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    posted a message on Now leaving Hearthstone: Zetalot

    For those who play priest as main, you know dark times.

    And it's gotten a bit dimmer today as Zetalot, a player who has provided deck ideas and winrates for priests in the darkest of hours, takes off from playing Hearthstone for an indefinite amount of time.

    Thanks for all the great priest decks over the years. 

    BTW, love he points out lackeys as something that needs to be addressed. I've been thinking that the past weekend vs. warlock, rogue and aggro warrior decks, and shaman for months.

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    posted a message on Tips for Battlegrounds?

    Stumped and see nothing in the early tiers? Try buying Shifter Zerus.

    Getting lucky and it turns into a 6-star minion like Mama Bear on the next turn while almost everyone is Tier 2 is FTW.

    /wasn't as easy as it sounds -- I took a beating for two rounds when I purchased Zerus, falling into the teens health-wise, but I pulled it off with the secret-dropping champion, going from worst to first.

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    posted a message on [Legend] Blackhowl Gunspire combo warrior

    Congrats, Kripp linked this deck.

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    posted a message on Nerfed Cards: Are You Dusting Them (POLL)

    For me:

    1. Coin toss, probably will dust, but Barnes is just a "win faster" card it seems, and thorn in late game for Big Priest if he fails to show up at his proper time. Let's see if the theories of Barnes-less Big Priest holds up. Besides, the real evil deck of Wild isn't Big Priest anymore -- it's the quest mages sprouting up since RoS, along with the Secret Mages that found a new groove.

    2. Dust it initially, but keep it on the radar before investing that dust into something. But I'm not optimistic.

    3. Merely a setback should go here, but not doing much harm for the long game guy, unless it's a situation where the hero power or a small mech would've counted.

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    posted a message on Help - Highlander is killing my love of the game

    All I want to know is ...


    Just what decks is the OP using that is flunking against Highlander decks?

    And long games, hell I welcome that. Sure, there's King Phaoris BS, Conjurer's Calling and the occasional out of control Shudderwock play or Inner Fire crap, but a much better game than any Silver Hand Paladin of last year, murloc shaman or druid tree garbage of today.

    I just beat Quest Paladin with Big Paladin, and it was the grindiest game I've been in a LONG TIME. Apparently getting six full health Damaged Stegodons via Vargoth+Kangor's Endless Army shenanigans (there was a rez secret that spawned a third Stego) was the play of the game, ruining his mummy farm, but then I had to cope with him sticking every taunt, reborn and egg counter coming off his top deck. I easily could've lost if I played the wrong spell or didn't take a risk with a sword hit; at one point I had 4 health. One stegodon made it to the end.

    As for Highlander, I've played once with mage, and didn't even get to play my singleton legendaries. Made a Zoo Warlock rage quit when he got suckered into playing everything into a blizzard +2 spell damage play and giving me an 8/4 sea giant to add to the casualty list when he lackey rushed into a minion of mine moments before. Who needs Reno or Zephrys to win in Highlander when you got aggro decks and the idiots who play them?

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    posted a message on (POLL) Spend gold on more Uldum packs or start saving for next expansion?


    I just landed High Priest Amet, after opening 140 packs on opening day and since Uldum’s release.

    I’m missing 10 legendaries and have no single copy of eight epics, and now I’m debating whether to save up for the next expansion (I might have enough to skip buying an $80 package like I did this time) or keep opening packs for the chance for another legendary and dust for the remainder of the month, as I usually do, before I go into save the gold mode.

    Here’s the missing legendaries, with * marking cards I really want. I play control decks (shaman, warrior, mage atm, and damn do I miss priest) and shun aggro. I’m considering trading my gold Hunter Quest card for either Siamat or Zephrys on how those cards fare in decks.

