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    Deck is ok at best, i really dislike both murloc one drops they're just dead cards. Not good one drops in their own right and then drawing them mid/late game is just awful too..


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    I never have a great track record with anything remotely face... I'm just not lucky enough for this deck i guess. It only really shits on warlocks, anything else is 50/50 at the absolute best, paladins/warriors/priests are insta loss. Just wanted to climb a bit quicker but back to control for me i guess...

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    This is a great deck, it gives me the old old miracle vibes. Has some fun choices and the stealth is amazing for clutch victories. My only change which i think is just mandatory is dropping 2x Yoink! and putting in 2x Pen Flinger, it gives you reach. Helps board clear / activate combos i just always found Yoink!to be such a let down. I've never hurt for card draw tbh and if you really want a yoink you can get it off the Wandmaker Anyway. It's been vital for me in all paladin match ups.

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