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    posted a message on Taiwan Disqualified From The Hearthstone Global Games For Stream Sniping

    Curious but how is last years champion Tom60229 still allowed to compete Singapore after in the HCT after his team was disqualified for cheating? 

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    posted a message on Hearthstone Price Changes Coming to Europe for PC, Mac, and Android

    I was honestly expecting the price change to be a drop to the older sets to entice new players to start. Instead they are actually raising prices? The timing with all the complaints from both community and pro players could not be worse. From a marketing / pr stand point is a really bad choice, I have friends that are new to the game that find it interesting but the entry  fee is turning many away and this will do so even more. There are so many better ways to make profit off the game; more content released steadily,  more hero skins, special boardsm could even do card backs, are all better ways to make money rather than just being lazy and increasing the cost on existing / new things. 

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    posted a message on Gentle Megasaur

    This card is going to be Finja's best friend. It is pretty insane. Solid stat line (way better than the kara buff cards), not too expensive so allows for combo potential, and to top it off it's a beast that can be picked up with curator. It pretty much seems like a better enhance-o-mechano  for murlocs

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    posted a message on Developer Insights Live - Potential Arena & Ranked Changes, Community Q&A

    For Arena, I would love to see arenas change in a way that you know your entire card pool in advance. This would encourage people to actually think about what 30 cards they want (finding good synergies, good curve, balanced removal and minions e.t.c) Right now Arena is just pick the best/ least bad of 3 cards that pop up. You can leave a help tool in for the new players that want it, but let people that actually want to perfect building their deck have that ability. An established card pool that rotates weekly might also be a good idea, that would reward players who are more familiar with what cards are currently in to play around and not worry about ones that aren't.

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    posted a message on MEME ROUGUE 200% WIN RATE

     I don't know if this is supposed to be a joke or not, but seriously how could you not include Madam Goya !?


    There are so many good synergies with the ragers and ferryman not to include her. course if you really want to high roll you could even pull the weasel. Clearly a much better card than Barnes will ever hope to be, and this will be so high roll people wont even remember tuskar totemic pre nruf. Fix this and I have no doubt this deck will be ez tier 1 on tempostorm.com

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    posted a message on Moat Lurker

    So if it lets you target your own minions, seems like some interesting combos can be done with a lot of cards such as Sylvanas, Chillmaw, Tentacle of n'zoth and explosive sheep (for wild). 

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    posted a message on Arcane Giant

    Seems like an interesting card for Yogg and Load hunter, especially with the new cloaked huntress. It's also a big minion so it can often win jousts.

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    posted a message on Spirit Claws

    It's if you have  any minion with spell power, only the totem with spell power would grant you the bonus attack.

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