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    Battletag :

    Region: EU

    Trade only? Yes, you go first.

     I got scammed by PakhtunWulf#2559, reported him. Watch out guys.

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    Murlocadin vs Quest mage, game is in favor of The mage, he draws a lot, and is able to control and clean my board. He completed his quest, but did not combo me next turn. He even played simulacrum on babbling book, so i figured out he misses Antonidus. He plays some secrets from babbling/tome/glyphs, and frost nova on nothing, sitting with 8 cards in hand and one last card in his deck. 

    I Checked with a murloc, Frozen clone proc, filling his hand and here burns Antonidus... 😂

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    Region: EU
    Trade Only?: Yes, you go first.

    done with Moahrr#2588

    Beware of OnlyPirates#2230, tried to scam me, good thing i checked the list, when he raised a doubt.

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