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    Literally mandatory in every single deck. 

    Blizz was supposed to make cards that aren't good in every deck ever, but I guess they failed at it. Again. 

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    This is probably to be included in every Priest deck. 

    For example, say that we have a 3/3 for the enemy. You play this, and you get a 3/3 and they now have a 1/1. That already is fantastic value for 2 mana. 

    This only is bad when the opponent's board is empty, or when it's a 2/2 or worse. But in that case it's not like you're being pressured to play such a card anyway. 

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    Quote from PetiteMouche >>

    This thread again ?

    Ever heard of balance ?

    Notice how most of the spells with a weird or absent tag are face damage spells ? That is not a coincidence.

    And like you say the card clearly has the word "holy" in it so do you really need a tag ? it's a holy wrath, it's holy, always been holy, doesn't matter if it doesn't have the holy tag, balance matters more than flavor for Wild cards.

     But you can't just make a holy spell non-holy for the sake of balance. You'd need to balance it another way. 

    What's next, Fireball is no longer a Fire spell? If they're going to introduce such a mechanic they need to be consistent with it. 

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    I think this is very strong. You get a spell for free, and this card itself will probably take out one card with it, either a spell or a minion. 

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    If you are playing secret paladin, I doubt your opponent activates every single secret on the same turn. And you don't have to play it on curve. 

    For example even turn 7 with 2 secrets, it's 5 mana for 10/10 in stats.

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    Just a 8 mana 6/6 draw a specific card.... Is not quite playable, but is still quite good. But you also summon a random minion with, 10 cost?  That's just insane. The new doctor 8 for sure. And you can set up the late curve with it too, for example if you had a 9 mana spell that you can just play next turn. 

    I think that this is a really strong card if the meta ends up being slow enough for it. 

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    You think LoR is being copied? LoR itself copied every mechanic under the sun from Magic the Gathering. 

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    It's a 7 mana 8/8, those are solid stats. 

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    Pit Fighter saw play right, and I think this is better. Depends on how powerful the core set is as a whole. 

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    "nobody played it for the 2/2 body" is so misleading. Nobody plays Ysera for the 4/12 body, but it damn sure helps. 

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    It's not a 10 mana play, but at 5 mana two 3/2 imps for 2 mana is very solid. 

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    How on earth is a 1 mana 1/3 beast too slow? You can literally play it turn 1. 

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    1/3 beast that costs 1 is already good. 

    Play this turn 1 and it already is very likely to trigger, giving you a 1 mana 3/4 which is solid enough. 

    I think this will be great, we've seen even textless 1/3 beasts for 1 mana being played before. 

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    The most iconic mage card is a part of the core set? Who knew. 

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    Holy crap. This is pretty busted with Overload synergies. 

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