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    posted a message on Is Mana Wraith good?

    He is kinda alright in a priest deck built to support him. If you can get him to a 2/4, he is relatively hard to remove. Its main problem is that the card is only fine early on against a rush deck, or overall okay against someone trying to play a 10-cost minion.


    That said, I do not think that we currently have enough support to build him out of priest. Without the Velen's chosen, it is a lot harder to keep him in the game. I have tried him in a deck that also ran power word: tentacles, but he ended up underperforming. It especially hurts that we have an emperor giving discounts to 10 cost minions floating around. I think mana wraith could be good should we have another piece of the puzzle, either a second one at 3 mana that is a 2/4 out of the gates, or someone at even higher costs that taxes for 2. If we could find another good buff out there, then I think there could be a deck in there.

    Back in the day I already played him to some success. I do not play enough to get him to legendary, but my mana wraith deck did crush until the season was over, at rank 7.

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    So discard is not fun?

    Okay, on that basis, let us remove Dr. Boom from the game. And any two card combo, because THAT is not fun! And let us rid the game of the shaman's overload mechanic and the warlock's discard. Because those are not fun. Can't have that. Counterspell? Get out of here!

    I think there is a very polarized opinion here from players who know this would put a serious dent in their very consistent combo deck. The idea that it is not fun depends on what you are given to defend against this. If you were able to say, hide cards from your hand by putting them on your deck again, or counter those spells, this could be a fun minigame that you and your opponent are playing.

    The thing is, the main problem here is that it is too easy to combo players out. And that is mainly because you are able to draw your entire deck quite easily in this game. There needs to be an answer to this kind of deck spawned by the weakness of this card game. Personally I do not think discard is the answer, because counterplay to it would need to be added as well. It is possible though. You could make the discard tied to a minion that only removes a card from your opponent's hand and puts it in custody with this minion. You get it back after it dies. Or you could have a minion that raises the cost of cards in your opponents hand on combat damage to a maximum of ten, which is really screwing up a combo. Loatheb is already a good example of how these cards should be.

    Pesonally, I think we need bigger decksizes to make the combo harder to pull off.

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    Shadowform 2.0.

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    You trade a little mana efficiency for a little flexibility. I could see a place for this card. Rebuying a specific card sounds like a situationally interesting thing to do. On the other hand this is quite costly. I could see this as another good legendary hate card or a way to dodge sweepers and still have something useful to do as priest.

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    posted a message on Priest Control Deck: With KT and Resurrect - Easy and Fun Wins

    This reminds me of my old priest's form of the ragnaros deck. I applaud the choices made. The sunwalker is great in a deck with resurrect and Kel'Thuzad. I am however a little worried that your deck will run out of cards and/or have a lot of cards stuck in your hand waiting for mana or a combo piece. Personally I am a big fan of playing loot hoarder in decks like these just to have a pro-active play on turn 2, one that is reasonable to resurrect even. Other than that: I also suggest playing Emperor's cobra in decks like these. It is a removal spell and a slow one at that. It is however great with Kel'Thuzad or resurrect or a buff.

    As an added bonus, emperor cobra plus velen's chosen is hilarious in the priest vs priest matchup.

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    Still has great stats even after all these expansions. One of the better cards to have in your deck in arena and actually not the absolute worst in constructed.

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    Remember when the +2 power stuck around? Best 4 drop ever. Even today he's still amazing. Pity you don't see him that often anymore. He looks like he would be a great curve finisher for aggro decks everywhere.

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    Needs Madness and destroy 4 power or greater for all you magic the gathering players!

    Also, remember when this guy didn't show up in all decks? Yeah, neither did I ever since Ragnaros and later on Dr. Boom were a thing. It's the anti-legendary glue that keeps this game together.

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    Up there with Sunwalker as one of the best resurrect targets!

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    Play with Hungry Dragon if your opponent keeps playing only 3 minions!

    No card makes people ragequit as bad as this one. Sure, sometimes you steal a random recruit, but the games in which you steal their Sylvanas...

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