    1. Siamat*
    2. Zephrys the Great*
    3. Supreme Archaeology (maybe, need to see more)
    4. Raid the Sky Temple (maybe)
    5. Untapped Potential (maybe)
    6. Making Mummies (maybe)
    7. Elise the Enlightened
    8. Dinotamer Brann
    9. Anka, the Buried
    10. Bazaar Burglary

    Epics missing: Body Wrapper, Diseased Vulture, Bloodsworn Mercenary, Tip the Scales, Micro Mummy, Wild Bloodstinger, Crystal Merchant, Anubisath Defender.


    PS if anyone has Siamat, Zephrys or the Paladin quest, let me know how those are going for you.

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    posted a message on Best Hearthstone Card Reviewers

    BTW, no mention of Old Guardian, who occasionally posts a deck recipe here on the website? For shame.

    Dat voice otherwise (sounds like a Nord quest giver in Skyrim), he's good at showing off variations of popular decks and the occasional experiment, and is honest about the success rate of the deck build. A discount deck Kibler, with a voice instead of a dog.

    Another shout out to Hearthstone Mathmatics on YouTube as well -- you won't get deck stategy, but you will get a deeper insight into the popular decks of the moment.

    A VERY good follow-up is Tempo Storm's meta videos on YouTube for both wild (one of the few sources of wild info) and standard play. I've gotten some good wild recipes from them.

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    posted a message on Priest is disappeared from ladder
    Quote from Painkiller_1724 >>
    Quote from Superz15 >>

    Blizz seems to be building a base for a aggro priest, but to be honest, i don't know if even that is going to save the class on standard, but let's have some hope :)


     Not likely to happen since it would need drawing stuff, but they avoid creating cards with drawing capability for priest since they claim that it is not compatible with Priest's class identity....

    So, priest is doomed to control decks (aka, resurrect bulshitl)... 

    At least they could add more support for Shadow sub-archetype, which could move it away from control decks...

     But someone at Blizz had to kill off Mind Blast ...

    Un-nerf Raza the Chained in Wild, and some of those Big Priests will drift off to another archetype other than Dragons.

    /I miss the "Chansey" Priest deck

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    posted a message on Best Hearthstone Card Reviewers
    Quote from NewPlayer >>

    TFT is corrupting the streamers.. 



    Riot money > Activision/Blizzard money.

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    posted a message on Best Hearthstone Card Reviewers

    From who I follow:

    Brian Kibler explains the technical stuff well, and for the most part, skews on the control side of things. Probably the best all-around reviewer, and damn seductive at playing decks that have horrible win rates but tempt you to waste dust on them. He does have a blind eye to the scourges of ladder though (meta aggro generally) unless it hits him in the face -- Pirate Warrior, Un'Goro Quest Rogue. The ivory tower guy of Hearthstone, we are all dirty common peasants to his glorious epic decks. 

    Regis Killbin is a good quick review source, but he doesn't like long games or sees cards that do well in that -- he thought Frost Lich Jaina from Knights of the Frozen Throne would be ineffective. 

    Hearthstone's Trump is ... comic relief. Also, he hates priest, so f--k him.

    Kripp has arena and meme deck cred. I've seen him do well with aggro and control in constructed; he just gets bored of standard ladder quickly is what I read. Bomb Warrior was his latest creation for constructed, so take that as you will. As for predictions ... he'll go off the deep end for some, but is pretty close to Kibler on average.

    Dekkster is good for making or promoting offbeat decks and honestly tells you whether it will succeed vs. the (aggro) meta or not, but he's yet to show any predicting chops. I believe this is the first expansion he's reviewed cards.

    Thijs and J4ckieChan don't review, but they do come out with fun and outside the meta decks a week or two after the dust settles.

    I think we're going to miss Disguised Toast, even though he was burnt out two or three expansions ago. Not a big fan, but when he busted out a meme deck or tried to get an OTK card or theory to work, it was worth the watch.

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    posted a message on Someone else got sick of standard and is switching to wild?

    Wild ...

    Longer games usually than standard, unless you're counting Big Priests and Spell Hunter using a Barnes' summon or letting aggro go unchecked. Wild has few aggro decks, but those that do survive are the quickest to snowball.

    Still too many hunters.

