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    Well it doesn't matter anymore now, but so you know, to access the first puzzle you do not have to play the Oracle of Elune the same turn you hit her with Moonfire. You can play your Oracle anytime, hope she won't get killed, then hit her with Moonfire during any subsequent turn. 

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    • Start 10/40/100 turns with a Caravan: This is boring. No class has more than 2 copies of a Caravan, so if you want the achievement I suggest you play a good deck with the calss you chose, and put two copies of Caravan into your deck. This will slowly give you the achievement.

    I still haven't got that achievement, but I improved my progression quite a bit by accidentally playing it in a Duel fight, then using Ancient Reflections treasure card on it. I got 7 copies of my Caravan, and the opponent couldn't destroy them all. So the counter towards the achievement bumped up by 6 or 7 at once at the end of that turn, and then again for a few turns afterwards.

    Of course this relies heavily on luck for getting Ancient Reflections, but still :-)

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