But if token druid wanted to have expensive card draw, they could use Nourish. And as I know they dont. So I doubt they would use it anyway. Well, with healing effect its for sure. And Im glad its pretty much banned for token druids. For non-aggro deck I'd say its ok. Healing helps against other aggro, it helps to trade against some midrange and control. In those cases healing your opponent is not really significant I think.

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    Sprint cries in the corner. Wtf really, most of the time healing all characters will be upside since its up to you when you cast it. So how the hell is it ok? After nerfing prep they should make sprint cost 6 or have some additional effect like, I dont know, give rush to your minions (its sprint after all).

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    Hack the system lul

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    posted a message on New Neutral Card Revealed - Neferset Ritualist

    What are you talking about? Its pure packfiller which will never see play. There technically some good plays with Lucentbark, Damaged Stegotron and few similar cards, also with high health reborn minions (however now the most healthy is 2), but Im sure it wont be enough. Arena — yea, its quite good. But never constructed

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    Fanny fact. Warrior in standard have literally none taunt minion except Armagedillo right now. Of course there few warrior cards unrevealed yet, but still. Not saying there no good neutral taunts though, but it would be good to have some class taunts as well. Maybe whole this taunt archetype suppose to become thing few expansion later

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    posted a message on New Rogue Card Revealed - Whirlkick Master

    Don't ask me why I did it. I have quite unbusy day and needed to switch on something. Also my math is not that reliable, so I might make a mistake somewhere.

    So there are 13 combo cards in standard (unless we will get more)

    3 of them are 2 mana,(~23%):

    • Defias Ringleader —not great, not terrible. Few free minions are always welcomed
    • Eviscerate — most likely best result 
    • Cold Blood — for free its ok. Sooner or later you will find use unless you losing already

    7 of them 3 mana,(~54%):

    • SI:7 Agent — good result, body and immediate board impact
    • EVIL Miscreant — i'd say its always good result unless you losing
    • Edwin VanCleef — also good, you can play it on the as 4/4 or more
    • Cutthroat Buccaneer — mediocre, but ok
    • Headcrack — well I don't know. You getting it for free this card may be not that bad after turn 10. However it means you will have to see new art once more, so its rather bad
    • Perdition's Blade — 2 damage with combo and 2/2 weapon. As free card i'd say its ok
    • Hooked Scimitar — I'd say its pretty good

    One is 4 mana(~8%):

    • Raiding Party — definitely the worst result, literally dead card unless you have some pirates. Or you didn't draw non of your Hench-Clan Burglar. There 8% chance to get this every time you triggering it. So it might be so this card will be the most viable in pirate deck.

    One is 5 mana(~8%):

    and one is 6. (~8%):

    • Kidnapper — well after turn 10 it might me useful

    5 are good, 6 are mediocre and 2 are bad (unless you have pirates or can stand new Headcrack art. So 38% chance for good card. Of course they are good only imo and not if you losing. If you looking for board impact, you need Eviscerate, SI:7 Agent, Perdition's Blade or Kidnapper I guess. which is 30% chance.

    So without shadowsteps or prep shenanigans and imagining you have use for all of them (including Raiding Party, the clunkiest one), if you play it on 10 turn with, lets say, Evis (tbh its very best case since Defias is never played and I doubt this will be in one deck with cold blood), you will have 6 mana left. So:

    • 1% to play three 2-mana cards and get one more for later, Quite impossible
    • 58% to play two 2-4-mana cards and get one more for later
    • 41% to play one card and get one more for later

    If you will trigger it with 3mana card (which is more likely generally), you will have only 5 mana. Chances are not so bright:

    • 30% for 2 cards and one for later
    • 64% for 1 card and one for later
    • 8% for Kidnapper exactly which you wont be able to use

    With stuff like prep or shadowstep we can pretty much add 1 card in each field, whatever.

     Edit: I counted Crazed Chemist as 4-mana for some reasons. Numbers should be ok now, but chance of mistake is slightly increased

    Edit2. Well. now it SHOULD be ok


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    posted a message on New Card Revealed - Sandwasp Queen

    Im guessing its even easier. Play 15 minions, reward: buff you hand in some way (might be +1/+1 to everything, might be +3/+3 to 1 minion). I think +1/+1 to 1 minion is too weak after all. But im sure that's the point. Play minions -> buff minions

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