    Warriors are rare, but they're generally aggro or quest. Big Priest and Quest Mage wipe the floor with Control and Bomb Warriors.

    Quest Mage is the top deck, not Big Priest. It's on the lines of Quest Rogue in terms of finishing the quest, but usually doesn't have the ability to kill you off absurdly fast.

    Big Priest has trouble with Shaman (esp. Control Shaman), Mill Rogue and Quest Mage.

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    posted a message on May someone please summarize what has happened since September of last year

    Zilliax is the universal card of all decks.

    Aggro, as usual, is rampant. Murlocs are back for shaman, will be back for paladin next month, and zoo warlock and treant druid are things.

    Complex OTK is rare in standard.

    Hunter is overplayed (about 25% of matches in standard, and wild has a lot of them too). And it has three decks to choose from -- mechs, secrets, beasts, and a hero card that works like a better Shudderwock. And it doesn't look like Blizzard is aiming the nerf gun at Hunter any time soon, unless it has to change the OP cards its getting in the next expansion.

    Bomb Warrior is a thing, Control Warrior is back, but it's not a solid pick versus mage or hunter.

    Everyone looks at Murloc Shaman or the Overload Aggro deck, but Control Shaman, despite being expensive as hell, is one of the few viable picks for players that like long games. It's still lacking a final punch to power it by warrior (wild, another story -- Quest Mage is a horrible match-up though).

    Rogue is the cockroach deck, surviving after nerfs, but it did lose an important survival tool.

    Mage has 1 1/2 decks in wild (Quest with cyclone, with or without Flamewaker) and 1 1/2 decks in standard (conjurer's calling mage with or without cyclone). But they are among the top decks, with Quest Mage becoming the new big bad deck of wild.

    Priest only exists in wild (generally Big Priest and the occasional dragon deck or OTK Velen+Malygos) and for the most part can only win on Inner Fire or Chef Nomi in standard. As of July 22, Priest players have nothing to look forward to yet in the next expansion (so far, a battlecry rez minion that screws up the pool later and has 1 health, and a massively useful removal that comes way too late and expensive at turn 9+).

    Warlock has zoo in standard and some expensive Kibler video-inspired portal shenanigans, but they're rarely seen outside wild either.

    Paladin has impressive potential decks (a snowball mech or secrets deck, one of the few OTKs that work) but never gets the win rate math.

    Druid doesn't have OTK anymore. Actually, aside from treant-crapping druids and the rare Lucentbark/taunt deck, there aren't many druids anymore in standard.

    Two new legendary cards were made for classic set btw, Brightwing and High Inquisitor Whitemane. Despite crap health, Brightwing has potential in dragon or battlecry decks. The High Inquisitor has yet to find a spot, despite an impressive battlecry and body (snert).

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    posted a message on The HearthPwn Tavern Is Closing Its Doors

    Great database and news site for a specific card game that hasn't died yet.

    Hope to keep reading more at the next stop, and best of luck in the next venture.

    /former media person

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    posted a message on Nerfs are not the solution- Buffs are.

    Technically, this isn't the first buff from Blizzard.

    Remember when Deathstalker Rexxar didn't have access to beasts from Kobolds & Catacombs or The Witchwood? People complained about that and Blizzard caved in and changed it, after initially saying they wouldn't.

    We ended up with OP zombeasts. Before the change, Deathstalker Rexxar was pretty mediocre. After the change came the zombeasts with multi-hit, lifesteal, poison ...

    Thus began the ongoing year of Hunterstone and Rexxar probably being the No. 1 deathknight people no longer wanted to see. So be careful what you wish for.

    /I f--king hate Hunter pre-nerf Yogg or Shudderwock, er, Zul'jin, too

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    posted a message on What has happened with Casual?

    Old Casual: People experimenting with decks.

    Casual for the past year-plus: Gold farmers running aggro and/or meta decks.

    Wild Casual: (spinning noise ... waiting for matchup ... waiting for matchup ... waiting for matchup ...)


    /practice with my gold priest on casual, but that's because standard priest is still looking for its unicorn

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